06 September 2012

TAG - My Makeup History

I was tagged specifically by Candice from youreview to do this post on my makeup history. Thank you Candice!

I think the title of this post "My Makeup History" is quite self-explanatory, so I shall begin!

Answer the following questions and take a picture (or two) that relates to your answers. (My top picture shows white eyeliner, an answer to one of my questions).

1. How long have you been wearing makeup?
Since high school... so I would say about 6 years. Although during my high school days, it was just a bit of eyeliner and concealer.

2. What was your favourite makeup product in the beginning?
I absolutely loved my eyeliners!

3. What is your favourite makeup product now?
This one is a toughie! I love my foundations because they give me the even skintone I desperately want. I also love my contour powder because it gives an instant and painless nose job and cheek implants. I love my mascaras because they make my lashes look longer and fuller. Then there's blushes and brow gel... In other words, I love them all equally and I don't have a favourite (or you can look at it as they are ALL my favourite).

4. What were some of your favourite brands in the beginning?
Maybelline made some amazing eyeliners back in the day (they still do, but I now associate Maybelline to amazing mascaras).

5. What are some of your favourite brands now?
As time has passed, my taste for makeup has headed to the direction of higher end/designer brands. Some of my higher-end favourite brands include Lancome, YSL, MAC, Urban Decay, and Benefit. I do love drug-store-ish brands such as Maybelline, Essence, Revlon and L'oreal.

6. How would you describe your makeup 'style'?
Definitely natural... I get lazy with eyeshadow (also, I am a bit of a eyeshadow noob) and I still forget to put some lip colour on (especially when my lips look quite pigmented already). So the end result of my makeup routine is natural.

7. What is your everyday makeup like?

Foundation or bb cream with powder dusted over the top (to set the foundation, which is normally liquid and to make it a more matte finish), black eyeliner on lash line and white on water line, about 3 coats of mascara (I've got short and pretty sparse lashes, I need all the mascara I can get!), a bit of blush to add some colour to my cheeks, contoured nose (cheeks as well if I can be bothered... usually not), and a lip colour (when I remember).

8. What is your 'going out' makeup like?
Normally the as everyday makeup... If it's a special occasion, I may add eyeshadow.

9. What makeup look are you known for?
I guess my version of a "natural" look, as described in Q7.

10. What is the worst beauty crime you have committed?
I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've mentioned this on my blog... Keeping my mascaras for ages because I can't bear to throw them out when they've still got product in them and aren't clumpy! Same goes for liquid eyeliners...

11. What is the worst beauty crime you are proud to have not committed?
Sleeping with makeup on.

12. What is a trend you were part of but now aren't a fan of?
I don't think I have one :-s

13. What is one trend you are proud to say you were never part of?
I don't know if this was a trend but those stupid lip tattoos of flags and other images... WHY?!?!?!

14. What is one look you will never ever go for?
Two looks that come to mind - geisha look and oompa loompa look. Although I don't think most people would intentionally go for these looks... except geishas.

15. If you were brave enough to wear any look, what would you go for?
Bright red lips... But I'm pretty sure they don't suit me.

16. An old HG product of yours?
Lancome artliner in Noir! Amazing eyeliner that doesn't smudge or fade!

17. A current HG product of yours?
Revlon kissable balm stains (especially in Honey)

I tag specifically:
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P.S. I'm sorry for this extremely wordy post.
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  1. Oh haha I loved your answers - and laughed at them :P
    Naughty girl for sleeping your make-up though! And OMG yes those weird lip tattoos... I seriously don't get them! (Unless it's for a costume party.. but even then...)
    I'm posting mine of this tonight lol!

    1. Am I reading the question wrong? "What is the worst beauty crime you are proud to have not committed?" Isn't it a crime that I have not committed? :-s

      Can't wait to read yours tonight!!

  2. Haha loved this post XD i actually do the same with mascaras, i can't bear to bin them after 3months if they're still full. A makeup artist would probably have a heart attack knowing i have some that are a year old! Oh and oompa loompa look is also something i would NEVER wear XD


    1. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one... You have to think about the poor children in Africa... Not everyone can afford mascaras and we shouldn't waste :P

  3. I sleep with my makeup on all the time =x Very naughty indeed!

  4. Thanks for doing this tag, I loved reading it :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me. It was fun answering the questions :)

  5. Haha cute answers!! Thanks for the tag, I'll definitely do this some time!

    1. Thank you! :) Looking forward to reading it!

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  7. Thanks for tagging me, it was so much fun to read your answers! I used to sleep with my makeup on but I've been trying to avoid that lately lol


  8. Great post, I may do one of these too! I'd like you to check out my blog, keep in touch, B x


    1. Ooo! Let me know if you do, I'd love to read it!! :)

  9. Replies
    1. world's stupidest beauty invention.. especially the flag ones... people aren't that patriotic, are they? :-s

  10. Hi again abigail, just wanted to tell you that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Will u pls check out this link thanks http://makemeupmandy.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/liebster-award.html

    Mandy x

  11. I got one of those lip tattoos in my glossybox once and I don't even know what to do with it haha. Maybe use it at halloween as a joke? LOL