29 August 2012

What I got for my birthday

This is a long overdue post... but I have an excuse! I was waiting for my sister to give me the second part of my birthday present... and that didnt happen till last week.

The majority of the presents that I received were from my wishlist, which I sent to the bf, who then sent it to everyone else. I'm a strong believer of wishlists because if you provide one, the chances of getting something you actually want and would use is extremely high. Plus, you don't have to pretend that you love what you get.

Anyway, enough rambling... these are the things I received.

1. Nail polishes!
L-R: Tony Moly ND02; Tony Moly GS09; Essie Shine of the Times; Essie A Cut Above
I've been lusting over these polishes for a month or two before my birthday, and I'm so glad I received them for my birthday! All four of these polishes were from the BF. I have also received another nail polish (not pictured) from my sister - Essie Turquoise and Caicos. It's an amazing turquoisey colour that I wore on my toes when I went to Singapore.

2. Makeup
Makeup is ALWAYS on my wishlist! Please excuse the shoddy, blurry pictures.
L-R: Benefit Hervana Blush; Lancome Liner Plume (Noir); Kanebo Kate Art Dial Mascara with integrated dial comb
Both the blush and liner were from my friends, and the Kate mascara was from the BF. Loving the blush and liner. However, I'm finding it hard to use the mascara. To get product out, you have to twist the bottom, and mascara oozes from the centre of the brush. Therefore, when I apply the mascara to my lashes, a whole heap is concentrated in one area - i.e. not an even application. :-s

Dolce & Gabbana rose the one shimmer powder
This shimmer powder was from my sister, and was the second part of my birthday present that I was waiting for. I have not used this yet, but am looking forward to using it. It smells amazing!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (No. 21)
Have used this BB cream, and it's amazing! It gives a mediumish coverage, which I then brush some sheer design mineral powder foundation over the top to set it and give better coverage. It lasts all day! This was given to me by the BF.

3. Michael Kors MK5464 watch
I have been lusting over this watch for quite a few months, but it's a bit over my price range. This was given to me by my friends and the BF. I absolutely LOVE this watch, although it is a bit big - it covers the entire width of my wrist. I love the colour combination of this watch - white and rose gold. They go so well together. The only problem with this watch is that the white bit is actually rubbery. Therefore, it attracts dirt quite easily.

4. Cash!
Can't go wrong with giving someone cash! Mum and dad gave me quite a big sum of cash in Singapore dollars, as I'm going to Singapore with the BF in the 3rd week of September (and then onto Europe!!!). My brother also gave me some cash in AUD, which I have used buying random crap I probably don't need.

I'm so thankful for all the presents I received this year for my birthday, and I can't wait till my next one!


  1. Oh fabulous gifts! Your bf is awesome for spreading around your wishlist! I'm definitely doing that for my next birthday hehe!
    That watch is sooo luxe! I'm jealous as :P

    1. Thanks hun! Definitely use a wishlist... best thing ever! :P

  2. We are similar! I am dying for Essie's A Cut Above! And I have a similar Michael Kors watch, mine has diamontes around the border of the face and my band is clear and rose gold. He makes gorgeous watches! I lusted after one for awhile before getting it.

    I hope you had a good birthday! Great present haul! :)

    1. I agree. He does make amazing watches! So expensive, but so worth it. Even my granddad likes it :)

  3. That watch looks really awesome :) I really want to try out Hervana too!


    1. Thanks! You should definitely get Hervana. It's my fav blush. Been using it everyday for the past few weeks now!

  4. you're so lucky! I really want that Michael Kors watch. I guess I should say happy birthday :)


  5. I love that watch! You are so lucky, hope you had a lovely day!

  6. i always find a blog post about bb cream..maybe next time u can review ur BB cream....