22 July 2012

NOTD: Possibly my best manicure ever!

So the last time I blogged about my NOTD, I had a nail tape manicure and that barely lasted 24 hours. This time, I decided to incorporate it into my gelish manicure, with the gelish top coat that must be cured under UV light. I'm hoping this will last longer.

I first prepped my nails (buff to get rid of shine, wipe nails clean with isopropyl alcohol, apply Gelish pH bond), applied a coat of gelish foundation, cure under LED UV lamp, apply three coats of Gelish Pink Smoothie (curing after each coat), and then Gelish top coat over the top.

I wiped all nails with isopropyl alcohol to remove the tacky layer, before using a buffer and buffering each nail lightly, so the nail surface is now matte instead of shiny. Then I stuck some black nail tape bought from eBay on my nails before applying Gelish Top Coat and curing under the UV lamp again.

I then stuck nail studs/bling on my nails using a brush on nail glue by glam nails and a pair of tweezers. The coloured round nail studs were part of last year's christmas present from the BF's mother. The star stud on my ring finger, and the love heart on my index were bought from eBay.

After the glue dried, and the nail studs were stuck, I applied a coat of Gelish topcoat and cured. I then buffed lightly again, applied another coat of Gelish topcoat and cured. I'm not taking any chances of the studs falling out, as I have spent quite a long time doing this manicure!

And Voila! The finished product! Although I'm thinking about applying another layer of top coat... Better to be safe than sorry, right? :P

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  1. They look great! I just ordered some nail tape from eBay so hopefully I'll be able to play around soon too!

    1. Thanks :) You'll have to show me what you come up with! :D I need more inspiration

  2. WOAH! They look amazing. So pretty!

  3. Replies
    1. Maaaaybe! :P I thought Josh didn't want you getting gelish done anymore?

  4. I've never tried nail studs/bling :P I should try it out one day, yours look so cute^^ X

  5. That looks awesome Abigail! You did a great job :)

  6. really love this look! So cute but still ladylike :)