28 April 2012

eos lip balm spheres

After reading reviews on the eos (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm spheres, I decided that I simply had to have them (as I do with a lot of things...). Unfortunately these cute little balms aren't readily available in Australia so I got them off eBay.

The red one is summer fruit and the yellow one is medicated tangerine. What attracted me to this particular lip balm is how easy it is to open and apply. Gone are the days struggling to prise open tricky tins! This has a nifty twist action. Check out what's inside!

Instead of digging germy fingers into pots of lip balm, the balm in this is actually round on the top so that you can apply it directly to your lips. It has a nice fruity flavour, not overly fruity and it has a nice, moisturising texture to it. According to their website, these lip balms are petroleum and paraben-free. These round balls of goodness come in different flavours - Lemon Drop with SPF 15, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Sweet Mint.

Because of the shape and size of the sphere, this makes it very easy to find in a huge bag compared to a slim tube or tin. I suppose the only con would be the bulge if you wanted to put it in your pocket... in any case, I love it and I highly rate it!

27 April 2012

Review: Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant

I received the Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant from I Love This Box April Edition. Unfortunately, this review of the product is not a good one. I managed to only use it twice before giving up on it completely for two main reasons.

1. Smells awful. I'm not usually sensitive to smells and can withstand strong scents. However, the smell of this exfoliant reminds me of Ajax spray and wipe (lemon), and it's very, very strong. The two times that I've used it (during my shower, after using my clarisonic mia to remove all traces of makeup), I nearly gagged. It just smells like I've sprayed Ajax directly on my face.

2. It does nothing for me. I guess this is because it's for sensitive skin (I have normal-combination skin) and it's gentle enough to use it everyday. I like my exfoliants to have a bit more grit, like the Dermalogica skin prep scrub, and the consistency of the Avado exfoliant is like normal face wash.

For these two reasons, I don't feel like it's worth standing the stench of this product for the results it has achieved, which is nothing. However, others with sensitive skin might appreciate this more.

21 April 2012

I Love This Box - April 2012

I've been lucky enough to be subscribed to I Love This Box a month before they decided to increase the subscription by about $5. Although some may argue that for what you get, it is still reasonable for $19.95 a month, and to some extent, I agree. On the other hand, you can subscribe to other boxes (such as Lust Have It and Bellabox) for $15 a month, and still get 5-6 luxury samples. However, I think it depends on what you're looking for. I look forward to receiving make-up products more than skincare and haircare, and I can say that I'm pleased with I Love This Box, as they haven't let me down.

In the April edition of I Love This Box, I received Avado Sensitives certified organic Gel Exfoliant, Chikii Natural Salon Quality Mineral Cosmetics - "Embrace" 7003 Mineral Blush, Haf Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow - "Antique Gold", Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor - "Get Nutty" (full size), and Just D'Lish 15hr burn time soy wax candle - "Waterlily" (full size), as well as two easter eggs and a Priceline voucher ($5 off) for Avoda sensitives (not pictured).

Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant (100ml - full size) - RRP: $14.99
I'm actually looking forward to trying this out, as I'm running out of my Dermalogica exfoliant. It smells quite citusy, which will hopefully won't bother me too much.

Just D'Lish Soy Wax Candle - Waterlily (15hr burn time) - RRP: $10.00
This candle smells sooo good. Am looking forward to burning this, and perhaps purchasing more in the future!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor - "Get Nutty" (4.2g - full size) - RRP: $16.95
This colour is not me at all. It looks far too dark on my small lips, making them look even smaller. I tend not to like to put anything on my lips as I can't stand the feel of lip products (except for YSL Glossy Stains). However, the texture of this lipstick isn't too bad. Pity about the colour though.

Chikii Natural Salon Quality Mineral Cosmetics - "Embrace" 7003 Mineral Blush - RRP: $24.95 (5g)
From the swatch I did on the back of my hand, I love the colour of this blush! I did however found it a bit hard to get the product out from the little sachet without making a bit of a mess. It would have been much better if they provided the sample in a little pot. The swatch is the bottom pink, sparkly line.

Haf Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow - "Antique Gold" - RRP: 16.99 (5g)
I'm glad I received Antique Gold, as I don't have any gold eyeshadows in my collection. The bottom swatch is the Antique Gold eyeshadow. I don't normally wear eyeshadows, as I'm quite lazy. Therefore, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to quality or what to look for in eyeshadows. As you can see the picture below, there are quite big chunks of eyeshadow in the pot, which may result in uneven application and I will probably make a mess, like I did when I did the swatch on the back of my hand. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to trying this out one day.

All three swatches with flash

Overall, I Love This Box has done it again for me. I'm very impressed and pleased with this box, and I can't wait for the May edition.