04 November 2012

Singapore & Europe - Part 1

Hello my lovelies,

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some non-beauty related pictures of my trip to Singapore and Europe back in September-October. This post is going to be quite photo heavy, and I will probably have to split my entire trip into two or three posts.

I went to Singapore first for about a week for the F1. My sister's bf was a marshal and was given two tickets. He asked my bf whether he'd like to go, and he was all for it and decided to drag me along. So I'm looking through the camera photos, trying to find some semi-interesting pictures that I can post on here, and they're mostly of blurry photos of cars going by our stand.... and a few pictures of me looking quite bored...

In this picture, I'm looking extremely bored, hot and uncomfortable... I then find entertainment on my phone and am content... and then I get bothered by a certain someone wanting a photo of me so he can post it on facebook.

At least we had pretty amazing views...
Marina Bay Sands during day light
Marina Bay Sands at night
And by amazing, I mean AMAZING... see that lighted up thing smack bang in the middle of the picture? That's a massive LV store! :D

Anyway, the rest of the photos are all of blurry fast cars. Unfortunately we couldn't get photos of any crashes because the cars would crash around the bend just past our stand. :(

Fast forward to Europe! First stop is Venice (well, the first stop is technically London - we transited). I loooove Venice. I've always wanted to go to Venice ever since I learnt about it when I was little... and then I wanted to go even more after seeing "The Italian Job". It's such an amazingly beautiful city. The photos taken do not do any justice to the beauty of this magnificent city.

The first day was all about exploring part of the city near to our hotel. We walked around aimlessly for an hour or two and tried not to get too lost.
The first shot of Venice on the camera... Ahh the water... And no, it does not smell.

Grand Canal - View from my hotel room! Isn't is just absolutely gorgeous?!
Another photo of the grand canal, taken from one of their gazillion bridges.

We had a walking tour and a gondola ride planned for the second day. The meeting point was at St. Mark's Square. It was about a 30 minute walk or a 10 minute vaporetto (waterbus) ride away. Because it seemed so crowded when we were exploring the day before, we decided to walk it. We set off really early (I think we left 5 hours or so before our walking tour was meant to start) just in case we got seriously lost, as well as to explore a little. Fortunately, we didn't get too lost and found St. Mark's Square within the hour. The following photos are taken in and around St Mark's Square.

Church of St Mark - so much detail and full of culture!
Me off to the side of the church
We had LOADS of time, so we went exploring... We ended up at the back of St Mark's, where the dock was.
St Mark's Square flooded at around noon... Was so hard to walk around as it was extremely crowded and I didn't really want to get my shoes wet.
We then decided to join the queue to get into the Church of St Marks. It was quite breathtaking!
Another photo of Church of St Marks. We weren't allowed to take photos... so these were two sneaky shots.
When we had enough of St Marks, we went for a little walk to find somewhere to sit. We finally found somewhere, and witnessed something really funny. A water taxi was trying to get through a tiny water lane full of gondolas. He could barely fit under the bridge and had to keep pushing the gondolas away to get through. I think it took him about 20 minutes just to get past this area.

Salvatore Ferragamo... I told you it was an amazing city!
Our walking tour finally began... One of the photos we took was of this tower. We were told that this tower leans because of the way it was built and the land it was built on!
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo - a famous small palace in Venice known for it's spiral staircase... It looked haunted to me though.
After the tour, we had our gondola ride, which we had to line up for ages (it wasn't organised very well). One of the photos we took on the gondola.
Unfortunately, we had to share so it wasn't all that romantic... 

The next day, we trained it to Florence. The train ride was quite pleasant and short-ish (took a few hours). Unfortunately, I didn't really think much of Florence, especially after coming from amazing Venice. These were the only photos taken of Florence, when we explored a little after we dropped our luggage off...

Unfortunately, we had no idea what we were taking photos off as we did not have a guide. It's a church of some sort.
I know that tall building on the right is their bell tower :)
Can you spot me? :P
I then got lured into a shop called Kiko MakeUp Milano, where I splurged on a whole heap of makeup (blogged about it here). The shop looked like a MAC store... It was so organized, and looked so professional and pretty, and it made me want to buy one of everything! Anyway, that is the reason why there aren't anymore pictures of Florence, because after that we decided to find a place to eat and then retired to our hotel room, so we can have a good rest before our tour of Pisa the next day!

The first picture taken when we got to Pisa. Both my bf and I had no idea there were other buildings there too. (see below)
The Baptistry of St John, with part of our guides head down the bottom. She was saying that only half of the roof was tiled with marbles because they run out of cash... LOL
The Cathedral where amazing things have happened. Apparently, Galileo hadn't been listening to the priest and was staring at the swinging of the chandelier/light hanging from the ceiling at the front of the church. He then formulated a theory about the movement of a pendulum from that observation.
I'm not sure if you can see this but there's a freaking skeleton in that coffin!!! This was inside the cathedral.
Gold plated ceiling of the cathedral... talk about grand!
Pulpit made by Giovanni Pisano. He didn't sign his name, instead he crafted himself in the pulpit!
View of the cathedral when you first walk in. The cathedral is also tilted, but it's not as obvious as the leaning tower because the cathedral is so large and "balanced".
Oh look! It's me... with a sticker on my shirt!
Oh look it's me again!

That was the end of my Pisa trip. After taking a few shots of the leaning tower, the bf and I sat down on the lawn behind the Bapistry. I was quite shocked (and disgusted) to see quite a number of teens making out on "holy ground", rolling around on the grass totally oblivious to the world! There were kids playing soccer as well, which I don't think was allowed, as the security person came around and told them off after about 30 minutes.

Our next destination was Milan. No sightseeing there, just shopping. LOADS of it. I was really looking forward to shopping at this "outlet" called Il Salvagente. My sister wanted me to buy a Prada wallet, which was the reason for the trip to Il Salvagente... but it was seriously soooo disappointing. The place reminded me of Vinnies/Salvation Army. It just had racks and racks of clothes and shoes that were placed like Vinnies (There's really no better description than that). There was no prada wallets nor bags nor anything worth looking at.

We walked to and from Il Salvagente. It was about a 20-30 minute walk, and nowhere along the walk were any luxurious shops... SHOCKING! So I had to go back to the hotel, and search for a new shopping destination. I found Serravalle outlet, which was situated just outside of Milan! OUTSIDE of MILAN (just in case you missed the bold and underline)!! We had to catch a bus there and back (it was a touristy bus). It cost about €30 for the two of us and was about a 1-2 hour bus ride but it was soooo worth it. That place was seriously amazeballs (not as amazeballs as American outlets... you CANNOT beat American outlets... it really puts our aussie DFOs to shame). They had quite a selection of brands from luxurious brands such as Prada to sport brands such as Nike. This was the place where I adopted my first Prada bag... Here's a photo of it in case you missed it in my haul post.

So worth all €345 I spent on this baby!

Anyway, I'm going to abruptly end this post here, as it's getting late and I'm getting tired. Plus this post is getting way too long, and I'm only about half way through. Pluuuuss! That's about it for Milan. Remember kiddies, if you're going to Milan for shops, GO TO SERRAVALLE! You may thank me later, after you break your bank...


  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I look forward to part 2.

    I love the Prada bag!

  2. Super jealous of your trip! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos :) I can't wait to go to Europe one day :)

    1. Should definitely stop by Venice if you go to Europe :)

  3. Oh wow! Could Venice be any more beautiful? And that church! Just wow :D

    1. I know right! All I could say when I saw it was "wow..." I was speechless!

  4. I just found your blog! Really nice pictures of you trip! And gotta love that bag!!! :)

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