01 July 2012

Review: Be in Awe Gentle Cleanser

I received two satchets of Be in Awe Gentle Cleanser in my BellaBox (June) and have been meaning to write a review on it. 

Be in Awe claims that the Gentle Cleanser is "Gentle enough for daily use and around the eye area, the Gentle Cleanser will remove excess oil, make-up and pollution without leaving the skin tight and dry. Willowbark extract provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as calming irritated or sensitive skin conditions."

I found that I had to wash my face twice with my clarisonic in order to get all my makeup off. This resulted in my face being quite "raw" and red from using twice the recommended "dosage" of clarisonic in one go. I don't think I'd feel like I have a make-up free face if I didn't use my clarisonic (I may be addicted to it :-S).

Although my face was free of makeup, I came out of the shower with panda eyes. However, I wasn't really expecting it to remove my layers of waterproof mascara and eyeliner completely.

Therefore, I will probably not purchase this gentle cleanser as I feel like there are better cleansers out there (such as Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser - my favourite cleanser), and I would also much prefer using a makeup remover wipe before I wash my face, rather than going into the shower with a face full of makeup and using my clarisonic twice to attempt to remove it all.

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