24 November 2012

Clothing haul for the week

So as promised, here's my clothing haul for the week! All of these were bought online. I can't actually remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing from a shop front (besides Europe).

Starting off with Bras N Things... They had a 50% off swimwear promotion, and free shipping for orders over $50. The swimmers I bought were actually featured in the email I got notifying me of their specials. I fell in love with it immediately, and had to get it. Although I did "sit on it" for about half a day before deciding to bite the bullet and shell out $35 for it.
It's still on special, so you can click here to steal the deal! It was the thought of frolicking on the beach in Maldives that made me want to buy this swimmers... By the way, I think we're about 95% sure we're going to Maldives in March (if you're new to my blog, I blogged about my Maldives or US dilemma here). Thank you for commenting on whether I should go to Maldives or US. I think everyone were for Maldives!

Anyway, about this swimmers.... It's a playboy brand. I don't normally like going for playboy brands because I associate it with Hugh Hefner and then I shiver and get massively turned off. But I fell in love with these swimmers before I even knew it was playboy branded.

To take advantage of the free delivery, I decided to put a bra in my cart. I chose the "Shontelle" Water Push Up Bra, which was going for $20 (just checked, and it is still $20 but sizes are extremely limited).
This bra has some serious padding, which is great because unfortunately I wasn't very blessed in that department. I've ordered from Bras N Things online multiple times and shipping is always extremely fast. The only con about Bras N Things is that I can't update my rewards card, although I can always take the receipt into a store and get points put on my rewards card (but talk about massive effort)...

The next purchase was from eBay. One of my favouritestest shorts from Lonsdale, which I had for a few years now, had a stain which would not come off. So I went on eBay to see what I could pick up to replace it (Mike, if you're reading this... see?! It's justifiable!), as Lonsdale apparels are so ridiculously expensive. My sister, Pris, who used to live in England told me that only chavs (equivalent of bogans here) wear Lonsdale, and they're cheap as chips... except I didn't see ANY Lonsdale stores when I was there.

I picked this pair of shorts up for $19.50 delivered. It was brand new with tags - RRP: $49.95. Talk about bargain hunting! The seller actually vacuum sealed these shorts and put them in a big envelope. I thought that was an odd/unique way of packaging clothes... wish I took a picture (damn my eagerness for prezzies in the mail!)

I also purchased a top from an Ozsale sale for $12 delivered. It's from Abercrombie & Fitch (one of my favourite brands).
When I saw it, I thought it was such an elegant/casual/pretty top that will be great for the hot summery days to come. If you would like to become an Ozsale member (it's free), click here! I do get a $10 Ozsale voucher when you make your first purchase.

The next purchase was from Mossimo during the clickfrenzy sale day. From memory (my memory is rather poor, so don't quote me on it), they had 40% off storewide with free delivery, no minimum spend. I thought this was a pretty good deal, and purchase a top for $14.97.
 It's meant to be a sleepwear top... does it look like one? Would you wear it out?

Last but not least, I purchased a dress from Roxy, which set me back $34.99 (free delivery). I purchased a size 6 because that's my usual size... and OMG it was so tight around the waist but oh-so-pretty. Although I managed to button up all the buttons, I felt too uncomfortable and decided that had to return it via post to get the next size up. The fit of the size 8 is much, much better.
I absolutely love the pastel colours in this dress, and I can't wait to wear it!

I hope you enjoyed my clothing haul! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. That dress is amazing!! Perfect for summer :)

  2. I love that Roxy dress, Abigail. So pretty. Also, thanks for adding my giveaway picture to your sidebar and goodluck! xx

  3. I love your Swimmers, Bra and the Abercrombie & Fitch top Abigail...but really, they're all great buys! I'm on a spending ban at the moment so am living vicariously through seeing others hauls :)