20 July 2012

BellaBox - July 2012

Woohoo! I finally received my BellaBox today and I'm soooo impressed, and was pleasantly surprised despite me having read so many reviews/sneak peaks prior to receiving my box. July's edition has got so many great products, I'm slightly concerned that BellaBox might not be able to top the that next month.

This month's theme is Winter Beauty Buys and the items I received are:

1. The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter 2x8ml sachets (RRP: $29.95 for 200ml)
 I LOVE chocolate and I can't wait to try this out. I believe I squealed when I saw this... followed by sounds of "ooooooo!!!!". Unfortunately this is unfit for consumption... so I'm hoping it won't smell too yummy...

2. Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm - full size (RRP: $5.99 for 10g)
I've never tried Carmex before and am looking forward to trying this out, as I have lips as dry as the desert at the moment, thanks to the cold weather!

3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser - full size (RRP: $13.99 for 175g)
It's been a while since I used any Neutrogena products. I've never really re-purchased anything from them in the past few years, and have been quite loyal to Dermalogica. This came at a good time, as I'm out of my Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser, and I don't have any back up cleansers! However, I don't know how well this will go with my Clarisonic... only time will tell! (Will probably do a review, so watch this space!)

4. You, Me & Everybody Shady Lady Daily Face Milk - full size (RRP: $9.99 for 75ml)
I've never heard of this brand nor have I tried any "face milk" products. This has a SPF of 30+, which is great considering the size of the hole in the ozone layer above Australia. According to the BellaBox info card, this is meant to be used as a moisturizer for wear under makeup. I'm currently using Christian Dior DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield SPF 50++, and it's my favourite moisturizer/sun screen so far, as it smells great, non-greasy, and doesn't leave a white cast in photos. So the benchmark is set! Hopefully this would be a cheaper alternative (although the sun protection isn't as high :( )

5. Mode Glitter Nail Enamel 15ml - (RRP: $2.45 for 75ml)
Holy crap batman! 75ml for a full sized nail polish? THAT'S INSANE!!!! Maybe it's a typo on the bellabox info card?! I'm glad I received this nail polish though, as mentioned before, I've seen quite a few reviews on BellaBox July edition and everyone received Ulta3 in mulberry. This made me feel quite special and makes up for the me receiving my box after everyone else.

6. Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara - full size (RRP: $19.95)
I love mascaras... I don't actually know how many I've got... I'm guessing around 20+. I have not tried any Almay mascaras (actually, I don't think I've ever tried an Almay product before) so I'm looking forward to trying this after I finish using up all my opened ones. I'm a bit skeptical about the "get up & grow" marketing thing, as I've tried Rimmel's Lash Accelerator a while ago and it did diddly squat! I'm also glad that I received this mascara instead of an ELF brush, as I recently bought a whole crap load of ELF brushes when they had 30% off!

7. Bourjois Smoky Pencil, 72 Dark Purple - full size (RRP: $20.00)
I don't own a purple liner, so YAY! This is a 2 ended product, the pencil/liner bit on one end and a brush on the other. The brush is meant to be "ultra-soft" (quoted from BellaBox info card), but it's as stiff as a board... hmm maybe I need to wash it first or spray a bit of brush cleaner?

8. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub - 15ml
This is actually not on the info card, so I'm not sure if I got this as a bonus or maybe it's because there were too many products to list them all on the card. I love scrubs, but I'm quite picky with my scrubs. I like them gritty, as they indicate to me that they're working. Nevertheless, looking forward to trying out this product as well.

9. Givenchy Eau De Toilette 1ml for the MR. (RRP: $80.00 for 50ml)
The only cologne my MR wears is Polo Blue, not sure if he'll be open to trying this...

10. BellaBox Cosmetics bag
I quite like this small, mesh-type bag. Love the colour, and love how soft it feels... not that it is a quality I normally look for in a cosmetics bag. It'll be great for travelling, or having a small bag to put in my lip products and other smaller items.

As mentioned above, I'm SO impressed with BellaBox. On the other hand, starting to regret my annual subscription with Lust Have It (after all the kerfuffle on FB and the way they've handled themselves - customer service wise, and the whole not having tracking fiasco). Wish I had a BellaBox annual subscription instead :(

Anyway, thanks BellaBox for an AMAZING box this month! Looking forward to next month's box :)

What did you get in your BellaBox? Are you as happy with your products as I am?

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  1. Wow, you got so many amazing, full size products this month! I'm particularly impressed by the mascara and eyeliner. :) xx

    1. I know right! I'm always (well usually) impressed by anything makeup that I get in my box!

  2. yes like michelle, im pretty impressed by the eyeliner and mascara!
    and im pretty sure the mode nail polish is a typo lol
    the 15mls nail polish is around 250$ alone haha

    1. hahaha I have never seen a 75ml polish, so it's most likely a typo

  3. Wow your box is great, that Bourjois pencils looks lovely!

    1. Thank you! I hope I'll be able to soften the brush end a little bit though...

  4. Oooo lucky on the eyeliner and mascara! You got a few different things to my 'box' this month. It seems there were quite a few different versions of the box given out!

    1. Are you going to do a review on your box (couldn't find a post on your blog)? If so, can't wait to see what you received!

  5. Face milk... Never heard of that before!


    1. The term "face milk" reminds me of asian (e.g. japanese or korean) whitening skin care for some strange reason :-s