31 October 2012

Christmas Beauty Blogger Swap

Hi guys,

It's nearly that time of the year again! CHRISTMASSS! Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty is awesome enough to host a christmas beauty blogger swap.

I'll quickly summarise the rules below:
  1. You must have an active blog 
  2. You must follow Jasmine on GFC, Bloglovin' and/or Hello Cotton (links are on her blog).
  3. Make sure your country will accept shipping beauty products.
  4. After sending your partner's presents, make sure you keep proof of postage. 
  5. Send a copy of proof of postage to Jasmine.
  6. Items sent must be new and unused.
If you are interested (and eligible), please head over to Sweetaholic Beauty, re-read her blog post (in case I miss out on anything important) and comment with your name, email address, where you're from and if you have a preference on the country where your partner is from.

Also, please spread the word because if there isn't enough interest, it will not go ahead!

30 October 2012

September & October Empties

Since I haven't been around in September to blog about my empties for the month, I've decided to merge both September and October empties together. I haven't really used up much but I have left two or three nearly finished products in Singapore with my sister...

But first, I'll just go through the products I've used up.

1. Bioderma Sebium AKN Purifying Corrective Care - 5ml
I received this moisturizer in my Bellabox September box and thought it was the perfect size for my travels. I also brought along my trusty Christian Dior Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield spf 50+, as I knew it wouldn't last all 5 weeks that I have been away for. This moisturizer claims to "smooths and purifies the skin whilst helping to eliminate blemishes and blackheads". I actually develop a huge pimple on my chin (I seldom get pimples thanks to the pill), so I didn't really think this was at all great at eliminating blemishes. As for blackheads, I don't remember getting them whilst using this product. Would I repurchase? Probably not. I still am very much in love with my Diorsnow.

2. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
This tube of mattifier lasted me about 3 or 4 months. I think it did a fantastic job at keeping my makeup matte all day, although I have been using other mattifying products such as powders and primers. I applied this after my moisturizer, before a primer. I can't remember how much I paid for it but I remember it being quite pricey. So as to whether I would repurchase, most probably if I can afford it.

3. Lancome Hypnose Drama WP Black
 This has got to be one of my favouritest mascara ever. The only reason why I threw this out was because it was getting too clumpy, but it still did the job of volumising my lashes. Although it was clumpy, I still found it so hard to throw this out. So as a reward, I bought a whole heap of other mascaras to cheer myself up, as can be seen in my haul in the UK. Would I repurchase? Hells YEAH, despite the astronomical price tag (damn you Australian prices....)

4. L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder in 414 Creamy Natural
As you can see in the photo above that I did not use up all of the powder. I decided to throw it out because it was bulky and I was on a tight weight restriction of 15kg out of Paris (was near the end of my trip and I accumulated too much stuff) and into UK. This powder did the job ok but was nothing really special. I thought the packaging was a bit on the crap side. The brush was scratchy and I couldn't for the life of me use it to apply the powder evenly. I also didn't like how the mirror was at the back of the powder. How are you meant to use the mirror without getting any loose powder all over the place? I probably wouldn't repurchase as there are too many powders out there on the market that I'm keen to try out.

5. Appelles Bath & Body Body Booster Skin Lotion in Wild Berry
Got this in my Lust Have It August box. If you read my LHI review, I mentioned that I loved the smell of this lotion and I did till the very last drop. However moisturizing capability wasn't as great as the Avene Cold Cream Body Lotion, which I have used when I got winter itches during the colder months. As a result, I don't think I will be repurchasing, as I would rather put my money for lotions towards ones that actually moisturize.

6. Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shampoo (50ml) & Conditioner (30ml)
Pulled a dodgy and stole borrowed this image from my Lust Have It July post. These sample sized items from beauty subscription boxes really came in handy for my travels to Europe and Singapore. I didn't think much about this Matrix Biolage range. It didn't do anything for me that made me think "Wow! I need to get more of this!", and as such I wouldn't repurchase.

7. Kao Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Makeup Remover Sheets
Image Source: Kao Singapore
I purchased this in Singapore when I was there for a family emergency trip in August. The only con about this product is that it is a bit bulky for travelling. Other than that, I love love love these makeup remover sheets. They removed my waterproof mascara so efficiently - all I had to do was hold the sheet to my eyelashes (eyes shut obviously) for about 5 seconds and Viola! All gone! The sheets were also really moist and were the perfect size for my face (I normally have to cut makeup remover sheets from other brands in half, so I don't waste them).  Would definitely repurchase... In fact, I've already bought 2 refill packs.

8. Benefit Porefessional - 7.5ml
Another dodgy picture I stole borrowed from another post - Bellabox June. If you're a regular reader, then you'd know my thoughts on Benefit's Porefessional. If you aren't, then I'll quickly sum it up... It's ok. I would use it if someone gave it to me, but there are so many other primers out there that I would love to try and so I would not repurchase... yet... It does the job, but for some strange reason I'm not completely in love... Hmm maybe it's the packaging. I think I might like it more if it was a pump bottle... I hate screwing lids on after use (I'm such a lazy person :P)

9. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner
Image Source: Body Shop USA
Purchased this from a The Body Shop outlet in Singapore. This is supposedly meant to hydrate and detangle hair except it really didn't do much for me. Sure it detangled... until your hair's dry... It wasn't hydrating at all and smelt foul. Even the bf hated it. He said it gave him a headache, but since it was the only conditioner that I had in Europe (before I found Aussie in UK), we had to suck it up and finish using it. I was so glad that we finished it that I threw it out before remembering to take a photo. Would I repurchase? Hell no.

10. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel (Travel Size)
Image Source: Bath & Body Works
 I forgot to take a photo of this before I threw the bottle out. I bought this from Singapore Changi Airport duty free. I absolutely love this shower gel! It smelt great, and left me smelling amazing after my shower. Would definitely repurchase.

11. Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Shower Gel (Travel Size)
Image Source: Bath & Body Works
This is one of the products that I nearly finished but left it with my sister in Singapore. I didn't want to waste it by throwing it out because this shower gel smells reeeeally good too. So good, that the bf even liked it! I also purchased this at Singapore Changi Airport duty free, and would repurchase!

12. Matrix Total Results Moisture Shampoo
Image Source: Matrix Australia
This is another product that I left with my sister. I had a bit left that I didn't want to waste. I purchased this from Hairhouse Warehouse a couple of months ago. It is a decent shampoo that made my scalp and hair feel clean after a wash. I would probably repurchase once I finish my stash of shampoos.

I think that's all the products I've used up in September and October. What about you? Have you found a HG that I must know about? 

27 October 2012

Lust Have It - October 2012

Received my Lust Have It october box yesterday just before I had two wisdom teeth out. It was great for taking my mind of the whole ordeal... More on that later...

This month's theme is "Stop&Pink" to help fight breast cancer with the Cancer Council's Pink Ribbon campaign... similar to Bellabox's theme!

The majority of the products were packed into a pink "ribbon" bag (that's what Lust Have It has called it on their info card), which is a shame because I liked their normal cosmetics bag.

These were the items that were in the bag. Quite a few items, none were make up :(

1. Mask in a cup - full size (RRP: $9.95 for 35g)
This was the first item that caught my eye... I don't usually get cups in my beauty subscription boxes... All you have to do is peel the lid, add water, mix it with a spatula (included in the cup), slather it all over your face and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and a facecloth. An interesting concept that is convenient, as you don't have to find a mixing bowl to mix the contents in. The only cons about this product is that it is for dehydrated skin... which I think is most suited for a winter box, and it doesn't really suit the whole "Stop&Pink" theme.

2. Star&Rose White Bath Fizzer (RRP: $4.95 for 145g)
I'm going to assume that this is a full-size product, as it feels quite heavy. From the subtle smell that I can take a whiff off without ripping the plastic packaging, it smells quite lovely. It's a shame I don't take baths... I will probably end up throwing this in one of my clothing drawers, as a clothes freshener (or whatever you call it).

3. NYX Cosmetics Girls Nail Polish in Deep Space - full size (RRP: $4.95 for 12ml)
I have tried NYX products before, and the quality is amazing for the price tag. However, I haven't tried their nail polish before, so I'm happy to get this. Deep Space is a black polish with pink and purple glitter. I have only swatched a coat on my already manicured nail. It is not streaky and it's fast drying, which is great. To build up the black, more than one coat is needed, as the first coat comes out as grey.

4. Avene Cleanance Skin (RRP: from $24.95)
L-R: Cream-gel; Anti-shine regulating lotion; Soapless cleanser
I received a cream-gel (5ml), emulsion anti-shine regulating lotion (5ml) and a soapless cleanser (25ml). It's always nice to receive Avene products, as it's quite an expensive brand to purchase (at least it is in Australia), and the Avene products I've tried so far have been a hit.

Cream-gel (RRP: $22.95 for 40ml): According to the box, the cream gel is for oily, blemish-prone skin (that has my name written all over it!). It has a peeling effect, and should be applied once a day to perfectly dry skin. I think this is the perfect opportunity to try this, considering how I'm stuck at home waiting for my gums to heal after the removal of that stubborn wisdom teeth that has been sawed in a few pieces... So I don't have to worry if my skin over peels, and it looks like I've been sunburnt bad!

Anti-shine regulating lotion (RRP: $22.95 for 40ml): The anti-shine regulating-lotion is for oily, blemish-prone sensitive skin. Although my skin is not sensitive, I appreciate anything that is for oily skin. The box says "The combined action of Cucurbita extracts and Vitamin B6 regulates the sebum secretion. Exclusive absorbing capsules are ensuring a matt finish and a long lasting hold of the make-up. Apply morning and/or night after cleansing with Cleanance soapless gel cleanser." This sounds great, except the only downfall that I can state already is that it has no SPF :( But I'm still excited to test this out... I hope I don't like it, as I can't afford to buy a full-size....yet...

Soapless Cleanser (RRP: $26.95 for 200ml): For oily, blemish-prone skin. Excellent! This bottle has no useful information what-so-ever besides "Hypoallergenic - Non Cosmedogenic", "Avoid contact with eyes" (duh...), "free sample, not for individual sale". So, I had to resort to my best friend, google. According to the Avene website, the benefits of this soapless cleanser are:
  • Purifies the skin without drying
  • Helps regulate sebum secretion
  • Can be used under non irritant anti-acne drug treatments
  • Paraben and soap free
  • Economical: very little product required 
Sounds great to me, now hopefully the product lives up to the claims.

5. Caron Waxaway Ready To Use Sensitive Wax Strips (RRP: from $9.95 for face/body 20pk)
To be honest, I'm not a wax kind of girl. I'm too scared I might rip a layer of my skin out. I opened the pack anyway to see what was in it. It came with 2 wax strips, and an after care wipe. I don't think I'd ever use these, and I'm not even sure if this is giveaway material, so I'm not sure what to do with it. If you're a waxy person, you might like to know that this product is NOT water-soluble, so you can't use water to remove any wax residue.

6. Coupons
I received a harvest box 50% off coupon (pay only $3.97). Each box contains a mix of nuts, fruit, seeds, and crackers.

I also received an adorn mineral cosmetics "Customer Appreciation $15 Gift Card" to spend at the Adorn website. I still have not really formed an opinion on this "gift card" considering the cost of the products and the fact that you have to spend $45 to get free shipping. But it's always nice to have the choice of picking a makeup product that you actually like.

Overall, this month's box was average, if not slightly below average. Half the stuff I would not use, and the other half I really like and would definitely use. However, like always, I'm excited for next month's box. It's something I look forward to at the end of the month...

25 October 2012

Stimulating the European & Singaporean Economy

I'm going to start this post off with a disclaimer. I am not writing this post to brag, but more to inform you about brands that I've discovered overseas that I think/heard are AMAZING! It would be nearly impossible to list ALL the things I have bought in Europe and Singapore (ok so maybe not impossible, but it'll take a really long time). I have however tried to take photos of what I have splurged on makeup/hair care/skin care wise. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much I paid for everything, and will state the prices if I remember them.

1. Aussie - Miracle Moist Conditioner, 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment, Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner
I find it so ironic that I cannot find Aussie products anywhere in Australia. I've heard about this brand through reviews (mostly on Makeupalley), and a whole lot of reviews rave about this brand. So when I was on the tube in London and saw an ad for Aussie, I was like "OMG I NEED TO FIND THIS!" I found it at Boots (for all you Aussies out there, Boots would be like the equivalent of Priceline), and it was going for buy 2 get 1 free! I've tried the Leave-in conditioner, and it was AMAZING. Before I chopped a whole heap of hair off in Singapore, I used it on my badly chemically damaged bleached hair ends after a shower, and it felt so amazing when it dried. Usually when I wake up the next morning, it'd be horribly frizzy and tangled, but after using this, I woke up to smooth, slight-tangled hair. I regret not buying backups... luggage was full :(

2. Bumble and bumble - Bb Alojoba conditioner
I bought this from T.K. Maxx, but I can't remember which country/city I bought it from. I went to a few T.K. Maxx over in Europe. This is the first Bumble & bumble product I've tried. I too have heard a lot about Bumble & bumble on Makeupalley, as well as other blog reviews, and when I saw this at T.K. Maxx I couldn't resist! I think I paid about £12.99 for it.

L-R: Soap & Glory Mascara; Kiko Foundation; Kiko Mascara; No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation; No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream; Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer; Kiko Summer Wipes

3. Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast Mascara, Kick Ass Concealer
Soap & Glory is a brand I've heard off but I've never really read many reviews on it. However, I was curious to try it out and have bought a couple of items. I have not tried these products out yet, as I'm still trying to finish using all (or most) of my opened mascaras and concealers. I got these from boots in London, and it was on promotion - buy 2, get 1 free.

4. Kiko Make Up Milano - Foundation, Ultra Tech Mascara, Summer Wipes
This brand I never heard of before my purchase. I was drawn to a Kiko shop in Florence, Italy because it looked so professional. It looked like a MAC shop... wish I wasn't so mesmerized by all that makeup and took some photos. I bought the mascara from the Florence shop. I just remembered that I bought two other mascaras... except I don't know where they've gone now :-s I also purchased a few nail polishes from the Florence shop (photo further down), as they were on sale and I can't pass up a good bargain. The foundation and summer wipes were purchased at their outlet shop just outside of Milan. Even though I don't need foundations, I couldn't pass it up as it was on special.

5. No 7 - Stay Perfect Foundation, Beautiful Skin Day Cream
Yet another foundation purchased that I don't need... But No 7 is a brand that I've learnt about through my sister, Priscilla, who brought back some from the UK where she was staying for 8 years or so. I've inherited her No 7 eye makeup remover, which is amazing. I especially love the packaging - it comes in a pump bottle thing. I wanted to stock up on more eye makeup remover, but the packaging it comes in now kind of sucks. It is just a regular bottle, which you have to pour out (well, thats what it looked like). I bought this foundation at one of the airports. I don't know why I bought it.. perhaps it was their buy 2 get 1 free offer? 

The day cream I purchased was because I was afraid that I would run out of my travel size Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield moisturizer, as it was towards the end of my trip. So I purchased it, but never ended up using. This too was buy 2 get 1 free.

6. No 7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base

Another No 7 product! I got this at Boots (in fact, I purchased quite a lot from there) at buy 2 get 1 free. I was running out of my travel/sample size Benefit Porefessional primer, so I decided to get this base. I have used it and think it's an amazing product. I have used it in Singapore, where my skin usually turns shiny by the afternoon due to the weather. It really does stop shine, because I only have to blot my face in the evening, which by then I usually take my makeup off for a shower.

7. Mascaras!
L-R: Collection Cosmetics UK Skylash Mascara; No 7 Lash Adapt; No 7 Extreme Length Waterproof; No 7 Extreme Length Waterproof; MUA Every Lash Mascara
I just realised how all-over-the-place I am with this post. Sorry!! I had cosmetics and nail polish in all three luggage wrapped up in clothing, unpacked in two separate houses.... which is probably where my other Kiko mascaras are.

Out of the 4 different mascaras in the photo above, I've only tried the No 7 Extreme Length Waterproof mascara, and I absolutely love it (which is why I purchased a spare). I have short eyelashes, and this mascara lengthens like crazy! Amazing stuff!

8. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
My sister works for duty free, and gets 25% off. So when I went to Singapore, I got her to take me to the DFS Galleria Scottswalk to go shopping. I purchased the Shu Uemura limited edition duo set eyelash curler in gold for approx SGD$55 (before the 25% discount). On the way back home to Sydney, I stopped by duty free at Singapore airport, and found that I got ripped! They were going for about SGD$38, and the silver Shu Uemura eyelash curler in silver was going for SGD$17.90. It was approx SGD$3x at DFS Galleria, so of course I had to buy one...

9. Blushes!
L-R: The Body Shop Blush in Macaroon; MUA blush in Shade 2
I bought the Body Shop blush from Singapore and have used it throughout my trip in Europe. Absolutely love this blush! It's quite pigmented and the colour is peachy, which is different to the blushes that I currently own. As for the MUA blush, I purchased this in London (or was it Glasgow?). I have yet to try it, but I have high hopes!

10. MAC Brush Cleanser
Bought two bottles of MAC brush cleanser from the duty free at Singapore airport. I have a bottle of the Estee Lauder brush cleanser, and it works a treat. I read many reviews that the MAC and Estee Lauder brush cleanser are the same. Only differences are that the MAC one says MAC on the bottle and the Estee Lauder one says Estee Lauder, and the Estee Lauder one has a spray, whereas the MAC one doesn't. I paid about SGD$15 per bottle!

11. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
YAYAYAYAY!! I finally own a Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Bought this on a plane for £30... cheaper than beautybay and hqhair! Haven't used it yet though... I kind of don't want to because of it's price tag...

12. Lipsticks!
Just when I thought I was getting slightly better with my lipstick binge buying sprees....
L-R: MAC Creme Cup; MAC Plink!; MAC Pure Zen
Love all my MAC lipstick purchases. Got two from DFS Galleria and one from the airport. Can't remember the price differences, but I think they were similar. They are all nude-ish shades that are similar to my natural lip shade.

L-R: Soap & Glory in The Missing Pink; MUA in Shade 16 Nectar
Really happy about the soap & glory lipstick. Amazing colour, it looks like my lip colour but better, and it's not drying either. I'm slightly disappointed with the MUA lipstick in comparison because the colour doesn't really suit me :(

13. Nail stuff!
Everytime I go overseas, I seem to come back with polishes... Especially ones that I can't get in shops here in Australia.
L-R: Barry M mint green; Barry M Chameleon pink; Barry M Croc Effects in Black; Gelish in Pink Smoothie; Gelish in you're so sweet you're giving me a toothache
Obviously HAD to get Barry M polishes when I was in London... The Croc effects polish looks really nice. It's a nice change from the crackle effect. The Gelish soak-off gel polishes I got from Singapore. They look like similar colours but I really like Pink Smoothie, so I purchased a back up. I figured since I like Pink Smoothie so much, I'll probably like You're so sweet you're giving me a toothache too. They were 2 for SGD$48.

L-R: Nails Inc London Kensington Caviar Top Coat & Base Coat; OPI Cuckoo for this colour; OPI; MUA Nail Constellation Beads in Leo
I've stupidly left some of my polishes at the bf's and have no idea what some of the names of the polishes are. So I will update when I go back! Anyway, I bought the Nails Inc London from my fav store, boots. The OPIs are from T.K. Maxx. They came in a set of 4 (the other two are in the picture below) but I can't remember what I paid for them :-s The MUA constellation beads were from Superdrug in London.

L-R: Models Own Purple Grey; Models Own Hot Stuff; OPI The Color To Watch; OPI Just A Little Rosti At This
Models Own polishes were from boots and the two OPIs were part of the 4 pack mentioned above (from T.K. Maxx).

L-R: Kiko 372; Kiko 389; Kiko 375; Barry M Prickly Pear
Kiko Make Up Milano polishes were purchased from Kiko in Florence... I don't remember the price but it was a bargain! The Barry M polishes was purchased from Boots!

That's the end of my shopping spree for makeup. There are a few more items that I have forgotten haven't take photos off, but this post is getting too long. The bulk of my expenditure has been both on makeup and clothes. However, it's a bit too hard to take photos of the clothes I've bought... I've bought a fair few. Most of which are jumpers and jackets, perfect for the summery Sydney weather... Not.

I also purchased my first prada bag! Got it from the outlet centre just outside of Milan. The bf wanted me to buy the "genuine" ones stuffed with newspapers that some guys were selling in throughout Italy for 35 a bag... Pffft... What a rip.. Maybe for €3.50, I might consider.
 I paid €345 (I think) for it, which I think is a steal. I went to Singapore and saw this bag at a shop. It was going for approx SGD$1,700, which equates to €1,260 (according to xe).

Anyway, that's my shopping spree in a post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my splurges. If you're from the UK and would like some Australian cosmetics, please let me know, as I'm interested in a blog swap sometime in the near future... when I'm not in debt.

Giveaway #2 winner!

I have finally managed to go through all the entries to make sure that they are all valid, and so have been able to pick a winner (randomly chosen by rafflecopter).

Congrats Charmaine! I have already sent you an email. Please respond within 24 hours to claim your prize or I will have to pick another winner.

Thank you all for your patience and for participating in my giveaway. I wish I could give something to everyone, but I can't due to financial constraints.

23 October 2012

Lust Have It - September

After opening the BellaBox October box when I got home, I was disappointed with Lust Have It's September box/bag. This is what I received:

1. Mirenesse Eclipse Age Defence SPF 15 Daily Face & Neck Mineral Balm in Clear (RRP: $69 for 18g)

The reasons why this does not interest me are:
  • It's another anti-ageing product... If you have read my Bellabox October review, you'd know that I'm not interested in anti-ageing products, especially if they're costly.
  • I've not had much luck with Mirenesse. I have tried both their skincare and makeup and nothing have impressed me yet, especially their ridiculous P&H fees for free trial products.
  • The coupon that came with the mineral balm is for redemption on Mirenesse facebook's page. However, it's only for the first 1000 people. I'm pretty sure I got this a little too late for redemption. I just thought it was annoying to include a voucher in every box if not everyone can redeem it. 

2. Say It With Scent Frangipani Hand & Body Lotion - 30ml (RRP: 200ml for $26.80)
Not a big fan of frangipani scents. So this one is another miss for me. :( 

3. Dermalogica PreCleanse 15ml (RRP: $65.50 for 150ml)
Yay! Finally a brand that I love! I have been using Dermalogica for a few years now and I absolutely love it. However, I have not tried PreCleanse and am looking forward to using it. It is meant to remove layers of oils, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, environmental pollutants and residual skin products that have been built up during the course of the day.

4. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 30ml (RRP: $51 for 250ml)
Another Dermalogica product! I use this multi-active toner everyday, twice a day after washing my face. I like how it's a spray on product, therefore a cotton pad is not needed. This will be great for future travels.

5. Davroe Hair Wellness Ultimatum Hairspray 50ml (RRP: $19.95 for 200ml)
I've tried Davroe products before and it's also another brand that I'm not too impressed by. Although this is a non-aerosol hairspray, making it ideal for travelling, I do not use hairsprays. So this product does not interest me at all.

6. Free Dermalogica Facial Treatment
Only valid when you spend $50 or more on Dermalogica product in the same transaction. I don't think I'll be using this voucher anytime soon as I am reeeeally tight on money after my splurge in Europe and Singapore, and I have quite a lot of dermalogica products to use up. 

Overall, I'm not impressed in September's products. However, I do like the silver LHI bag, and Dermalogica products. Other than that, it's a miss for me.

BellaBox - October 2012

Just got back from my 5-6 weeks holiday today... I wish I was still on holiday, although I do love coming back to a whole heap of parcels and letters. BellaBox was the first parcel I opened. My first impression when I opened the box was "Wow!". In fact, I even said it out loud! 

It was FULL of products... Products that I would actually use too! This month's theme is "Pretty in Pink Party" to celebrate BellaBox's first birthday, as well as to support several worthy causes and charities (they have donated $1 from each October box to the Look Good... Feel Better Foundation).

1. Nak Care 4 Ends Leave In Moisturiser - full size (RRP: $13.95 for 200ml)
I absolutely love trying out hair products that are designed to moisturise hair ends because mine are pretty fried from the chemicals I've been exposing my hair too... However, I got a haircut yesterday whilst in Singapore. I chopped off quite a lot of hair. My hair used to reach my waist and they now reach my armpits. On the bright side, my hair does feel a lot healthier. This product will not go to waste, as my hair is still damaged and I do get tangles quite easily (which I'm assuming is due to it being bleached a couple of times).

2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour in 150 Petal Pusher - full size (RRP: $13.95 for 9.17ml)
I love polishes and I love Sally Hansen! I am also a sucker for nude pink nail polish. I am already sold on BellaBox <3 =)

3. Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Sheer Pink Tint - full size (RRP: $8.99 for 2g)
I love tinted lip products (especially now that I'm lip product crazy). This also came at the right time, as after being on the plane for hours (no thanks to Australia's geographic location) my lips are really dry.

4. DKNY Fresh Blossom EAU De Parfum - 1.5ml (RRP: $135 for 200ml)
This perfume is perfect for spring. It has quite a floral scent and it smells like apple blossom (which one would expect from the name). I have used up quite a few perfume samples during my trip, and I am happy to receive another to replenish my stock.

5. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer - 7ml (RRP: $74 for 30ml or $102 for 50ml)
According to the Bellabox info card, this is an exfoliating serum to help promote cell maturation, turnover and removal without causing the slightest irritation to your skin. Exfoliating serum is an interesting concept because when someone says exfoliating, I think scrubs, and I don't normally associate exfoliants to no irritation. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

6. Prestige Cosmetics Skin Nude Foundation in Shade 02 - 6ml (RRP: $24.99 for 25ml)
YES! Another makeup product... and it's a foundation! I use foundation almost everyday, and so have a "few" foundations in my stash. I love trying out new foundations and have never tried a Prestige one before. The shade looks a tad dark for my skin, but I'm sure I'll be able to make it work (or I might wait till the summer sun kicks in and I get a bit darker).

7. Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Instant Action Life Treatment - 5ml (RRP: $100 for 30ml)
This is the only product that I'm not excited for. This is meant to lift and firm your skin by boosting collagen production and elastin retention in the skin (according to Bellabox info card). I'm in my early 20s and do not require any lifting or firming for my skin. You may say, it's never too early to start anti-ageing products, but at $100 for 30ml I don't think it's worth it, especially if it is not designed to target skin problems that I have (uneven skintone, large pores, etc)

8. Chocolatier Pink Heart
Gave this to the bf. A treat for taking me to Europe and Singapore for 5+ weeks. :P

Overall, another great box! I'm so happy with BellaBox and I can't wait for the next one. :D