21 November 2012

Lust Have It - November 2012

I have finally gotten my hands on lust have it's November edition! Yay! From the info card, it looks like this month's the last month that we'll be getting make-up bags. I hope their "new range of collectible packaging" will be as useful as these make-up bags. I've been using them to store unopened make-up - e.g. putting new mascaras in one bag, powders in another, etc.

This month's "theme" is summer-ready and party-gorgeous. I am still undecided on whether or not the products given suit this month's theme. You be the judge, and let me know in the comments what you think! :)

1. Lomasi cucumber aloe body creme 30ml (RRP: $22.95 for 236ml)
This body creme smells amazing! I actually quite like cucumber scented products, they kind of remind me of cherries for some strange reason. I think this product would've been handy in winter, as I get reeeeeally dry skin in winter, not so much summer.

2. Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil - full size (RRP: $23.95 for 50ml)
I'm pretty sure this is full size. This product is a bit of a dud for me, as I've already got one from a previous box (I'm not sure which one), and I didn't find it all that moisturizing. Anyone want to trade?

3. ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara - full size (RRP: $28)
Like their lipglosses, this mascara has a mirror on the side! Handy dandy! It is a new release which is great, as I love trying out new things that I can't afford (In case you don't know, I'm so broke after not having worked for two months and splurging non-existent money on Sephora & Clarisonic goodies). LHI gets a brownie point for this! :)

4. Star&Rose Hologram Tweezer - full size (RRP: $9.95)
This tweezer has holographic flowers on it, and I can stare at it all day going "OOooooo... sparkley". But the truth is, I'm a bit of a tweezer snob. Ever since I owned a pair of tweezerman tweezers, I haven't found one that works better (or even as well), but I will definitely keep this aside just in case I lose my tweezerman (which happens quite often...).

5. Face Of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes - full size (RRP: $4.95 for 25 wipes)
I have these wipes in my cupboard! I haven't used it yet though :( I got them on special at Big W when they had one of their $3 of FoA products, so I ended up paying $1.95 for it! BARGAIN! Anyway, you can never have enough cleansing wipes... Although how it'll help you get party-gorgeous, I have no idea... Why would you want to remove your makeup before going to a party in the summer months? :-s

LHI has also included a buy-one-get-one-free pass to see Liberal Arts, which is nice. I haven't been to the movies in ages, because I'm tight like that. I can't justify paying >$10 to see a movie, when I can put that money towards makeup...

Overall, this month's is a bit of a hit and miss as well. Although, I think LHI has improved since the last few months of dud boxes. Looking forward to what they have got installed next month... CHRISTMASSSS!!! I love Christmas... mmm... presents...


  1. Not too shabby, compared to their recent misses.. at least there were a few hits this time! I can't wait to get mine now!
    The Tweezers are a nice touch, that's something you can keep for ages or even give to someone as a gift because they're cute and not boring looking :D

    1. Very true! definitely an improvement this month :)

      I'll probably keep the tweezers for myself lol

  2. Why is the theme has "summer ready" in it when its fall :/ and yeah, true, products don't match the theme! but cute tweezers and nice mascara!! :) x


  3. Would of loved to receive the Argan Oil!! I got the Thermaprotect Heat Spray xo

  4. This is better box than I have seen in the past from Lust Have it :) I am still not tempted to subscribe yet though!

  5. It looks like Lust have it are improving but I'm still happy that I unsubscribed from them months ago.

    The cucumber cream looks interesting though :) I'm imagining that it smells like the Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser :)

  6. It's not as horrible as the past few months but not amazing... I hate the vouchers they give us I just chuck them haha.


  7. I'm excited to receive my pack in the mail. Looking forward to try out the mascara and tweezers.

  8. Aw I didn't get a buy one get one free pass! =(

  9. I got the same Setangler from the Feb box.

    Check out my blog post.

  10. I have two of those Argan oils so I'm glad I didn't get this box. I love the look of the cucumber moisturiser though.