14 September 2012

BellaBox - September 2012

I'm so happy to have received my BellaBox before I leave! To celebrate the coming of Spring, this month's theme is "Spring in Your Step". There were a total of 6 items in my box this month. These are the things that I received.

1. Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel - 10ml (RRP: $24.95 for 200ml)
This product claims to "cleanse and purify. Regulate sebum quality." I am semi-excited about this... mostly because it's such a pretty blue colour. I am unsure if I will be able to come to a solid conclusion with the sample size... Will give it ago later today when I wake up (if I remember).

2. Bioderma Sebium AKN Purifying Corrective Care - 5ml (RRP: $24.95 for 30ml)
A moisturizer which smooths and purifies the skin whilst helping to eliminate blemishes and blackheads. I am running out of my Christian Dior Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield spf 50+, so this came at a great time. I've been quite lucky, as I don't get many blemishes or blackheads. So I won't be able to test that bit out. But if this is any good (or horribly bad), expect a review!

3. You, Me & Everybody Sumptuous Skin Mousse - full size (RRP: $13.99 for 75ml)
You, Me & Everybody claims that this is a "Fragrance-free, non-greasy mousse". I wholeheartedly agree. I just used this product about 10 minutes ago, and it feels very moisturizing indeed! A little goes a long way, just like shaving foam. The only con about this product is that I like my moisturizers to be fragranced... and this one is fragrance-free...

4. Savoir Faire Concealer Sample Kit - Concealer 0.8g; Finishing Powder 0.2g (RRP: $35)
I love love love love getting cosmetics in my monthly beauty subscription boxes. I really like that this sample kit comes in a few shades so that you find out which shade is best for you. There are 4 concealer shades (top four) and 2 finishing powder shades (bottom two). The BellaBox info card also suggests that the darker shades can be used as contouring and sculpting and the lighter shades can be used for highlighting, which I think is a great idea! I also love that finishing powder is included to set the creamy concealer. I'm so excited to use this one!

5. USPA Beehold - 30ml (RRP: $32 for 150ml)
According to the Bellabox info card, this product is meant to "create body in fine hair, curl retention in wavy hair and provide thermal protection plus humidity resistance". I'm going to be honest and say that I threw the "USPA Wheatgrass Solar Energy Leave-in Serum" that I received in my August Bellabox in my luggage when I had to make the emergency family trip to Singapore a few weeks ago but then took it out and replaced it with "Tigi Rockaholic - Rock out shine blaster" from my August Lust Have It... big mistake! The Tigi Rockaholic leaked... Thank goodness I put it in a zip lock bag before throwing it into my "shower" bag. Unfortunately I have yet to use the Leave-in serum, but I will be taking both the leave-in serum and this style beehold with me on holidays in a few days.

6. Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - 3g (RRP: $32 for 14g)
This is another product that I loooove in my Bellabox. I absolutely LOVE benefit, and although I don't use eye creams, as I don't have noticeable eye bags (yet...), I am still excited to give this a go!

7. A $15 voucher for TheIconic.com.au

Overall, I do like this month's box. It's definitely not as impressive as the two previous ones but it's passable thanks to the Savoir Faire concealer and the benefit eye cream. I can't wait to see what I received in October (as usual) when I get back from holidays!

What did you get in your Bellabox? Which is your favourite product?

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  1. I'd be interested in your reviews of Bioderma. Anything that claims to clean and purify has my attention!

    1. Crap! forgot to take it with me to the bathroom... Didn't get much sleep, had about 4.5 hours. So screwed for work tonight. But yes, will try the foaming gel one tomorrow *puts in bathroom*

  2. I wish I got the Benefit Sample. I've heard great things about it. Maybe you can do a review on it :)

  3. Wow BellaBox seems to have the best products out of all the beauty boxes i've seen! So very tempted...


    1. Bellabox has been great the past 3 months. Only regret I have is subscribing annually to the LHI instead of Bellabox.

  4. What a great box!! I assume you live in Australia because this is a "spring" box lol. I'm really jealous we don't have Bella box in Canada!


    1. Thanks! :D

      Don't you guys have a similar beauty subscription box?

  5. Bella Box seems pretty great! I had low expectations to be honest but I'm really jealous you got a benefit product on your box! also the concealer sample kit seems pretty cool (great idea), and I also agree with you about the mousse I would feel better about it if it smelled great


    1. Have you got bellabox there?

      I love nice scented products! I'm glad I'm not the only one :P

  6. aww envy envy envy! savoir faire concealers AND benefit eye cream?? you're one lucky girl :) I got an Australis mascara and Guerlain makeup primer in place of them.
    Mandy x

    1. Your box looks amazing too :D Would love the Guerlain primer... can never have enough Guerlain products!

  7. Loving your box, however I got the other one! Not fussed as I also got the beautiful "whipped cream" lotion hehe!!

  8. Your box looks great! I'm still waiting on mine.

    1. I got mine! and yours looks way more amazing. I was in the second batch so it feels like we got the left over stuff as my box looks nothing like anyone else's I've seen.

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