09 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

I thought I'd do a collective "What the postman brought me today" for the week because I haven't gotten many exciting stuff (with the exception of Kay's amazing Christmas presents to me for the blog swap - read here) and I haven't had much time to blog, as I've been busy crazy at work and trying to finish my studies.

1. Order from beautybay.
I bought the Urban Decay De Slick Make Up Setting Spray XL (177ml) for ~ AU$28.54, Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation in Nirvana for ~ AUD$26.07. I also paid for the premier service (~ AUD$2.31) and received a L'Anza Healing Haircare Heding Smooth Straightening Balm.

You may be wondering what the Premier Service is. Well, according to the beautybay website, "BeautyBay.com Premier is a new optional service that gives you even better value. Priced at £1.50, it offers faster dispatch of your order from the BeautyBay.com warehouse. You'll also receive FREE deluxe samples with your order - these will vary each day and represent the best of brands from BeautyBay.com a great surprise in every order"

Unfortunately, I don't think I was offered a faster dispatch. I thought they took the same time, if not longer to dispatch this order that I made. But I guess for $2.31, you can't really go wrong, especially if you're getting a free deluxe sample.

Urban Decay Cream to Powder Foundation
I thought that the UD Cream to Powder Foundation packaging was beautiful. It is a bit bulky and on the heavier side though.

I have not tried using it yet, as I'm currently trying to finish all my foundations that are partially used. But I'm quite excited to use this, as I've never tried a cream-to-powder foundation!

It also comes with a brush, which feels surprisingly soft!

UD De Slick XL
I've been using a travel sized UD All Nighter MakeUp Setting Spray, and I love it. I also bought the full size and am leaving that at the bf's. So when BeautyBay had a sale, I decided to give this De Slick one a go. I haven't tried it out yet though, as I want to finish up the travel sized All Nighter first.

L'Anza Smoother Straight Balm

This is the free deluxe sample I received from purchasing the premier service. Haven't tried this out yet but I don't think this was made for me. I don't have curls or waves in my hair (unless I've had my hair up for ages and I let it down...). I've also been working nights, and been asleep for most of the day, so I haven't had to deal with much humid weather and frizz. But I think my night shifts will be no more shortly, so this might come in handy to combat the frizz that come with the humid summer weather!

2. Order from Harlow & Co, purchased during their black friday sales.
L-R: Nubar Silver Spark, Barry M Pink Iridescent, KB Shimmer We Three Bling
I purchased three polishes. The Nubar and KB Shimmer polishes were USD$9 each, and the Barry M polish was USD$7. Shipping was free! Haven't had the chance to swatch or incorporate any of these colours in my NOTD yet.

3. Order from Mei Mei's Signatures.
L-R: All That Glitters Hole Hearted, All That Glitters Ruler of My Heart, ALl That Glitters Space Rock
These polishes were SGD$12 each, and shipping was SGD$7.50. I've currently got on my nails Ruler Of My Heart. NOTD will be up soon. There is a sneak peek of my NOTD in one of the pictures further down!

4. Order from MUA, placed when they had their 35% off with free shipping.
L-R: Extreme Felt Liner Black, Mascara Waterproof Black, Gel Eyeliner in Underground, Every lash mascara, Lipstick shade 5, Lipstick shade 4, Lipstick shade 14, Lipstick shade 15, Out There Plumping Lipgloss in Buff
This entire order set me back £9.75 with a saving of £5.25. BARGAIN! I've only tried the Gel Eyeliner in Underground, and so far I'm impressed. It will probably appear in one of my current favourites posts.

5. Blog sale - Miranda's Makeup and More
L-R: Tarte Park Ave Princess Mineral Bronzer, Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush, UD Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder, MAC Lustre Lovelorn
Picked all of these up for USD$35 delivered. They're all used though but all have loads of product left.

L-R: MAC Lustre Lovelorn, Tarte Park Ave Princess Mineral Bronzer, Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush
I've been really into Tarte products lately, especially their blushes! I've been using the Peaceful blush during my long hours at work and they've lasted all night (>10 hours!).

*NOTD sneak peek alert! 
MAC Lustre Lovelorn
 I love this MAC lipstick shade! It applies beautifully and looks gorgeous. Swatches further down.

6. Order from ACW
L-R: Smashbox Smashing Shine, MAC unknown
I purchased the Smashbox Lip Treatment Smashing Shine for USD$6.99 (less 20%), and the MAC lipstick for USD$9.99 (less 20%). I'm unsure of the shade name of this MAC lippie because the label has been removed (hence the cheap price tag), but it's a really lovely lipstick. It's another my-lips-but-better shade and it applies amazingly.

I've only tried the Smashbox Lip Treatment once, but it didn't really impress me all that much. Will have to use it a few more times to form a solid impression, but so far no dice!

 7. Order from Mossimo
Image Source: Mossimo.com.au
Apologies for forgetting to take a photo before throwing it in the wash. I bought this for $35 with free delivery, but it's now $79.95. I think I got a bargain! This hoodie is quite thin, making it perfect for the cooler summer weathers (like today).

That's all that the postman brought me this week! Did you get anything good?


  1. Love all the bargains, especially those MAC lippies :)

  2. Lovelorn looks gorgeous! It's one I want to try :)
    I love your "what the postman brought me" series ;)
    That UD powder foundation looks beautiful.

    1. Lovelorn is AMAZING! Definitely go try or buy one... and if you dont like it, I'll take it off your hands! :P

      Thanks for your feedback. I sometimes get worried that people might get bored reading about my hauls :P

  3. I received the L'Anza Smoother Straightening Balm as well and I love it! I used it yesterday and I didn't have to use a straightener after blow drying my hair, which is extremely rare! The packaging of the Urban Decay foundation is stunning. Let us know when you try it!


    1. Will most likely do a review when I try the UD foundation!

      Maybe I should try out the L'Anza stuff...

  4. What a nice haul, so many nice things. I love the look of the Urban Decay products, and the Mossimo top looks pretty cool too!


  5. You seriously have the BEST hauls ever! I really want to try UD's De Slick - I would love for you to do a review! ;D

    1. Why thank you! I believe my hauls truly show how broke I am 99% of the time (1% being that time between when my pay comes in and when I've gone through a checkout).

  6. Fab haul! The All That Glitters polishes look so cute ^^

    1. Thanks! The 3 All That Glitters polishes are AMAZING! Highly recommend them :)

  7. Great looking haul! Super interested in the UD De Slick - please do a review! x

    1. Thanks! Will definitely do one soon. Just finished my travel sized UD All Nighter today! :)

  8. Amazing haul! I like the look of the Urban Decay cream-to-powder foundation! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and review on this is possible!

    1. Thanks! I'll try to use it soon, but I am not even half way through my current bottle of foundation :( So tempted to just use it!

  9. I love these posts! I really feel like I've just been shopping but I haven't :P I love Urban Decay so much! I'm waiting on a few things myself although most of it is for secret santa/kris kringle though... not many things for me.

    1. Aww! You should do a secret santa/kris kringle with yourself lol

  10. I got the same sample in my beauty bay premier order. I've found my dispatch has been done a lot quicker but maybe it has to do with when you purchase the items. I have been liking the samples I've been receiving (I've had 3 premier service orders so far). The Urban Decay
    packaging looks amazing but I've never tried anything other than their eye shadow palettes but i'm interested to see what you think about the foundation. Great Haul :)

    1. The premier service orders are worth is just for the samples they give, I guess.

      Thanks! Will definitely try to do a review on the foundation :)

  11. I would love to try that setting spray from UD !

    xx Flo


  12. Oh awesome stuff! Have you tried the de slick before and if so what do you think of it? I'm a bit jealous of your Tarte items, I really want to try out the brand. I just posted up my haul too if you want to check it out ;D

    1. I haven't tried it out before but I've been looking up reviews and it seems to be a good spray.

      You NEED to get some tarte (especially blushes)! They're AMAZING :)

  13. Amazing stuff! The Urban Decay compact is so beautiful x

    1. Thanks! :) I so agree, the UD compact is a masterpiece! :P

  14. Great products! lovin all the products you got ^_^ Let us now your thought about these products :)

    Btw, I am having my first giveaway. :) I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    God Bless and have a great day! :)

    Much Love!

  15. Amazing stuff!! ^_^ Love MAC lipsticks!!

  16. what a lovely stuff.. MUA is on my wishlist for 2013