13 December 2012

BellaBox - December 2012

I just received the last BellaBox of the year, and I must say it is very impressive. I think BellaBox has done extremely well this year, and I can't wait to see what they have got installed for next year.

The contents of Bellabox December 2012

1. Savoir Faire Limited Edition Kit in "C'est Le Ton Qui Fait La Musique" - Winter (RRP: $110)
Being the biggest thing in the box, it was the first thing that caught my eye... and I was kind of looking out for it since BellaBox hinted there was going to be something big in this month's box on Facebook. This has to be the most expensive full size product that Australia has ever seen in a beauty subscription box. It is such an amazing Christmas present. Thank you so much BellaBox!

It contains 6 eyeshadow shades, a blush, an eyeliner, a mascara, and a lipgloss.

I did a swatch of everything except the eyeliner and macara.

Please excuse the scratch on my arm that I got from work (Work is EVIL!).

Being an eyeshadow newbie, these colours scare the crap out of me. So, I'm really thankful that there are "look" cards included in this kit... There are six looks altogether on three cards (I just realized that there was another card and am too lazy to retake this photo) and even directions at the bottom of the cards

2. Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna - 2 x 0.4ml  (RRP: $79 for 100ml)
Would have much preferred if this was in a spray tubey thing, as being a klutz I can see this ending up all over the place. Also, this looks like you'll have to use up one blister in one use. Sucks to be you if you don't like the smell. :-\

The BellaBox info card describes the smell of this perfume as "Top notes of plump, delicious fruits give way to middle notes that hint at the island life Rihanna hails from. Violet, tuberose, Hawaiian Hibiscus flower and coconut water usher in the base notes of vanilla, amber and musk leaving those who smell the scent intoxicated". Sounds like my type of perfume, we shall see....

3. Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream in Ocean Mist - 5ml (RRP: $32.95 for 175ml)
This hand cream is quite moisturizing and I think the name of the scent is spot on... it smells like a typical ocean-y scent. I'm not sure if I like it.

On another note, is it me or is this cream quite expensive? :-s I don't normally buy hand creams, but the RRP looks expensive to me.

* About 5 minutes after application, I've decided I don't like this scent... Can't really pinpoint a finger on what about this scent I don't like, but I'll see if my mother would like it!

4. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme - 30ml (RRP: $16.99 for 113g)
I swear I have this somewhere... I can't find it though! From memory, I didn't think much of this because if I did, I would have gone out and bought a full size version. Although in John Frieda's defense, it's meant for frizzy hair and my hair's more damaged and dry more than it is frizzy (if that makes any sense). So it didn't do much for my hair except made it smell nice. :)

5. Anumi Miracle Recovery - 5ml (RRP: $65 for 30ml)
According to the Bellabox info card, this is an overnight treatment that "provides serious restorative benefits to skin with a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and improves skin's elasticity... Works a treat mixed in with your regular moisturizer too, if you have oily skin." For some strange reason, I'm quite excited to use this, as I don't normally care for products which claim to "improve skin's elasticity". I'm more of a help-me-get-rid-of-these-stupid-acne-scars kind of person...

6. Zipette x 3 (RRP: $5.95 for 3)

A nifty idea for stupid zips which keep falling! All you have to do is clip the zipette onto the zipper head, pull the zip up from the base and put over the pants button. Button your pants last onto the button, so the Zipette stays behind and not visible.

Overall, really impressed with BellaBox this whole year. I think they could have sent me nothing but the Savoir Faire kit and I'd still be impressed. Well done BellaBox!

What did you get in your BellaBox?


  1. I cannot wait until I get my BellaBox! The Savoir Palette looks gorgeous! :D x

  2. I was very tempted to get this box too because of the 'expensive item' they promoted - but being very conservative with my eyeshadow colours, its probably best I didnt as while it looks great, I would be too scared to use those colours too!

    1. Yeah without the Savoir Faire kit, the box would have been a dud. So if you're not going to use the colours, you would be better of not getting the box. BUT it's sooo worth it :P

  3. I'm addicted to neutral toned eye shadows so I never buy any out of my comfort zone so I think its great bellabox is giving us this make up kit I can experiment with all these fun colours over the holidays :) can't wait for mine to arrive

    1. Very true! Should really start using eyeshadows in my makeup routine... but I'm so lazy!

  4. Omg LOL the zipette looks like exactly what I need hahaha!

    1. Hahaha do you have many zips that don't like staying up?

  5. I'm a bit disappointed with the way the perfume samples came... I can tell it's going to get messy! I'm so happy with the palette. I got winter too and it'll be interesting to play around with the colour as I don't own many coloured shadows.

  6. I got the exact same box as you! I'm also disappointed in the way that the perfume samples are packaged.. it really puts me off using it as I know that I'll probably spill most of it all over myself.

    I'm getting sample fatigue again and I was going to cancel Bellabox but then... I realised that I love finding new things like the Zipette's :P

  7. wowww what a nice box *O*
    I wonder how much it costs for every month?