14 December 2012

4me VS Bloom Nail Polish Remover Pads

I've been wanting to do a comparison of the 4me Nail Polish Remover Pads and the Bloom Nail Polish Remover Pads ever since I received the 4me ones in November's BellaBox, but I haven't had time until now. I was kept up all night with a rather irritated eye. It felt like an eyelash was stuck in my eye but when I got up to check, I couldn't find anything. However, at around 7am the pain went away but I was too tired to go to work after having disrupted sleep, so I pulled a sickie. As a result, I now have time to write this review! :)

L-R: 4me; Bloom
Bloom = $7.20 - not sure how many pads were in there but it was only filled halfway. I'm going to guess there were about 30 pads as well. (bloomcosmetics.com)
4me = $3.49 for 30 pads (BellaBox.com.au)

Manufactured in:
Bloom: China
4me: Korea

Both are in white, round, plastic containers, with screw top lids. In terms of portability, 4me wins because it's more compact.

  • Bloom - Quickly and gently remove nail polish. Non acetone formula, no spills, no mess, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
  • 4me - Convenient pads that quickly remove polish, while conditioning nails and cuticles in one. Acetone and Alcohol free.

My opinion:
  • Bloom - I used this first and wasn't all that impressed with it when trying to remove glitter polish. It took a lot of scrubbing even after soaking for a minute or two to get it off. I wasn't a big fan of the smell of this either, as it reminded me of tea tree oil - this is due to the "orange" ingredient in the formula. However, this is pretty efficient in removing non-glitter polish.
  • 4me - When I first took a pad out, I thought this was going to suck because it felt so dry in comparison to Bloom, which felt very moist. I was pleasantly surprised when one pad took off about 4 nails worth of polish! It does leave a slightly oily residue behind, which I guess is meant to condition your nails and cuticles (part of their claim). This wasn't very good at removing glitter either but smells more pleasant than Bloom.
  • Verdict: Out of the two nail remover pads, I would pick 4me simply because it's cheaper, more compact, and smells better than Bloom.

Have you tried any nail polish remover pads? Which is your favourite? 


  1. I like the 4me ones too :) I ordered two more packets from bellabox. I have also tried the ones from sportsgirl, sadly they suck :(

    1. Noted! Will be avoiding sportsgirl ones... I actually can't remember the last time I've been at sportsgirl :-/

  2. Everyone seems to like the 4me ones :) I have a stack of Australis ones that I've heard suck so I'm breaking out the 4me ones for the next time that I paint my nails. Is that how the bloom one looks like when it's new? It looks so so empty! They could really save money by reducing the size of the packaging...

    1. I've used quite a bit of the Bloom one. When it was new, it was about half-filled, which was quite disappointing... like pringles....

  3. First time i see something like this!! Like it :)