31 December 2012

What Santa brought me for Christmas

I love Christmas. I love Christmas ham. I love PRESENTS!! My parents broke the Christmas linner/dunch (the meal between lunch and dinner) tradition that we normally have by ditching us for Gold Coast. My brother and I were invited to my sister's in the Shire (which is about a 30 minute drive away) but I was too lazy to drive so we stayed at home and had instant noodles. Thought about having McDonalds, but was too lazy to even drive 15 minutes down the road.

On boxing day (26/12), the bf and I flew down to Tasmania to spend some time with his family and for his mother's surprise birthday party. I didn't take any photos though, as I didn't really think photos of trees, hay bales, cows, grass, and roadkill would interest anyone reading my blog. I arrived back in Sydney yesterday, leaving my bf in Tasmania as I'm working New Years! Yay for penalty rates!!!

Ok enough rambling, this is what I received (besides cash)...
My bf bought me three bottles of Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner. I have used the one that Erinn from Enhance Your Natural Beauty For Less for a blog swap (read here to see what else I received), and I absolutely love it. Since using it, my hair does not look dry or damaged. It feels a lot healthier too!

The bf also gave me four split-end protectors by Aussie. He thought they looked little so bought four, not knowing that you only have to use a tiny bit... so this is going to last me AGES!

He also got me an Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar. I have been using this whilst in Tasmania and I love it! Normally it takes me at least 5 minutes to do my brows because they end up looking uneven, but for some strange reason I ALWAYS get perfect even brows in like 2 minutes! 

The last thing my bf gave me are two silver cleaning plates. These have been on my ebay watch list for ages but I haven't gotten around to getting them. This is meant to clean silver and gold jewellery by placing this plate in a container with hot water and washing soda (sodium carbonate), through a chemical reaction which I won't bore you with. I tend to wear my silver all the time and as a result, they're all tarnished. I haven't gotten around to using these plates yet, as I need to go find some washing soda first.

Dad got me a book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. I'm not sure what he is trying to imply... I also want to add that he made me wrap my own present!!! Ruuuude!

My sister got me a pair of gorgeous light amethyst hook earrings. Sorry about the blurry picture!

 She also got me a Korres set, containing a heap of Korres goodies.

It contains a Korres beauty bag, guava lipstick, sunflower and evening primrose eyeshadow, cherry lip gloss, provitamin B5 & rice bran mascara, and a soft eyeliner pencil.

My brother got me a Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse set. It contains 250ml Angel wash shampoo, 250ml Angel rinse conditioner and a candle.

This is a paper weight from someone whom I won't name. I don't want to sound ungrateful but WHY?! Why would you give ANYONE a paper weight?! It was chipped underneath too...

My bf's mother and her partner bought me a whole heap of nail stuff. There is another bag of stuff but I think it's still in Tasmania in the bf's luggage. So excited to use them!

That's all I received from Santa this year. What did you get? Did you have a good Christmas?

30 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Sorry I have been MIA lately. I had to go to Tasmania for the bf's mum's surprise birthday party.

Anyway, this is what I received this week...

1. Femme Fatale Cosmetics - $28.70 + $8 postage
I purchased seven mini nail polishes and Femme Fatale sent me some lollies as well!

From left to right, Winter Hyacinth, A Frosty Shake, Crimson Acolyte. I wore Crimson Acolyte on my nails for Christmas after much deliberation! It's SO pretty. I will have to do a NOTD with it some day as the nail polish has worn off on the tips already :(

The last four polishes I purchased were (L-R) Suspended Starlight, Hydraxia, Quivering Heart and Ebon Roses. Absolutely love all these polishes!

 2. Tarte Baby It's Bold Outside - USD$35 + $10 postage
Purchased this from ebay. Am well aware that I paid more for this than what the seller would have paid for at Sephora or Tarte but I think they're so worth it considering they're all full sized and retail for about $25 each. The colours received from left to right are Tarte elite LipSurgence lip tint, Tarte escape LipSurgence natural lip luster, Tarte sweet LipSurgence lip luster, Tarte exotic LipSurgence lip luster, and Tarte buff LipSurgence lip luster. I didn't do swatches of them, as I'm thinking about giving some away in a giveaway when I hit 350 followers (ONE more to go!!!).

3. Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo - USD$7.99 + USD$5.95 postage
I also purchased this from ebay. I received one when my sister's friend went to the states with my Sephora card. Absolutely LOVE these lip balms. They're so moisturizing and they are perfect underneath lipsticks.

4. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil (50ml/1.7oz) - USD$24.49 + USD$10.78 postage
Yet another purchase from ebay. I read some great reviews on this before purchasing the biggest bottle as it had the best value for money. I've only just used it about an hour ago, and it feels quite oily on the face. Although having said that, the oiliness have decreased since application. This might be good for really dry skin.

5. Lisa Blue Swimwear (Ozsale) - $15
This doesn't quite fit me as well as I hoped it did. It's a size XXS (AU 6) if anyone is interested, let me know. Great for someone who is "blessed" and skinny.

6. Lush - $56.57 including postage
 I took advantage of their Christmas sale and got a whole heap of goodies.

I purchased Ponche Shower Gel (250g) for $7.48, Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume (100g) for $13.95 (this wasn't part of their Christmas sale), and Retread Hair Conditioner (245g) for $23.50 (this wasn't part of their Christmas sale either). They all smell pretty good. Especially love the Ponche shower gel.

I also purchased popcorn lip scrub (20g) for $4.98 and North Pole Soap (100g) for $2.95. The North Pole Soap smells pepperminty, which is quite refreshing.

In addition to all this, I received my catch of the day order which consisted of 3 surge protected power boards, which isn't all that interesting nor are they for me. Hence no pictures.

That's all I received from Mr Postman this week... The LAST week of 2012! I will be working on my "What Santa brought me for Christmas" next and it should be up tomorrow!

24 December 2012

Blog swap with Erinn

So happy that I got the package that Erinn from Enhance Your Natural Beauty For Less just in time for Christmas! Erinn has a great blog, so go check it out!

Erinn and I set the blog swap limit to USD$20-30 and we swapped details of what we like and what we didn't. I absolutely love everything that she sent me. Thank you so much Erinn <3

This is what she sent me...

1. Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment
O.M.G. I've been wanting to try this in like FOREVER! I couldn't find it when I was in the UK and as far as I know, I can't get Aussie in any Australian store. I'm so excited to give this a go! Thank you Erinn!

2. 5 Montagme Jeunesse masks - Peel Off Passion in Pomegranate & Passionflower, 2 x Fruit Smoothie in Raspberry & Mango, Green Tea Peel Off in Green Tea & Ginger, Chocolate Masque
I'll admit that I'm not a big mask wearer but after a long hard day at work (I work in retail... retail + christmas eve = death), I decided to chillax with one of my new masks! I used the Fruit Smoothie in Raspberry & Mango... It smells DELICIOUS! I loooove it. Although, does anyone know how to store unused, opened masks packets?

3. Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara in Very Black Waterproof
I'm such a mascara whore, especially waterproof ones! I don't think I have used a Covergirl mascara before but have heard great things about this mascara. Another exciting thing to look forward to using!

4. Revlon Just Bitten LipStain + Balm in Dawn
I love lip stains so I can't wait to try this one out too (I see a recurring theme here where I'm excited by everything Erinn has sent me...)!

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Creamsicle
Lip butters... one of my favourite lipsticks. I don't have Creamsicle. Creamsicle is a sheer light pink/peach shade, and so is really wearable!

6. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter in 006 Autumn Catwalk
I'm a bit of a blush whore too. I had to throw away a highlighter recently because it cracked on me and I was too lazy to fix it, so I'm so happy to have received this! Thank you Erinn :)

7. Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry & Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
I don't normally use cuticle creams because I find them too 'oily' for my liking. However, this cuticle cream is so... LEMONY and not oily at all. Haven't tried the lip balm yet... but I'm excited to!

Thank you again Erinn for all the wonderful gifts. Please do check out Erinn's blog here and send her some love!

If you want to see what I got Erinn, check out her blog post here.

P.S. Erinn, I still can't believe you have SEVEN christmas trees in your house.

"A Christmas Story" Tag

Erinn from Enhance Your Natural Beauty For Less created a Christmas tag based on the movie called "A Christmas Story" that I thought would be fun to do. I actually don't think I've seen that movie but anyway these are the questions and my answers.
Our 80cm rotating multi-coloured fibre optical Christmas tree - sorry about the blurry pic... it kept rotating!!

1. What is your favourite Christmas tradition now or when you were growing up?
My sister and her husband came over to have dinner with us to celebrate my brother's birthday on Friday and we were talking about how we (tried to) stayed up till midnight Christmas day so that we can open presents. However I think it started off with mum and dad only allowing us to open one present just so they could get us to go to bed. But as we grew older, we could stay up late and open presents at midnight. My parents have decided to break the tradition of opening presents during Christmas this year by leaving abandoning us to go up the coast with my aunt and uncle. :(

2. What does your Christmas dinner consist of?
Normally it consists of a ham, salad and maybe a BBQ depending on who is coming and whether or not mum feels like cooking (we have a BBQ if she wants dad to cook). This year, I'm thinking McDonalds... Maybe a double cheeseburger meal?

3. What is your favourite way to relax during the holidays?
My favourite way to relax is to shop but since the shops are closed do absolutely nothing. I love to just sit around and repaint my just painted nails whilst watching tv/movies.

4. Do you prefer homemade gifts or bought gifts?
I don't mind either. Although all of the things on my wishlist have to be bought...

5. What is your favourite winter lip product?
Not winter here but I absolutely love Fresh lip treatments. I imagine that it'll be great for winter because it's so moisturizing!

6. What is Christmas morning like at your house?
Usually we'd get ready for church, come back about an hour later and mum will be yelling for us to tidy up before guests come and she'd be rushing around trying to get Christmas dinner/lunch ready.

7. What is your all-time favourite Christmas movie?
I don't have a favourite Christmas movie :(

8. What does your Christmas list consist of?
A house, iPhone 5, a new macbook pro, a car and a crap load of cosmetics... I'm so materialistic...

9. What is your Christmas Eve traditions?
As explained in Q1, we used to stay up late so that we can open presents when the clock strikes 12! My Christmas eve this year will be spent working... Yay... (that was sarcasm btw).

10. What is your favourite "Christmasy" drink?
Hmm... I don't have a favourite "Christmasy" drink. I have been enjoying my Schweppes raspberry though.
Bottle of yummy goodness

I tag everyone! Please link me your tag if you decide to do it, as I'd love to read all your answers! :) Merry Christmas everyone (and if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a safe and relaxing holiday)!!!

23 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

I can't believe this will be the second last "What the postman brought me this week" post of 2012! I didn't really get many parcels this week... I think the postman has been inundated with too many parcels to deliver all of mine!

1. Hamish McBeth
In my last "What The Postman Brought Me This Week" post, I mentioned that Hamish McBeth had sent me an incomplete order. Well, this little bear was the item that was missing and I received it on Monday. I wasn't too impressed with their communication skills, as that they did not respond to my email to let me know what was happening but I'm glad they sent it.

2. Bonds - $11.45 delivered
I normally wear my Colorado leather shoes to work but they've been hurting my feet. I don't like wearing flats to work because I get sweaty feet and they get stinky if I don't have socks on. So I decided to get some footlets so that flats can be worn! I've worn them all this week and they work great! They've slipped down about once or twice but that is forgivable considering how low cut they are and how much I walk at work.

3. Marks & Spencer - £16.00 delivered (AUD$24.55)
I made this order when M&S had free shipping to Australia. When I went to the UK, I purchased some "vests" (I call them singlets, but they're called vests at M&S) from M&S. I absolutely love them! They're so comfy, soft and fit great. So when M&S offered free shipping to Australia, I was like OMG I NEED MOAR!!! So I purchased 4 of them - 2 in black, one in pink and one in navy.

4. Giveaway by Manicure Addict
I won a prize from Manicure Addict's 2 year Blogaversary Giveaway!!! I was one of five winners, and I picked this prize pack with a Lynnderella polish (Lynnderella is a very expensive indie polish brand). Unfortunately it broke in the mail =( BUT everything else (except for a candy cane) survived.

Besides the broken candy cane and Lynnderella polish, I received two mini tarte lip glosses, blue striping tape, a container of blue flowers, overall mineral in snow, Pop beauty eye topper in Beaming Pink, and loads of lollies (and an unbroken candy cane!). Thank you Katherine for the lovely prizes! :)

5.  Ninja Polish - USD$26.40 + $7.50 for shipping
L-R: Glitter Gal Flawless Pink, Glitter Gal Turbulence, Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight
I can't believe I bought 3 Australian indie nail polishes from the states! I tried ordering straight from the Glitter Gal website but it ended up costing more than ordering through Ninja Polish because I had a coupon and saved $6.60!

6. Ozsale - $6 each, free delivery
Bought these two ties to take advantage of their shipping promotion. Ozsale currently has a promotion where you pay for shipping for a shopping event once and then you can buy as many items from other shopping events and get free shipping for the next hour. So when the shopping event for "Esquire" had free shipping, I decided to get a tie for $6 for the bf because he has only ONE tie and it's a lime green tie he bought for his ex's formal years ago.

And then I found another shopping event I wanted to purchase from and thankfully Esquire was still running, so I purchased another $6 tie...

7. Forever New - $41.94 delivered
Forever New had a take a further 30% off already reduced items sale, so naturally I had to take a look and see what they had!
 Ended up purchasing a toiletry/cosmetics bag for $20.97.

I love how it's got so many compartments made of plastic just in case something spills, it won't affect other products. I also love that you can pull the individual compartment bags out. It also comes with a mirror (which you also remove from the bag). I love it so much I decided to purchase another for my sister's Christmas present when she comes (Pris, if you're reading, don't get too excited... I got it for Lyd).

I also purchased a pair of flats for the same price of $20.97. It's a bit tight though, so I might give share this with mum.

That's all I received in the mail this week. Did you get anything exciting?

20 December 2012

Lust Have It - December 2012

Having bought a 12 month subscription back in June or July meant that I've gone from a regular subscriber to a VIP subscriber. This month, LHI announced on their facebook that VIPs get their own special VIP box. This is what I received...

1. Baji Sandalwood Kakadu Plum Face Mist - full size (RRP: $18 for 110ml)
It says here on the box that the "Baji face mist is designed to help improve the appearance of skin texture, minimise pores and balance oily skin. Contains skin repairing aloe, vitamin E, and vitamine B5 to help sooth, cool and rejuvenate." Yay! LHI has finally got it right, and have sent me a product for oily skin! Although I have one problem with this product... It has a sandalwood smell which I'm not the biggest fan of. I'll give it a go however, and see if the smell lingers.

2. Pelactiv Hydra Daily Defense - full size (RRP: $69 for 50ml)
"A daytime moisturizer which is easily absorbed into the skin, strengthening the skin's natural defences to the environment... Suitable for all skin types." Scent is quite important to me, especially when it comes to skin care and cosmetics because I have a strong sniffer and if it's on my face, the scent will be ubberly strong.... So I'm glad this moisturizer smells pleasant. I can never have enough daytime moisturizers so I'm happy that this is included in this month's box. However, I would NEVER repurchase this... $69 for a 50ml moisturizer?! SAY WHAT?!

3. Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Finishing Hairspray - 80ml (RRP: $29.95 for 250ml)
I don't normally style my hair, as I usually tie it up into a ponytail or a bun because I'm lazy. So I don't know when I'll actually use this but I don't own any hairspray so this may come in handy one day...

4. Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Creme - 2x5ml (RRP: $24.95 for 140ml)
I have a thing about sachets... I hate them as I rarely use up the whole thing and then I'm like a deer in headlights... What do I do with the rest of this?! Do I throw it out? Do I put this on my table and risk it getting lost in my jungle of mess (I'm an EXTREMELY messy person, which is why I don't think I'll ever show how I organise my cosmetics - there is no organisation...)?

5. Lust Have It! Exfoliating Glove (RRP: $9.50)
I probably should have taken it out of its plastic packaging, but it's just an exfoliating glove... I don't ever use an exfoliating glove so I'm not sure if this is for me. According to the LHI info card, it's meant to "polish skin, remove dead cells, old fake tan and more! Use damp on wet skin, 1-2 times a week, in upward stroke to reveal softer, fresher skin. Rinse and dry the glove well between uses." Still not sold on this, as I'm a lazy person and I think my skin is quite soft and fresh already. :P I will give it a go however if my sister/mum/brother doesn't want it.

6. Everyday Minerals Disco Inferno Blush - 4.8g (RRP: USD$9.99 for the BIG size)
Everyday Minerals is a brand that I'm familiar with and love. I have used a few of their products before and they have all been good. I'm a bit of a blush fanatic and am extremely happy that I received this product. This blush is a matte, dusty rose colour and I don't think I have a blush in that colour in my collection. Also, I'm pretty sure this is a BIG size product... and I also received a card for 10% off my next purchase at everydayminerals.com (Picture below).

7. Daisy by Marc Jacobs 1.2ml & a Candy Cane.
I decided to group the perfume and candy cane (as well as the everyday minerals voucher) together because they are all extras. Marc Jacobs has kindly gotten Lust Have It to pass along to their subscribers a bonus sample of Daisy this month so that we can all smell "fresh-as" this season. I love these perfume samples as they are excellent for on-the-go freshening up! I also love candy canes... and so does the BF *quickly unwraps and eats before he gets to it*

This month's box was a bit "meh" for me. I think the only thing that has really impressed me is the Everyday Minerals blush. I really wish that LHI would include more cosmetics in their boxes. Having said that, I'm happy that they included the very expensive (overpriced maybe?) Pelactiv moisturizer. The rest of the items I could have done without (except for the candy cane). But thanks anyway LHI for the Christmas box that is supposedly worth $115 (I'm too lazy to calculate).

What did you get in your LHI box? Are you happy with what you received?

17 December 2012

My Current Favourites: Blushes

For the second part of My Current Favourites series, I have decided to share my favourite blushes. To read the first part about my favourite brushes, click here.

These five blushes are my absolute favourites at this current point of time, with the addition of Benefit Bella Bamba, which is currently at my bf's. I was just there earlier today when I realized that there are brushes there that I love as well. So I might have to make a "My Current Favourites Part 2" for the brushes and cosmetics at his place.

Top row, left to right: Benefit Hervana, The Body Shop Macaroon, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Peaceful.
Bottom row, left to right: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Tipsy and Splendor.

I don't have many varieties in terms of brands because I have just started getting into Tarte blushes and I absolutely love them! I want MOAR!!

Benefit Hervana: Love the different colours in this box. I've been swirling my angled blush brush (see my current favourites brush post here) around the box so it picks up all the different colours, and the end result is a perfect light pinky colour (swatches below).

The Body Shop Macaroon: I picked this up when I was in Singapore 3 months ago. I was in the market for a coral blush, and this is the perfect coral colour for me. It has a matte finish, which I love.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Peaceful: I bought this through a blogsale. I actually tried the Tipsy one first, and wasn't all that impressed because I couldn't get much blush on my brush. However, I bought the Peaceful one anyway and I fell in love with Tarte. It is so pigmented, and my brush picks up the colour from the pan much easier than Tipsy for some strange reason. This blush has got a slight shimmer in it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Tipsy: As explained above, I have been having trouble getting product on my brush, although I think it's getting better after each use. Maybe I just need to wear out the top layer? Although it looks quite a scary bright coraly colour, it does not translate on the cheeks (well, at least on mine). I like to blend it in and layer it with a different coloured blush (in particular, the Tarte Splendour). Also, if I have accidentally applied too much blush and end up looking like a clown, I like to dust a layer of pressed powder over the top to mute the blush a tat.This blush has a matte finish.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Splendor: This blush was part of the Sephora Favourites In The Glow kit when I went all crazy and purchased a whole heap of stuff from Sephora (read about my haul here). This blush is pink with gold shimmer, which is why I think it goes well with the Tarte Tipsy because the pink kind of balances out the reddish-orange colour of Tipsy. Although, it can be quite shimmery for my liking, so I always apply this with a light hand.

What are your favourite blushes?

16 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

It's the weekend, and you know what that means?! Another hauls post! I do have to warn you though that this post is going to have a whole heap of pictures... Let's get down to business.

1. Evodia - $26.95
Lust Have It had a coupon for Evodia - buy one get one free. So I decided to get a Belle Rose candle and a Coconut & Lime diffuser. 
 Such a pretty box! It is made from 100% Soy wax, which is meant to be better than regular wax (read this somewhere...). The burning time for this candle is up to 38 hours.

It has a floral/rose scent, smells quite lovely! Am burning it right now. :)

I got this coconut & lime diffuser because a lot of people were raving about the coconut & lime scent (in particular the body mist) on Evodia's facebook page.

I didn't quite want to get a body mist just in case I wasn't a fan of the smell. I figured if I didn't like it, I could always put it in the bathroom... anything smells better than poo right? :P

2. Sea Lore Nail Polish - USD$16.50 plus postage
I got these three polishes from Sea Lore for USD$5.50 each plus USD$6.90 shipping during their thanksgiving sale. As a result, I saved USD$2.48!

The colours I bought (from left to right) are Beluga Blizzard, Alana and Ariel. I think my favourite one out of the three is Ariel. I really love the purple, red and green combination, and it definitely reminds me of Ariel!

 Swatched them! Middle finger was swatched with two coats of Beluga Blizzard. Ring finger with two coats of Alana and pinky with two coats of Ariel.

Another swatch picture! Really happy with these indie polishes! I think they're all absolutely gorgeous.

3. Peter Alexander - $73.63 including postage
Peter Alexander was having a 20% sale and I could not resist picking up three of his classic tanks with shelf bra. I had two of them prior to this purchase, one in Small and the other in XS and I love them to bits. The XS one was a tat too tight for my liking, so all these tanks are in size "Small". I also decided to pick up a pair of slippers because I really need to start wearing slippers around the house, and I wanted to make the shipping cost worth it ($9.95 flat rate).

4. Eastbay - USD$179.95 including postage
Eastbay was having a 20% off sale for orders of $99 or more, so I decided to pick some shoes up because work has completely ruined a few of my shoes... I somehow ended up with clothes in my cart as well. Clothing wise, I purchased a Nike V-neck T-shirt for USD$19.99 (excluding 20% discount), Nike 6 pack socks for USD$19.99, and a pair of black Hurley shorts for USD$24.99.

The first pair of shoes I purchased was the Adidas Original Gazelle in Pink/White. This set me back USD$49.99 (excluding 20% discount).

The second pair of shoes I purchased was the Nike Dual Fusion Run, and that set me back USD$59.99 (before the 20% discount). I was going to buy a third pair of shoes but it was pink, and I think I'd have too many pink shoes, so I opted for clothes instead. I saved USD$34.99, but shipping was a hefty $39.99.

5. Bras N Things
You may recognise this bra from a previous haul. The black lacey bits started to tear and I managed to get it exchanged for a new one. I have to say that Bras N Things have got excellent online customer service, as they were all out online and had to source one from a store.

I also made another order when they advertised their sale. I combined it with a $10 voucher I had and ended up paying $50 for everything.
I bought another bra, a pair of 3/4 pants, and a dressing gown for mum's Christmas present (not pictured).

6. 365 Days Of Color Polishes - USD$25.00 delivered
Apologies for the blurry pic! I didn't realise it was blurry until I started writing this post. Anyway, I purchased a holiday mystery bag and all these goodies were included, as well as a whole heap of lollies and chocolates that I didn't take a photo off, as I got hungry... I received a miracle balm in Blue Spruce, a Sunny's cuticle oil in Victorian Christmas, Mrs Claus polish and Deadly Attraction polish. I have tried both polishes, and I really like Mrs Claus but not a fan of Deadly Attraction. 1 coat turned my nails yellow... like I had some sort of nail infection... Not a good look.

7. Hamish McBeth - $31 delivered
Since Snowy was getting a tat too big for his current harness (it's actually a car harness, but we use it as a walking harness), I decided to get him one from Hamish McBeth. I also picked up two toys (one of which did not come with this delivery. I have contacted them but have had no response yet... bit disappointing as I contacted them on Thursday morning) - a reindeer and a little bear, one toy for each dog. I decided to pick up a little something for me too...

A pair of crystal terrier studs. Aren't they so cute?! It costs $10. And when if you sign up to Hamish McBeth's newsletter, you get a $10 voucher to use!

Snowy with Mr Reindeer. Snowy needs some serious dental work - braces and a jaw expander perhaps? Side story - I made friends with a vet and he wanted a photo of Snowy to send to his vet mate (I think...or maybe he was his orthodontic mate) because he has never seen a dog with such a bad underbite!

Dozer with Mr Reindeer. His coat is usually much longer and shinier, but a hair cut happened...

I shall end the post with this last picture of the two doggies sharing the same bed looking super adorable!