24 December 2012

"A Christmas Story" Tag

Erinn from Enhance Your Natural Beauty For Less created a Christmas tag based on the movie called "A Christmas Story" that I thought would be fun to do. I actually don't think I've seen that movie but anyway these are the questions and my answers.
Our 80cm rotating multi-coloured fibre optical Christmas tree - sorry about the blurry pic... it kept rotating!!

1. What is your favourite Christmas tradition now or when you were growing up?
My sister and her husband came over to have dinner with us to celebrate my brother's birthday on Friday and we were talking about how we (tried to) stayed up till midnight Christmas day so that we can open presents. However I think it started off with mum and dad only allowing us to open one present just so they could get us to go to bed. But as we grew older, we could stay up late and open presents at midnight. My parents have decided to break the tradition of opening presents during Christmas this year by leaving abandoning us to go up the coast with my aunt and uncle. :(

2. What does your Christmas dinner consist of?
Normally it consists of a ham, salad and maybe a BBQ depending on who is coming and whether or not mum feels like cooking (we have a BBQ if she wants dad to cook). This year, I'm thinking McDonalds... Maybe a double cheeseburger meal?

3. What is your favourite way to relax during the holidays?
My favourite way to relax is to shop but since the shops are closed do absolutely nothing. I love to just sit around and repaint my just painted nails whilst watching tv/movies.

4. Do you prefer homemade gifts or bought gifts?
I don't mind either. Although all of the things on my wishlist have to be bought...

5. What is your favourite winter lip product?
Not winter here but I absolutely love Fresh lip treatments. I imagine that it'll be great for winter because it's so moisturizing!

6. What is Christmas morning like at your house?
Usually we'd get ready for church, come back about an hour later and mum will be yelling for us to tidy up before guests come and she'd be rushing around trying to get Christmas dinner/lunch ready.

7. What is your all-time favourite Christmas movie?
I don't have a favourite Christmas movie :(

8. What does your Christmas list consist of?
A house, iPhone 5, a new macbook pro, a car and a crap load of cosmetics... I'm so materialistic...

9. What is your Christmas Eve traditions?
As explained in Q1, we used to stay up late so that we can open presents when the clock strikes 12! My Christmas eve this year will be spent working... Yay... (that was sarcasm btw).

10. What is your favourite "Christmasy" drink?
Hmm... I don't have a favourite "Christmasy" drink. I have been enjoying my Schweppes raspberry though.
Bottle of yummy goodness

I tag everyone! Please link me your tag if you decide to do it, as I'd love to read all your answers! :) Merry Christmas everyone (and if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a safe and relaxing holiday)!!!


  1. We don't celebrate any holidays as my parents are too lazy but I always get my brothers presents anyway :)

    I've got the same wishlist as you! Although I'm getting my iPhone 5 delivered next week :)

    1. Omg I'm so jealous! You'll have to let me know what you think of it! :)

      Merry Christmas x

    2. Merry Christmas :)

      Will do! I'm super biased though as I'm an Apple fan. I work with them day in day out so I have to be :P

  2. Glad you did the tag! It sucks that your Christmas isn't the same this year with your parents gone :( but I hope you have a great Christmas anyways! Oh and it sucks that you have to work on Christmas Eve, especially in retail!