27 April 2012

Review: Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant

I received the Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant from I Love This Box April Edition. Unfortunately, this review of the product is not a good one. I managed to only use it twice before giving up on it completely for two main reasons.

1. Smells awful. I'm not usually sensitive to smells and can withstand strong scents. However, the smell of this exfoliant reminds me of Ajax spray and wipe (lemon), and it's very, very strong. The two times that I've used it (during my shower, after using my clarisonic mia to remove all traces of makeup), I nearly gagged. It just smells like I've sprayed Ajax directly on my face.

2. It does nothing for me. I guess this is because it's for sensitive skin (I have normal-combination skin) and it's gentle enough to use it everyday. I like my exfoliants to have a bit more grit, like the Dermalogica skin prep scrub, and the consistency of the Avado exfoliant is like normal face wash.

For these two reasons, I don't feel like it's worth standing the stench of this product for the results it has achieved, which is nothing. However, others with sensitive skin might appreciate this more.

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