27 June 2012

WON: BellaBox Limited Edition Couples Box

This is the third BellaBox I've won. I don't normally win so many things, so I'm feeling lucky! Maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket. This competition was twitter based, and the requirements was to follow BellaBox on twitter, tweet why you want to win one of five bellaboxes, and add the hash tag #bbcouplesbox. My answer was "I want to win a from so I can pamper myself and force my bf to use products instead of a wet face towel & soap."

The LE Couples BellaBox is a black box with a whole heap of goodies inside, instead of the regular turquoise-green and brown box.

This is what was in my BellaBox LE Couples Box:
1. A'kin pureMAN Orange, Ginseng & Spice Visibly Fit 24 Hour Moisturizer 50ml (RRP: $24.95)
"A lightweight face moisturizer that will leave skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Easily absorbed and non-greasy." A much needed skin care product for him, I reckon! Considering that he doesn't have anything in his skin care regime... with the exception of a face washer and water.

2. PureDKNY EDP 1.5ml (RRP: $80 for 30ml)
I received this sample in my April BellaBox (the first box I won, which convinced me to subscribe to BellaBox). I loved it and I'm glad to have another sample.

3. Ulta3 Nail Colour (Shiraz) 13ml (RRP: $2)
I also received this in my April BellaBox in the same colour. I will probably give this away to Priscilla or my mum.

4. Phytomer Hydracontinue Instant Moisture Cream for Normal to Combination Skin 15ml (RRP: $85 for 50ml)
"This intense moisture instantly soothes and hydrates the skin. Enriched with Pheohydrane, a 100% natural marine ingredient, it helps maintain the skins natural hydrating functions. Skin is supple, quenched and lastingly comfortable." Woohoo! Another moisturizer product to try out for my dry skin caused by this freezing cold wintery weather.

5. OP Therapy Summer Glow Sea Salt Scrub Pineapple & Papaya 75ml (RRP: $19)
"This divine exfoliating treatment combines the purifying properties of natural Australia sea salt with the exfoliating properties of papaya and pineapple extracts. Summer Glow will leave your skin glowing, feeling silky soft and renewed after just the first massage." I love a good exfoliant. A good exfoliant would be something that is quite gritty, as I like to feel like a product is working. I think this would be a product that both of us can share as well... God knows when the last time he exfoliated... (Probably never) 

6. Hollywood Feet Secret Velvet Cushions (2 pairs - $9.95)
"Say goodbye to the burning pain in the balls of your feet." The balls of my feet do get quite sore when I wear heels, so I will be using this. However, I only tend to wear heels in summer because winter means cold and rain, which in turn means if I wear sexy heels, I will get cold feet and I might slip due to the wet ground caused by rain, which in turn means I'll be even more uncomfortable and potentially embarrassed from a wet bum and a twisted ankle.... 

7. One Skin System Renewal Cleanse (10ml - RRP: $39 for 50ml) and Active C Scrub (15g - RRP:$69 for 60g)
One Skin System Renewal Cleanse is step 1, and is described as "an intense cellular clean, helps to remove dirt, make-up, dead skin cells, excess oils, pollutants and impurities". It sounds really appealing to me, and I can't wait to use it. The Active C Scrub is step 2 in the One Skin System, which promises to "intensively exfoliate, stimulate, and activate the skin's natural vitality" Another exfoliant! I'm in exfoliant heaven! =D 

8. SkinVital Hydraflex - Multi-peptide Flex-cloth Mask 25ml (RRP: $14.99 3x30ml satchets)
Received this mask in my BellaBox May edition. I was so excited, as I finally used a mask a few days ago and I was like "YAY! I can write about my experience with this mask", and then I realized I didn't use this mask, I used the "Facial Fresh Cloth Facial Treatment Mask - Tea Tree" mask that came in my June box (which by the way did not smell anything like Tea Tree... a plus in my books). Will be using this mask next though!

9. Eau Thermale Avene Shaving Foam 50ml (RRP: $21.95 for 200ml)
"A soothing, anti-irritating shaving foam for sensitive and problem skin." This will be great for him when he travels. I'm pretty sure he uses shaving cream when he shaves.... I asked, and HE DOES NOT USE SHAVING CREAM WHEN HE SHAVES!?! This is worse than what I thought...

10. Kosmea Skin Clinic Rescue Balm 50ml (RRP: $24.95)
"For all skin emergencies, naturally repairs, soothes and protects skin..." According to BellaBox's website, this is for him... But I kind of want it... :P Sharing is caring right?

Thanks BellaBox for yet another amazing box!

26 June 2012

WON: Hanger Nation/Bellabox June

I've been lucky enough to win a competition by Hanger Nation and BellaBox via facebook. I had to answer this question "What is your favourite beauty product and why?". My answer that won a BellaBox June edition was "Contouring powder (NYX Eyeshadow Taupe). I love how versatile it is, and as the saying goes "fake it till you make it". Contouring gives me a instant nose job, high cheek bones, and it can be used to fill in eyebrows and as an eyeshadow!"

The theme is "Winter Escape", and is the same as the one I bought and reviewed here.This is what I received in my prize box:
1. Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (RRP: $59 for 48.3g)
I didn't receive this in the BellaBox that I purchased, and I have not used this before. I think this is a great sample that BellaBox has included, as it's meant to be great for dry skin and since winter is here, my normally combination-oily skin is quite dry.

2. Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm 7.5ml (RRP: $58 for 28ml)
As mentioned in my other post, I have used this before and it does a good job in minimizing pores and keeping makeup on all day. Will be saving this for travels in the near future.

3. Be In Awe Vimala Cleanser (2 sachets x 3ml)
This cleanser is meant to remove makeup, pollution and excess oils from the skin gently and it is non-drying. I will give this a go later tonight with my clarisonic (without using a makeup wipe prior) and see how good it is at removing makeup and will report back later.

4. Fan Di Fendi EDP (RRP: $95 for 30ml)
Also received this one in my other box, have not tried it out yet though. The description on the BellaBox information card says that it has warm head notes of pear, blackcurrant and tangerine, a floral heart and base notes of velvety leather and patchouli. Mia left me a comment on the previous post to warn me about it being messy, as it is just liquid inside, so if you received one of these samples, take extra caution!

5. Sally Hansen Colour Quick Chrome Fast Dry Nail Colour Pen - Turquoise Chrome 04 (RRP: $16.95)
I secretly wanted this Sally Hansen Pen when I saw other reviews and was semi-disappointed that I didn't get one in my first box. I actually kept an eye out for this when I was out shopping over the weekend but couldn't find any. So I'm really happy that I got this in my box. I also love the colour turquoise and I can't wait to use it.

6. Olea Olive Leaf Drops - 4 drops (RRP: $6.00 for 12 drops)
Another item that I also received in my other box. Will save this for when I have a cold.

7. Be In Awe Night Balm 5ml (RRP: $120 for 50ml)
This night balm helps to replenish hydration at a cellular level with antioxidants to improve skin texture. This is another product I'm glad to have received, and hope that it does help to hydrate my skin.

8. Pure Fiji Body Butter - Orange Blossom (RRP: $29.95 for 235ml)
I received a different scent in my first box, and both smell equally nice. I have used the body butter received in my first box when I went to the blue mountains for a quick getaway with my boyfriend, and it was really moisturizing. Although, I had to use about 1/3 of the tub just for my legs - a little does not go a long way for me.

Overall, this is another great box from BellaBox. Thank you so much to both BellaBox and Hanger Natio for giving this amazing box to me.

24 June 2012

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

I've purchased two Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains from eBay, as it's not out in Australia yet... and besides it'll be ridiculously expensive when it comes out... everything always is :(

The shades purchased after looking at a whole heap of swatches online are "Charm" and "Honey". I initially wanted "Charm" as I was after a nude colour, but decided to get "Honey" as well to make postage per item cheaper.

I actually like Honey a whole lot more than Charm. Charm seems to accentuate my dry lips, and settle into lines. Honey does not do that. Both lip stain balms apply smoothly and has a pepperminty smell, which I love. I also like the packaging - you twist the bottom silvery part to get more product out. The cap sits firmly on so you can throw it in your bag without having to worry about the cap coming off. The colour payoff is great and it lasts quite a long time on my lips (3-4 hours) before I feel the need to apply more.

Overall, I feel the need to buy more of these balm stains! These are fantastic!

EDIT: I've taken some photos of me wearing the balm stains. Sorry for the poor quality photos, I used my iPhone to take these.
Charm on top of Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment with Calendula

 Charm on relaxed lips. The above photo is more true to colour but this one shows how it congregates in the lines of my lips.

 Naked lips for comparison.


Haul: All Cosmetics Wholesale

I've recently purchased a crap load of stuff from All Cosmetics Wholesale. I may have spent too much money on cosmetics, but I had to because if I didn't, I'd be severely ripped off by shipping plus there were too many bargains that I could not resist.

This is what I purchased (all prices in USD):

1. TOO FACED - Fun In The Dark Palette (Blemished - LED lights don't work in the palette) - $12.99 (More pictures below)
2. MAX FACTOR Color Genius Mineral Pressed Powder - Light - $5.99
3. LANCOME Color Design Cream Lipstick - B List - $3.99
4. MAYBELLINE Moisture Extreme Lipstick - Nude Blush - $2.99
5. MAYBELLINE Moisture Extreme Lipstick - Desert Bloom (633) - $2.50
6.  MAC Slimshine Lipstick - Scant (unboxed) - $6.99
7. CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick - Black Honey (unboxed) - $12.99
8. L'OREAL HIP Jelly Balm x 3 - Plush, Luscious, Savory - $8.99
9. KORRES Cherry Lip Gloss - 22 Rose (unboxed) - $4.99
10. KORRES Mango Butter Lipstick - 13 Natural Pink - $7.99
11. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean - $4.50
12. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Cottage Cheese - $4.50
13. KORRES Mascara Provitamin B5 & Rich Bran - 01 Black (unboxed) - $4.99
14. KORRES Guava Lipstick - 13 Natural Pink - $8.99

Shipping via Fedex Priority set me back another $42.05. But if you divide that by the total number of products that I purchased, it's not too bad (That's how I convinced myself to proceed through checkout) :P

I also got some samples for free:
1. Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara Deluxe (had to type a coupon in for this... I'm pretty sure the coupon is expired but if you want it, let me know and I'll try to look it up again as I've forgotten)
2. blum naturals contains organic orange peel extract - exfoliating daily cleansing towelette
3. Clean Warm Cotton Lotion (Not too sure about this lotion... It doesn't even say the brand :-s)

Swatches and review of the lipsticks and lipgloss (except the L'oreal HIP Jelly Balms):
I've tried the Lancome B List, MAC SlimShine Scant, and Clinique Black Honey. I love them alll!!! I used to hate lip products, and barely had any. I think the YSL glossy stains have converted me and I'm slowly accumulating A LOT of lip products...

I applied the Korres Cherry Lip Gloss after I swatched it on my arm, and it tastes like... cherry! It's not overly sticky, which is great because I hate it when it's windy outside and you've got your hair down and hair gets stuck on your lips...

Swatch and review of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil:
I am quite impressed with the Cottage Cheese Eye Pencil. I have used it for about a week now just to line my waterline and I love it. It goes on smoothly and I love how you don't have to sharpen it, just twist it to get more product exposed. I have not tried the Black Bean one yet so I can't compare. But when I swatched it, it went on smoothly as well and was quite pigmented.

Too Faced - Fun in the Dark Palette:
I'm not too fussed that the LED lights don't work, as you can always turn a light on?

It comes with 4 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush, a lipgloss and a lipstick.
The eyeshadows are: Pin-up, Peep Show, Full Frontal, Lucky Charms
Blush: Papa Don't Preach
Bronzer: Sun Bunny
Lip Gloss: Tropical Pink - Girls Dig Pearls
Lipstick: Lip of Luxury - Free Love

I have not tried this palette out yet, but am quite excited to as this is my first Too Faced product! 

EDIT: Priscilla (my sister) told me last night when she came around for a visit/dinner that the brand of the sample I received "Clean Warm Cotton Lotion" is "Clean"... and "Warm Cotton" is the scent!

Lust Have It - June 2012

I received my lust have it pack a week ago, but haven't found time to blog about it till now. This is what I received in my purple Lust Have It bag:

1. Lon Vitalite - 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask (RRP: $59 for 5 Pack)
According to the packaging, each mask sachel contains 24ml of pure whitening essence milk including ultrafine activated gold foil which has been treated by multiple biochemical process. This promise to promote even, fair skin with less wrinkles, fading of pigment spots, and enhancement of the natural glow and charm of beautiful skin with regular use. I haven't used this yet but I'm honestly not all that excited about it, as I'm not a big mask user.

2. Lon Vitalite - 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask (RRP: $45 for 5 Pack)
Yet another mask... but this time it's for the eyes. It promises to relieve swelling and tiredness, and effectively removes dark circles, sagging skin and crows feet. Fortunately, I do not have dark circles, sagging skin and crows feet. Therefore, I don't know if I'll keep this one or give it to someone else.

3. Batiste - Blush Dry Shampoo 50ml (RRP: $9.95 for 150ml)
Lust Have It prides itself on sending out "professional, premium and boutique beauty product", and unfortunately, this is not the case (at least it isn't in my opinion). I don't normally use dry shampoo but at least it's there for when I desperately need a wash but don't have time to.

4. Bloom - Glitter Eyeliner in Lucky Star - full size (RRP: $14.95 for 4g)
I do not know if I'll ever use this eyeliner. I'm not a big fan of putting glitter on my face, let alone my eyes... I wonder if I could somehow incorporate this in my manicures... hmmm...

5. Marc Jacobs - Daisy 1.2ml (RRP: $90 for 50ml) & Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh 1.2ml (RRP: $115 for 75ml)
These two fragrances smell lovely, but I probably won't be purchasing as I have too many bottles of perfume. Although I'm glad that two samples are in a spray bottle/vial and not a satchet (like the Fendi one in BellaBox), I don't see how these can be counted as a premium beauty product, as you can get them for free in stores!

Overall, I'm unimpressed with the contents of this bag. There's nothing I'm excited about that I can't wait to try out. I hope next month's bag will contain much better and exciting products or I'll be devastated as I've purchased the yearly subscription.

15 June 2012

I was wrong... It was a fake!! :(

The Clarisonic Mia that I bought from eBay, blogged about last month (read here) is a fake. I got really suspicious when after 48 hours of charging, the charging light was still flashing (Charging light is meant to stay a solid green when fully charged, which normally takes about 24 hours). I sent a message to the seller via eBay asking her/him (I'm just going to refer to the seller as her) why it is doing that, and the seller said something about charging grids and how it should be fine, just ignore the flashing light. I also asked if she could prove that it's the real deal, and she said to register the code found at the bottom of the clarisonic on the clarisonic website. I did so, and it worked.

However, after closer inspection of my blue clarisonic (the real deal, which I purchased from Sephora when I went to the states late last year) and the pink clarisonic (fake), I found quite a few differences.

1. The Clarisonic mia logo is different on the head. The "S" could have four curved lines surrounding it - two above the "S", and two below. On the fake clarisonic, the curved lines are in between the "S" and "O".

2.  The registration number on the bottom of the clarisonic is different - font and orientation.

3. The word "Clarisonic" is missing on the brush cap. 

4.  When the brush head is removed, there is nothing written on the white ring for the fake clarisonic. The real clarisonic has got the patent number and some other symbols which I don't know. Furthermore, the real clarisonic has got three metal prongs, which hold the brush head in place. The fake one has only got plastic prongs.

 5. When the bottom is pressed, there's a difference. It's a bit hard to describe but the fake one has a bit more of a harder click. The sound of the click is also different. The fake one has a more defined click than the real one.

I ended up getting my money back from the seller when I presented the differences that I found. She refunded me my money, told me to keep the product and closed the ebay listing. My brother is currently using the fake clarisonic, and I haven't had any feedback from him, so I'm taking that as a good sign. He is not using the cleanser that the clarisonic came with though. I don't blame him... Who knows what could be in that? I hope this blog post will help people who buy clarisonics from eBay to distinguish between a real one and a fake one.

EDIT:  I have made a rather crappy video to show the two clarisonics in action, and the ineffectiveness of a genuine clarisonic brush head on a fake clarisonic.

BellaBox - June 2012

BellaBox June edition theme is winter escape. This is what I received in my box:

1. Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm - 7.5ml (RRP: $58 for 22ml)
I've used Porefessional before, and it did the job - minimised the appearance of pores, helped make my makeup stay on all day. However, since using Clarisonic, my pores have shrunk and I've used other primers which also help make my makeup stay on all day. So, although I love benefit products, I don't think I'm as excited as everyone else about porefessional. But this would definitely make a great travel primer.

2. Pure Fiji Body Butter Passionflower (RRP: $29.95 for 235ml)
I've tried this body butter on my hands and it feels soooo moisturizing and nourishing. The scent is also pleasant, with is an added bonus.

3. Facial Fresh Cloth Facial Treatment Mask - Tea Tree (RRP: $8.95 for 35ml)
According to the bellabox information card, this mask offers skin high absorption of the most advanced skin enhancing cosmeceutical ingredients, including clinically proven anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals. I'm not a big fan of the smell of tea tree, so I'm hoping it won't be too overpowering.

4. Nak Diamond Hair Polish - Frizz Fighter - 100ml (RRP: $22.95 for 100ml)
I've tried this hair polish yesterday and it's fantastic. I have dry, frizzy damaged hair from all the chemicals it has been exposed to, and this product really helps to tone down the frizz. It also has thermal protection, which is great as sometimes I do hairdry my hair and any protection from further damaging my already damaged hair is welcomed. I was also quite worried about this polish becoming a bit sticky and making my hair stiff (like the effects of a hair gel), as it has a hold factor of 2. However, my hair stayed smooth and soft and my worries went away. The smell of this polish is also amazing. :)

5. Kiss Dress Nails - 28 Jeweled Strips (RRP: $13.99)
I have seen quite a few reviews on the Sally Hansen version and lots of people are raving about them. So hopefully this will be good as well. Since I normally have gelish on my nails (Gelish are gels that you apply like nail polish but you have to set them using UV light), as they are quite weak and prone to breakage. I will have to try to work something out so I can use these bad boys! :P

6. Fan di Fendi fragrance (RRP: $95 for 30ml)
This sample is a satchet thing... It's not a spray, which makes it interesting to trial, as it looks to be a single-use only. I haven't used it yet, so am not sure if I like it yet.

7. Olea Olive Leaf Drops - 4 drops (RRP: $6.00 for 12 drops)
These drops are meant to support your immune and cardiovascular system, as well as boost your antioxidant power. I don't have a cold right now, so I will save this for when the virus decides to come for an unwelcomed visit.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this month's bellabox, and I can't wait for next month's! What did you get in yours?

BellaBox - May 2012

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while. Had a whole heap of assessments and exams. Just finished my last one today. By last one, I mean last one EVER (I hope)! I will find out in about a month if I will be truly done with university. I can't wait! Now catching up on reviews on my beauty boxes...

BellaBox May edition's theme was Pamper Yourself, Pamper Your Mum. This is what I received in my box:

1. Glamorous Minerals Tube Lip Gloss (RRP: $24.95) - Unfortunately, this lip gloss is not for me. I'm unsure of what the name of the colour is but it's a pinkish brown colour. I cannot stand the smell of this lip gloss, and I hate the packaging - squeezey tube with a brush applicator. It took me so long to try to get any product out. The tube has to be squeezed really tightly for the lip gloss to come through the brush.

2. Savior Faire Lipstick Mini - 408 Unite (RRP: $7.50, $48 for the full-size)
I quite like this lipstick. The texture is creamy and it's quite moisturizing. The colour is reddish-brown (I'm not great at describing colours). I didn't think it'd look great on me, but its close to my lip colour and looks quite naturally on my lips. When applied, it leans towards a matte finish. So lipgloss might be needed if you like a more glossy finish.

3. Sebastian Professional Range - 3 x 10ml satchets of Volupt shampoo, conditioner, and Hydre deep-moisturizing treatment. (RRP: from $34)
Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to use it yet as I wanted to do a blog post with the packaging in tact first. I'm looking forward to using it though, as I have dry, damaged hair from bleaching and dying frequently.

4. Avene Eau Thermale Eluage Eye Contour Cream - 2ml ($63.95 for 15ml)
Thankfully, I don't get dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles (yet), so I don't really have much use for this product. Will probably off load this to my mum.

5. Avene Eau Thermale Ystheal+ Emulsion - 5ml ($61.95 for 30ml)
This is an anti-aging treatment care for normal and combination skin. According to the box description, this helps to prevent and correct visible signs of physiological and sun-induced skin aging. I'm nearing the age of 22, and I don't use any anti-aging stuff. Now you might be thinking "It's never too early to use anti-aging treatments", but I'd rather use things that my skin requires and responds to now. I like using products that make a visible difference now. And besides, if you take care of your skin by using sun-protection, it should prevent premature aging right? I'm not too sure if I'll be using this product either... I'm quite lazy :P

6. Skin Vitals Hydraflex Face Mask - 25 ml (RRP: $14.99 3x30ml satchets)
This mask is specifically formulated with the latest in multi-peptide technology promoting brighter, firmer and more even toned skin. Finally, a skincare product that interests me! I have not used it yet, as I have been busy with uni work, but I'm looking forward to trying this out. I have acne scars and uneven skin tone. So hopefully this mask will improve my skin condition...

Overall, this box is a bit of a hit and miss for me. There are some products which I love, and some which I don't love as much. But you can't please everybody.