07 December 2012

My Current Favourites: Brushes

I'm starting a new series of blog posts on my current favourites. I thought about doing a monthly favourites but decided against it because my favourites usually stay favourites (and most used), and I don't tend have new favourites very often. I guess we can associate my favourites as holy grails (HG) or as close to HG as we can get... for now.

Today, I will be sharing my most favourite brushes. I don't use many brushes, as I like using my fingers for liquid/cream foundations and I don't use eyeshadows or lip brushes.

L-R: Prestige #109 Powder, Furless Large Powder Brush, Furless Red Tipped Kabuki Brush, Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush, Furless Must Have Brow/Lash Groomer, MAC 263, ILoveThisBox Angled Brush, NYX B29

I have eight brushes that I love to death that I will be sharing with you about!

The first few brushes are used for powder foundations (both loose and compact). I love a matte finish because I can get quite oily, and on my face, I associate the shiny/dewy look with oiliness...

T-B: Furless Large Powder Brush, Prestige #109 Powder, Furless Red Tipped Kabuki Brush
I bought the two Furless brushes at the same time, as I was desperately trying to find a replacement for my Prestige #109 Powder brush. The Prestige brush was given to me by my sister quite a few years ago. I'm not sure where she bought it from (England, I'm guessing, as she was there for years and she gave it to me when she decided to move to Sydney and was bunking in my room) but it quickly become my favourite powder brush. It's really soft and fluffy and picked up enough powder to give me a flawless, matte finish. I've tried quite a few powder brushes and could not find one that was soft and fluffy, but yet dense enough like this magnificent Prestige brush.... until I made a Furless order.

L-R: Furless Red Tipped Kabuki Brush, Prestige #109 Powder

Out of the two furless powder brushes I bought, I prefer the Red Tipped Kabuki. I was quite hesitant to buy this kabuki brush, as I have been associating kabuki brushes with the crap ones that used to come with the Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundations. I obviously did not think much of the kabuki brush that came with the foundation, and have avoided kabuki brushes altogether in my hunt for the next perfect powder brush. Kudos to my sister for suggesting to buy a kabuki brush, as I asked her what her favourite powder brush is.

L-R: Furless Large Powder Brush, Prestige #109 Powder
The reason why the Large Powder brush came second was because the Kabuki is more dense. Both brushes are extremely soft, and have gone through daily cleaning, which involves spraying some brush cleaner (Estee Lauder Make Up Brush Cleaner) and wiping the bristles on a clean tissue paper to get any traces of makeup off. The brushes have also gone through my fortnightly brush shampooing. Both Furless brushes have passed with flying colours. There were no shedding or discolouration. The Prestige brush, on the other hand, have been leaving a dye-like mark on the tissue after it's been through a brush shampoo lately, which is quite disappointing but thankfully I have found my new HG powder brush!

My next favouritest brush is an angled blush brush by Everyday Minerals.

I purchased this brush from iherb for USD$12.99 (excluding shipping) about 5 months ago, and I absolutely love it. I have a coupon here (which I will repeat again at the bottom of this post) "CEW675" that will save you $10 off your first iherb order of $40 or more, and $5 if you spend less than $40.

I love that this brush is so soft and dense. It picks up enough blush, and distributes/blends so evenly on my cheeks. I also love that it's angled, as I feel that all bristles are touching my face at equal pressure (if that makes any sense), and as a result have enabled an even application of blush.

Although I think the next two brushes are for eyeshadow applications, I use them for contouring purposes.

T-B: NYX B29, ILoveThisBox angled brush
I just wanted to quickly note before I forget that the ILoveThisBox brush was from a monthly subscription beauty box (ILoveThisBox), which has terminated its services quite a few months ago, and you probably won't be able get your hands on one.

I use the ILoveThisBox brush to contour my nose. I have quite a flat nose, and contouring is the answer to my immediate/less painful/less expensive solution to a nose job. The brush is the perfect size for my nose, and it (like all my favourite brushes) is soft! I haven't found a brush that does an equally or better job than this one!

The NYX B29 Shadow/Smokie-Fat brush is used to blend the contour powder, so it looks more natural. This brush is extremely dense and does an absolutely fantastic job in blending out harsh lines. Highly recommend it! I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I'm 99% sure I bought it from cherryculture.com

The next brush that I absolutely love is my Furless Brow/Eyelash Groomer. I'm going to call it a eyelash comb because that's exactly what I use this brush for - to brush out mascara clumps.

I never thought I'd have a favourite eyelash comb because I thought they were all the same. I used to use the ones with the plastic comb teeth, and they would always break on me after a few months use (which is expected... regular wear and tear). I then found out about eyelash combs with metal teeth when I was watching a youtube video about a beauty guru using it, and so I went on eBay to see if I can get my hands on one but only found really expensive ones. Being a tight arse, I decided to stick with my plastic ones, and at that time, I was using a plastic one that has lasted longer than the others and so I thought that the extra cash for a metal one wasn't worth it.

.... Until I discovered furless had one. I purchased this bad boy with the two powder brushes mentioned above (link here). I absolutely love this eyelash comb because it is great at removing mascara clumps (I tend to apply at least 3 coast of mascara, which may sometimes lead to clumping) and it has lasted me 5 months and counting! Definitely look into metal teeth lash combs if you have the same problem as me with stupid plastic teeth breaking.

The last brush I would like to share is a MAC small angled brush in 263.
It is a flat shaped brush, and is AMAZING for gel/powder eyeliner application. I had this for a few years now, and it has been my favourite eyeliner brush ever since I got it! If memory serves me right, I think my sister gave this to me too.

It's my perfect eyeliner brush because it creates a perfect thin line (with a good gel or powder eyeliner), which is what I go for as I believe it is easier to thicken the line, then to thin it out. I would highly recommend this brush if you're looking for a good eyeliner brush!

What are your favourite brushes? I'm currently looking for a good eyebrow brush, have you got one to recommend?

iHerb coupon: CEW675 

Please note that I do get rewards when you use the iHerb coupon, and make a purchase through the furless link provided. If you do not wish to use the affiliate link, then click here. All brushes were purchased by me unless stated otherwise.


  1. I've never tried Furless before, but the brushes sound great! I'll have to put it on my wishlist :)

    1. They have the most softest bristles everrrr. Should definitely get some!

  2. I like how you have a variety of different brands! :)
    Those Furless brushes look amazing! So fluffy :O

    1. Thanks! They are bloody amazing.. fluffy and soft!

  3. I have had my eye on the furless brand, glad to know that you've enjoyed their brushes!

    1. Should definitely get some, you won't regret it! :)

  4. Those brushes look great! I haven't heard of the brand of a few of those before! I love love love my MAC 168 Blush brush! Works fabulously with liquid foundation too!

    1. I had to google image MAC 168 lol I think angled blush brushes are the best!

  5. Hello there Pretty! :)
    Those brushes looks so great! I want them :) Btw, love your blog theme :)

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    Much Love!

    1. Thank you! I can't participate because it's not an international giveaway.