26 July 2012

Quick update

 So it's currently 4.52pm, and I just woke up. Finished my 12 hour shift at work this morning at 7am, and I'll be back at work in about 4 hours. This is quite a strange "lifestyle" to me, as I don't normally work this much nor do I work at such ungodly hours. Had SO much trouble staying up this morning, as I was woken up by a certain someone *cough*Pris*cough* at 12pm yesterday after only having slept 6 hours. Hopefully tonight won't be such a problem, as I've had quite a few hours of sleep.

I've also recently enrolled in TAFE (by correspondence) and will have to actually get my butt into gear and start studying, as I'm hoping to finish this course in 6 months. If I don't, I'd have to pay more.... and I really don't want to. So this may also hinder my blogging time. =(

Anyway, I thought I'd write up a quick post about what I've been up to, as I don't think I'll be able to write reviews as much with work and studying taking up so much of my time (work schedule is not permanent though). However, I have a few reviews lined up - More Revlon Kissable Balm Stains review. This time, I took more before and after shots, as my natural lip colour changes each day for some strange reason. I also have been sent some mineral make up products for review by Mineral Makeup Market. Can't wait to try the products out, hopefully I'll be able to get a review up in about a week or two.

Last but not least, enter my giveaway if you haven't already! (Click here to enter) It ends on the 2nd of August 2012, the day after my birthday! I was going to end it on my birthday but I wasn't sure if I will have the time to pick the winner and organize postage.

That's it for what's happening at the moment in my hectic life. Stay tuned for the reviews! :)

23 July 2012

Lust Have It - July 2012

Yay!!! Finally received my Lust Have It (LHI) this morning! The colour of the bag this month is a vibrant tangerine colour, and inside were 6 products.

1. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion - Orange Blossom (RRP: $29.95 for 350ml)
Not quite sure what the size of the product received is, as it doesn't say it anywhere on the packaging. I liked the Pure Fiji Body Butter that came in one of my previous BellaBox, so I'm quite excited to use this. Hopefully it being a body lotion, instead of a butter, will still do a great job in moisturizing my dry (and sometimes itchy) winter skin.

2. Tigi Shine Junkie Lip Gloss - full size (RRP: $16.95 for 10.5g)
This lip gloss is the only makeup product in this bag, and I'm quite sad :( I prefer makeup products to skin care and hair care, as I'm just a makeup junkie. I'm also not a big fan of lip glosses as most are sticky, and they don't last as long as my favourite lip products - lip stains. But I will try this out, and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised!

3. Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub 5ml (RRP: $38.95 for 50ml)
If you've read my other posts about scrubs, you'd know I love gritty scrubs, as I feel like they're doing their job - scrubbing off dead skin cells off my face. I hope this is a gritty scrub, but I won't hold my breath as this is for sensitive skin. The last time I used a scrub for sensitive skin (Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant, I was majorly disappointed and gave it to my mum.

4. Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 25ml (RRP: $22.95 for 125ml)
Another travel-sized eye make-up remover to add to my collection! :P The only time I use make-up remover is when I'm cleaning up my eyeliner lines during the application of makeup. I use make-up remover wipes to remove the majority of my make-up at the end of the day before my shower, and have rarely found the need to use an eye make-up remover on top of that. However, having a travel-sized remover is handy for travelling, so I probably won't use this till then... or until I have finished using up my current make-up remover.

5. Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shampoo 50ml (RRP: $29.00 for 500ml)
Matrix is a new brand to me, as I have never used any of their products before. This smoothing shampoo is formulated for dry, unruly hair, which is what I've got! YAY! One con about this product is that it's only for sale at professional salons (stated on the bottle), which may not be ideal for some who don't live close to a salon. However, that being said, you might be able to get it online.

6. Matrix Biolage Smoothing Conditioner 30ml (RRP: $29.00 for 250ml)
This is the conditioner that goes with the shampoo above. It really urks me when conditioners are sold half the size of shampoos! I tend to use up more conditioners than shampoos, and I'm always running out of conditioners!

Anyway, that's all I have received in my LHI bag this month. Comparing this to BellaBox, I'm not as impressed... BellaBox was pretty hard to beat this month. If you were after more full-sized products, this is not a very good bag, as there was only one full-sized product. Similarly, if you are a make-up junkie like I am, this isn't a very impressive bag, as it only had one make-up item. However, I appreciate the amount of effort that Nicci (LHI founder) and her team has put into this bag. Another positive thing about this month's bag is that it is an all-rounder - it has skin care, hair care and make-up products.

What did you get in your LHI bag?

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already done so!

22 July 2012

NOTD: Possibly my best manicure ever!

So the last time I blogged about my NOTD, I had a nail tape manicure and that barely lasted 24 hours. This time, I decided to incorporate it into my gelish manicure, with the gelish top coat that must be cured under UV light. I'm hoping this will last longer.

I first prepped my nails (buff to get rid of shine, wipe nails clean with isopropyl alcohol, apply Gelish pH bond), applied a coat of gelish foundation, cure under LED UV lamp, apply three coats of Gelish Pink Smoothie (curing after each coat), and then Gelish top coat over the top.

I wiped all nails with isopropyl alcohol to remove the tacky layer, before using a buffer and buffering each nail lightly, so the nail surface is now matte instead of shiny. Then I stuck some black nail tape bought from eBay on my nails before applying Gelish Top Coat and curing under the UV lamp again.

I then stuck nail studs/bling on my nails using a brush on nail glue by glam nails and a pair of tweezers. The coloured round nail studs were part of last year's christmas present from the BF's mother. The star stud on my ring finger, and the love heart on my index were bought from eBay.

After the glue dried, and the nail studs were stuck, I applied a coat of Gelish topcoat and cured. I then buffed lightly again, applied another coat of Gelish topcoat and cured. I'm not taking any chances of the studs falling out, as I have spent quite a long time doing this manicure!

And Voila! The finished product! Although I'm thinking about applying another layer of top coat... Better to be safe than sorry, right? :P

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already done so!

21 July 2012

Super Purdy's giveaway!

I'm getting less parcels now due to this stupid spending ban, so I'm thankful that there are quite a number of generous bloggers out there, such as Chelsea from Super Purdy, who are giving their readers a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Chelsea has reached 100 followers (Congrats Chelsea!!!) and is giving away a whole heap of goodies! She is giving away everything you can see in the picture below! Talk about generous!

This giveaway is only open to Australian residents only and closes in 30 days! For more information and to enter click here!

20 July 2012

BellaBox - July 2012

Woohoo! I finally received my BellaBox today and I'm soooo impressed, and was pleasantly surprised despite me having read so many reviews/sneak peaks prior to receiving my box. July's edition has got so many great products, I'm slightly concerned that BellaBox might not be able to top the that next month.

This month's theme is Winter Beauty Buys and the items I received are:

1. The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter 2x8ml sachets (RRP: $29.95 for 200ml)
 I LOVE chocolate and I can't wait to try this out. I believe I squealed when I saw this... followed by sounds of "ooooooo!!!!". Unfortunately this is unfit for consumption... so I'm hoping it won't smell too yummy...

2. Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm - full size (RRP: $5.99 for 10g)
I've never tried Carmex before and am looking forward to trying this out, as I have lips as dry as the desert at the moment, thanks to the cold weather!

3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser - full size (RRP: $13.99 for 175g)
It's been a while since I used any Neutrogena products. I've never really re-purchased anything from them in the past few years, and have been quite loyal to Dermalogica. This came at a good time, as I'm out of my Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser, and I don't have any back up cleansers! However, I don't know how well this will go with my Clarisonic... only time will tell! (Will probably do a review, so watch this space!)

4. You, Me & Everybody Shady Lady Daily Face Milk - full size (RRP: $9.99 for 75ml)
I've never heard of this brand nor have I tried any "face milk" products. This has a SPF of 30+, which is great considering the size of the hole in the ozone layer above Australia. According to the BellaBox info card, this is meant to be used as a moisturizer for wear under makeup. I'm currently using Christian Dior DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield SPF 50++, and it's my favourite moisturizer/sun screen so far, as it smells great, non-greasy, and doesn't leave a white cast in photos. So the benchmark is set! Hopefully this would be a cheaper alternative (although the sun protection isn't as high :( )

5. Mode Glitter Nail Enamel 15ml - (RRP: $2.45 for 75ml)
Holy crap batman! 75ml for a full sized nail polish? THAT'S INSANE!!!! Maybe it's a typo on the bellabox info card?! I'm glad I received this nail polish though, as mentioned before, I've seen quite a few reviews on BellaBox July edition and everyone received Ulta3 in mulberry. This made me feel quite special and makes up for the me receiving my box after everyone else.

6. Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara - full size (RRP: $19.95)
I love mascaras... I don't actually know how many I've got... I'm guessing around 20+. I have not tried any Almay mascaras (actually, I don't think I've ever tried an Almay product before) so I'm looking forward to trying this after I finish using up all my opened ones. I'm a bit skeptical about the "get up & grow" marketing thing, as I've tried Rimmel's Lash Accelerator a while ago and it did diddly squat! I'm also glad that I received this mascara instead of an ELF brush, as I recently bought a whole crap load of ELF brushes when they had 30% off!

7. Bourjois Smoky Pencil, 72 Dark Purple - full size (RRP: $20.00)
I don't own a purple liner, so YAY! This is a 2 ended product, the pencil/liner bit on one end and a brush on the other. The brush is meant to be "ultra-soft" (quoted from BellaBox info card), but it's as stiff as a board... hmm maybe I need to wash it first or spray a bit of brush cleaner?

8. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub - 15ml
This is actually not on the info card, so I'm not sure if I got this as a bonus or maybe it's because there were too many products to list them all on the card. I love scrubs, but I'm quite picky with my scrubs. I like them gritty, as they indicate to me that they're working. Nevertheless, looking forward to trying out this product as well.

9. Givenchy Eau De Toilette 1ml for the MR. (RRP: $80.00 for 50ml)
The only cologne my MR wears is Polo Blue, not sure if he'll be open to trying this...

10. BellaBox Cosmetics bag
I quite like this small, mesh-type bag. Love the colour, and love how soft it feels... not that it is a quality I normally look for in a cosmetics bag. It'll be great for travelling, or having a small bag to put in my lip products and other smaller items.

As mentioned above, I'm SO impressed with BellaBox. On the other hand, starting to regret my annual subscription with Lust Have It (after all the kerfuffle on FB and the way they've handled themselves - customer service wise, and the whole not having tracking fiasco). Wish I had a BellaBox annual subscription instead :(

Anyway, thanks BellaBox for an AMAZING box this month! Looking forward to next month's box :)

What did you get in your BellaBox? Are you as happy with your products as I am?

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18 July 2012

Another giveaway to enter!

Sweetaholic Beauty aka Jasmine is currently hosting a magnificent giveaway to celebrate her reaching the 250 followers milestone! Congratulations Jasmine! :)

She is giving away a whole heap of stuff, including Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons (I've been wanting these for a while since reading quite a number of reviews on these!), Australis Nudie eye shadow palette, Revlon Lip butter in creamsicle (I LOVE Revlon lip butters!)

This giveaway is opened worldwide and ends in 38 days. Click on the image below to enter this amazing giveaway!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!

Check out these giveaways!

I love winning giveaways, especially when I'm on a spending ban... Please check out these giveaways for a chance to win some amazing prices.

Christine and MUA have teamed up to give away MUA products, including the ever so popular Undressed Palette, famously known as the Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe. This giveaway ends July 23 2012, and is opened worldwide! Click on the image below to enter!

The next generous giveaway that is opened worldwide is by beauty makeup addict. She is giving away a whole heap of nail and makeup products! This giveaway ends September 16 2012. Click on the image below to enter!

There will be three winners in this giveaway by Jessica. If you're a nail polish addict, you'll love this one! There are a whole heap of nail stuff to be won. This giveaway ends August 2 2012 (the same date as mine!) This is also opened internationally. Please click the image below to enter.

16 July 2012

NOTD: Orly Gumdrop & Nail Tape

This is a quick NOTD blog post. I used two coats of Orly Gumdrop and silver nail tape to create this manicure.

Didn't really do a fantastic job with painting as I was in a bit of a rush. The nail tape does not last any longer than a day, even though I layered on 2-3 top coats (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri). I do however love how it looks and will recreate this look some day.

Have you entered my giveaway yet? (Australian residents only)

13 July 2012

I love presents from the postman!

I thought it'd only be fitting if I had a post showing the some of the things I purchased during my massive spending binge over the past month (See here for the breakdown), which resulted in a spending ban that will hopefully go for about 2 months (I don't have a strong willpower when it comes to NOT shopping).

I love going to my bf's place for a few days and coming home to a whole heap of presents from the postman! It feels like Christmas... except I only spent money on myself... and I didn't have to go to a shopping center filled with last minute shoppers.

Starting from the earliest package I've received...  The first out of two ASOS orders of June. I bought a River Island singlet (GBP 5.50), Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey (GBP 15.50), Illamasqua Blush in Hussy (GBP 16.50). I had a discount code for this order, saving me GBP 6.40 of the total order. The lipstick doesn't sit too well on my lips. It doesn't look good and it accentuates any dry spots, which sucks because it's winter and my lips aren't very moisturised. The blush is great, although the first time I wore it, I applied too much as I was in a rush and the lighting wasn't very good and I looked like I was slapped. It's quite pigmented and you have to use a light hand with it.

The second ASOS order came a few days later. I purchased ASOS HAVANA Bow Espadrille Wedge - Strawberry print in size AU7 (GBP 12.00), and ASOS Towelling Beach Playsuit - Pink in size AU8 (GBP 9.00). Yes, I'm preparing my wardrobe for summer!

If you saw my post on beautyheaven, I was contemplating returning the Wedge because it didn't really feel comfortable as the brown strap that go around the back of the foot sits a bit too low for my liking. I eventually decided to keep it, as it will cost too much to send it back even though I could have delivered it to the post office (Chullora) where the return address for ASOS is at - They still charge you for the full postage even though all they have to do is go around the back and put the parcel in the PO Box... RIDICULOUS!

There were a couple of smaller things that came that I didn't bother taking photos of - e.g. Bath/shower pouf things that I got from eBay...

Today when I got home after being at the bf for 2 days, I received quite a few parcels (YAY!) I received my order from iherb, eBay orders, and a prize I won from shop til you drop during their june giveaway competition.

My iHerb order consisted of Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Your Base/Flawless, Core Collection brush set (USD $17.99), Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush (USD $12.99), Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural (USD $11.47), and Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes for Combination & Oily skin 10 towelettes (USD $2.80). I thought that the towelettes would come in handy when I am travelling.

There were three eBay orders that came today. The first one had three nail polishes - Nubar polish Black Polka Dot, Orly polish Gumdrop, OPI Minnie Mouse Nothin' Mousie 'bout it. I'm so excited to try these polishes out! I saw swatches of them on google images and they were all so pretty.

The second order consisted of my Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. Special shout out to ariom63, the seller of the balm stains. She has to be my favourite seller on eBay. A few days after I won the balm stains (listing was for Precious, Darling and Sweetheart), I received an eBay message from her apologising for an error that her friend had made (she was attending a funeral in her family). The error was that Precious was meant to be Smitten, as she didn't have any Precious Balm Stains. She said that to compensate, she would like to give me Smitten, as well as another balm stain. I was understanding but asked if I could get Cherish or something pinkish, and she replied "Thank you so much for understanding. I will make sure to send Cherish, almost sure I have an extra one. If not I will go out and purchase one for you! I will ship them out (LOT OF 4) tomorrow morning." Talk about awesome customer service! The next day, she sent me another message saying "I mailed off your 4 Lip Stains: I guess with everything going on right now, I got all confused there is such a color as PRECIOUS #50. lolol..however due to my error, I am still sending you the FREE one as promised. You are too kind for understanding, some people are not." I can't believe how some people are not pleased with getting more than they paid for. I'm also so happy that I received all the colours I wanted plus more! I'm so happy with her customer service that I wish I could buy more stuff for her... I probably will when this spending ban is over!

The third order was for 10 nail tapes (AUD $1.63). I was so inspired after seeing a picture on pinterest, that I HAD to get some. (Click here to follow me on pinterest).

I also received tweezerman tweezers from the 30 day giveaway that Shop Til You Drop was hosting. I love tweezerman! I own a pair of tweezers from them, and it's been great so far. It pulls up the stubbiest and finest of hair in the first go!

The last parcel that I received today was my Ozsale order for the Fashion Forward Footware event. I ordered a pair of silver flats (Melissa Campana Zig Zag) ($25.00), and a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Heart heels for ($35.00). Postage was $10.50, and I had a $15 voucher, bringing the total to $55.50. I've wanted a pair of Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart heels ever since my sister bought a pair. Hers were a baby blue with a red heart on each shoe, they were so cute but so expensive (yes, even on eBay... from memory, they go for about $100). Both shoes smell like bubblegum for some strange reason... I think it's the Vivienne Westwood signature smell, as I'm pretty sure my sister's Vivienne Westwood shoes had a similar scent too...

Anyway, that's the end of my haul. I'm still waiting for a couple more things. The one I'm impatiently waiting for is my benefit order. Mmm... benefit... 

11 July 2012

Giveaway #1 - CLOSED

I've decided to hold my first giveaway for a few reasons. One of which is to celebrate the fact that I'm FINALLY graduating from university! YAY!!! Another reason is that I've accumulated far too many cosmetics (with the intention to do a giveaway), although there are a few "GWP" items in my giveaway (I'm still in my "honest" phase... I have been giving people my honest opinions that sometimes I think I might get bashed for one day)...

This giveaway is only for Australian residents only, and all products are purchased by me (with the exception of the GWP, which were given to me for free with the purchase of a product....) and are new.

I've got a whole heap of lip products to give away, because I have recently been getting into lip products (I used to hate putting anything on my lips) thanks to YSL Glossy Stains and have since been purchasing a whole heap. I'm giving away 2 L'oreal HIP Jelly Balms in Savoury (420) and Luscious (720), Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart (070), Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss (10) - sample size, Calvin Klein lip gloss in radar.

The price pack also includes a Napoleon Perdis 12-color smoke signals eye shadow palette.

This is Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine nail polish & lipgloss, which I got as a GWP. The lipgloss looks a bit funny, as the colour has separated from the gloss (refer to picture below). I'm not sure if this is normal for NP lipglosses, as I don't own any. Feel free to throw it out if you win it and don't want it. The nail polish looks fine though!

This giveaway ends on 2 August 2012 at 11.59pm (AEST). The winner will be chosen randomly. If the winner does not get in contact with me within 24 hours after the giveaway winner has been announced, I will choose another winner.

I hold no responsibility for any allergic reactions that may be caused by the use of these products, so please refrain from suing me. Neither do I hold any responsibility if any of these products break in transit. I will make sure these products are packaged well, but if Australia Post decides to stomp on the box... Karma will get that person for me.

04 July 2012

Ramblings: Why I am going on a spending ban...

I was on beautyheaven.com.au browsing the forums, and decided to reply to a post titled "I hear the postie - What have you been waiting for?" It was after I finished typing all that I thought I have ordered that I truly realized the extent of my spending problems. My boyfriend has been nagging at me and telling me how much I'm spending... blahblahblah... But I didn't really think much of it, since he is quite tight with his money. (He knows what I spend because I'm an additional credit card holder - him being the main credit card holder, and he can see exactly where money is going - well, at least for international transactions because it gives really good exchange rates).

I know that I am a bargain hunter, and I cannot resist a good bargain, but I didn't think I was this bad! I'm actually quite nervous as I have not put figures to the orders I've typed out on beautyheaven.com.au.

These will be hopefully the last of what will bring me joy during the weekdays (at least for 2 months), when the postman visits in the mornings (for big parcels that don't need to be signed for) and arvos (smaller parcels or letters that may need to be signed for).
  • 21 June 2012
    • eBay: 5 x Shower Pouf/Puff/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it USD $4.42 = AUD $4.39
  • 23 June 2012
  • 25 June 2012
  • 26 June 2012 
  • 28 June 2012
    • ozsale.com.au: Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Heart Heels, Melissa Campana Zig Zag Flats (Silver) AUD $55.50
  • 29 June 2012
  • 30 June 2012
    • thehut.com: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Pink Blossom, 3-pack T-shirts, Jog pants £22.07 = AUD $33.87
    • ozsale.com.au: Havaianas slim (Grape - for mum), Havaianas Brasil (Black - for dad) AUD $23.50
  • 1 July 2012
    • thehut.com: Men's 2-pack Jumpers (for the bf), Neon pink Wellies, 2-pack hoodies (for mum) £34.03 = AUD $52.22
    • BellaBox: July edition AUD $15.00
  • 2 July 2012
    • iherb.com: Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes, Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush (Natural), Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush, Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless Core Collection (4 brushes + Case) USD $44.25 = AUD $43.21
    • eBay: 10 x Nail Tape AUD $1.63
    • eBay: OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Nothin' Mousie 'bout It, Nubar Polish Black Polka Dot, Orly Polish Gumdrop USD $25.40 = AUD $24.86
  • 3 July 2012
TOTAL: AUD $514.45

I have added the conversion rates of all that is out on the credit card statement, and will tally up when I get the figures. Crossed out items means that I've received them.

I am aware that I do not have a full time job, and cannot continue spending copious amounts of money on things I don't necessarily need. I am also aware that this is not ALL that I have spent online since 21 June 2012 (in an approximate 2 week period). Hmm.. maybe I should add the items that I have received since 21 June 2012... make that since 1 June 2012 (I'm hoping this will scare me enough to stop me from shopping for a few months). If you don't wish to be bored to death, please feel free to scroll down...
  • 1 June 2012
    • ozsale.com.au: 2 x Zara jeans (Returned, awaiting refund of AUD $40.00), Zara 3/4 pants AUD $19.00 (Had a $50 voucher)
  • 2 June 2012
    • Bellabox June edition AUD $15.00
    • eBay: 4 Pc hair styling foam thing AUD $2.43
  • 4 June 2012
    • cosmeticcorner.com.au: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour - Heather Pink, MAC Surf Baby Bound for Love Blushette, Maybelline Color Sensational Liquid Lip Color - Rose Glimmer, Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Cream Shadow Pencil - Cold as Ice AUD $20.00
    • eBay: Revlon Kissable Balm Stain - Charm & Honey, Revlon Lip Butter - Cotton Candy USD $30.79 = AUD $31.80
    • hqhair.com: NARS Blush Mata Hari, Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil - FBI, NARS Multi Protect SPF30 Primer (free gift) £29.39 = AUD $46.74
  • 5 June 2012
    • groupon.com.au: 3x $10 giftcards AUD $18.00
  • 6 June 2012 
    • theiconic.com.au: Lonsdale Kemble Jumper, Socks, Lonsdale Exeter 3/4 Pants AUD $57.85
  • 7 June 2012
    • eBay: Tool set (birthday present for the Mr) AUD $39.00
  • 8 June 2012
    • bonds.com.au: 2 x Hipster Mesh Bikini, Microfibre Hipster Bikini AUD $16.80
    • perfumeconnection.com.au: YSL Paris EDT 75ml AUD $56.45
  • 10 June 2012
    • thehut.com: 2-Pack T-shirt, 2-Pack hoodies £20.97 = AUD $32.96
  • 11 June 2012
  • 13 June 2012
    • allcosmeticswholesale: Too many items to name - Refer to blogpost here USD $135.44 = AUD $137.00
  • 14 June 2012
  • 15 June 2012
    • eBay: Plastic welder hot air gun (birthday present for the Mr - pretty sure he doesn't check this blog... he's seen it anyway...) AUD $71.00
    • 1skinsolution.com: Tinted lip butter - Guava Lemonade AUD $11.60
  • 19 June 2012
  • 20 June 2012
    • clinique.com.au: Chubby Stick - Woppin' Watermelon, 3-Step Introduction Kit Skin Type 3, Bonus gift set, 2 Samples (High lengths mascara deluxe, face scrub 15ml) AUD $84.00
    • theiconic.com.au: Sunflower earrings, metallic mesh tank, plain scarf, basic v-neck tee AUD $27.80 
  • 24 June 2012
  • 26 June 2012
    • bonds.com.au: Microfibre Hipster Bikini, Superscoop Tank Stripe (Coral Block Black Stripe), Superscoop Tank Stripe (Boldly Block Blue Black Stripe), Cottontops Singlet (Nightfall Nautical Petite Stripe) AUD $20.30
  • 27 June 2012
TOTAL: AUD $973.23

Holly crap! That's a crap load of money and stuff. That figure alone has convinced me to stop spending money for AT LEAST 2 months. I'll just have to keep coming back to this blog post to remind myself how out of control I have been. Also, I'll have to remind myself that I only have a casual job, and how else am I suppose to save up for a deposit for an apartment if I keep spending ALL my money? (The Mr told me that he wants me to get a place before he marries me because he wants me to take advantage of first home owner's grant... My budget is $200k home loan, which can buy me a shoebox where I am... I will have to sleep around my clothes, shoes and makeup, as there won't be space for a bed =( )

I will keep updating this post, as the credit card statement shows the later transactions and will tally up how much I've spent over a month and a bit. I'm scared =(

EDIT: Grand total spent since June 1 2012 is $1,487.68 ... O.M.G... Let's just say I can't wait till the taxman refunds me my taxes!

03 July 2012

NOTD: Rimmel Pop! & OPI Pros & Bronze

Recently, I seem to have collected quite a few nail polishes. I normally paint my toe nails with nail polish and have gelish on my fingernails for two main reasons. The first reason is nail polish seem to always chip so easily on my fingernails, regardless of the base coat and top coat I use or how I do my mani... I guess this is because I'm quite rough with my nails. The second reason is my nails are quite weak and I hate it when they break. I work in retail and I spend most of my time at work refilling shelves, so my nails used to break quite frequently until I started using gelish.

I got sick of my gelish nail colour, and I'm too lazy to soak them off and apply a new colour so I decided to paint my nails with some of the new polishes I have. I bought the OPI Serena Glam Slam set from adorebeauty.com.au, and it came with Love is a Racket (shimmering red), and Pros & Bronze (a glimmering golden-bronze), which I used in my NOTD. I also used a Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in Pop! that I received from the U by Kotex facebook "rescue the beaver" campaign. I used Orly Bonder for my base coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for my top coat.


I applied 3 coats of OPI Pros & Bronze on my ring finger. For the rest of my nails, I  applied 1 coat of Rimmel London Pop! and then 1 coat of OPI Pros & Bronze before sealing it off with a top coat.

I love how these two polishes go so well together. The Pros & Bronze polish is so unique. I don't think I have anything like it in my nail polish collection. I tried to take a macro shot of Pros & Bronze with my camera, but I think I need to invest in a better camera lense designed for macro shots. Pros & Bronze has got gold and bronze glitter with flecks of red and pink through it. I absolutely love it!

01 July 2012

Review: Be in Awe Gentle Cleanser

I received two satchets of Be in Awe Gentle Cleanser in my BellaBox (June) and have been meaning to write a review on it. 

Be in Awe claims that the Gentle Cleanser is "Gentle enough for daily use and around the eye area, the Gentle Cleanser will remove excess oil, make-up and pollution without leaving the skin tight and dry. Willowbark extract provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as calming irritated or sensitive skin conditions."

I found that I had to wash my face twice with my clarisonic in order to get all my makeup off. This resulted in my face being quite "raw" and red from using twice the recommended "dosage" of clarisonic in one go. I don't think I'd feel like I have a make-up free face if I didn't use my clarisonic (I may be addicted to it :-S).

Although my face was free of makeup, I came out of the shower with panda eyes. However, I wasn't really expecting it to remove my layers of waterproof mascara and eyeliner completely.

Therefore, I will probably not purchase this gentle cleanser as I feel like there are better cleansers out there (such as Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser - my favourite cleanser), and I would also much prefer using a makeup remover wipe before I wash my face, rather than going into the shower with a face full of makeup and using my clarisonic twice to attempt to remove it all.