16 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

It's the weekend, and you know what that means?! Another hauls post! I do have to warn you though that this post is going to have a whole heap of pictures... Let's get down to business.

1. Evodia - $26.95
Lust Have It had a coupon for Evodia - buy one get one free. So I decided to get a Belle Rose candle and a Coconut & Lime diffuser. 
 Such a pretty box! It is made from 100% Soy wax, which is meant to be better than regular wax (read this somewhere...). The burning time for this candle is up to 38 hours.

It has a floral/rose scent, smells quite lovely! Am burning it right now. :)

I got this coconut & lime diffuser because a lot of people were raving about the coconut & lime scent (in particular the body mist) on Evodia's facebook page.

I didn't quite want to get a body mist just in case I wasn't a fan of the smell. I figured if I didn't like it, I could always put it in the bathroom... anything smells better than poo right? :P

2. Sea Lore Nail Polish - USD$16.50 plus postage
I got these three polishes from Sea Lore for USD$5.50 each plus USD$6.90 shipping during their thanksgiving sale. As a result, I saved USD$2.48!

The colours I bought (from left to right) are Beluga Blizzard, Alana and Ariel. I think my favourite one out of the three is Ariel. I really love the purple, red and green combination, and it definitely reminds me of Ariel!

 Swatched them! Middle finger was swatched with two coats of Beluga Blizzard. Ring finger with two coats of Alana and pinky with two coats of Ariel.

Another swatch picture! Really happy with these indie polishes! I think they're all absolutely gorgeous.

3. Peter Alexander - $73.63 including postage
Peter Alexander was having a 20% sale and I could not resist picking up three of his classic tanks with shelf bra. I had two of them prior to this purchase, one in Small and the other in XS and I love them to bits. The XS one was a tat too tight for my liking, so all these tanks are in size "Small". I also decided to pick up a pair of slippers because I really need to start wearing slippers around the house, and I wanted to make the shipping cost worth it ($9.95 flat rate).

4. Eastbay - USD$179.95 including postage
Eastbay was having a 20% off sale for orders of $99 or more, so I decided to pick some shoes up because work has completely ruined a few of my shoes... I somehow ended up with clothes in my cart as well. Clothing wise, I purchased a Nike V-neck T-shirt for USD$19.99 (excluding 20% discount), Nike 6 pack socks for USD$19.99, and a pair of black Hurley shorts for USD$24.99.

The first pair of shoes I purchased was the Adidas Original Gazelle in Pink/White. This set me back USD$49.99 (excluding 20% discount).

The second pair of shoes I purchased was the Nike Dual Fusion Run, and that set me back USD$59.99 (before the 20% discount). I was going to buy a third pair of shoes but it was pink, and I think I'd have too many pink shoes, so I opted for clothes instead. I saved USD$34.99, but shipping was a hefty $39.99.

5. Bras N Things
You may recognise this bra from a previous haul. The black lacey bits started to tear and I managed to get it exchanged for a new one. I have to say that Bras N Things have got excellent online customer service, as they were all out online and had to source one from a store.

I also made another order when they advertised their sale. I combined it with a $10 voucher I had and ended up paying $50 for everything.
I bought another bra, a pair of 3/4 pants, and a dressing gown for mum's Christmas present (not pictured).

6. 365 Days Of Color Polishes - USD$25.00 delivered
Apologies for the blurry pic! I didn't realise it was blurry until I started writing this post. Anyway, I purchased a holiday mystery bag and all these goodies were included, as well as a whole heap of lollies and chocolates that I didn't take a photo off, as I got hungry... I received a miracle balm in Blue Spruce, a Sunny's cuticle oil in Victorian Christmas, Mrs Claus polish and Deadly Attraction polish. I have tried both polishes, and I really like Mrs Claus but not a fan of Deadly Attraction. 1 coat turned my nails yellow... like I had some sort of nail infection... Not a good look.

7. Hamish McBeth - $31 delivered
Since Snowy was getting a tat too big for his current harness (it's actually a car harness, but we use it as a walking harness), I decided to get him one from Hamish McBeth. I also picked up two toys (one of which did not come with this delivery. I have contacted them but have had no response yet... bit disappointing as I contacted them on Thursday morning) - a reindeer and a little bear, one toy for each dog. I decided to pick up a little something for me too...

A pair of crystal terrier studs. Aren't they so cute?! It costs $10. And when if you sign up to Hamish McBeth's newsletter, you get a $10 voucher to use!

Snowy with Mr Reindeer. Snowy needs some serious dental work - braces and a jaw expander perhaps? Side story - I made friends with a vet and he wanted a photo of Snowy to send to his vet mate (I think...or maybe he was his orthodontic mate) because he has never seen a dog with such a bad underbite!

Dozer with Mr Reindeer. His coat is usually much longer and shinier, but a hair cut happened...

I shall end the post with this last picture of the two doggies sharing the same bed looking super adorable!


  1. Aww your dogs are adorable!
    I love your postman posts :) hehe

  2. Ahhh what an amazing haul - you seriously make me feel so jealous every time I see your haul posts! Haha.
    Those nail polishes look fab and such a bargain considering you saved so much! Oh and your dogs are too cute :D x

  3. Such a fun haul! That rose candle looks amazinggg!

  4. i love the shoes even if i 'm not a pink girl! i also love the name Evodia! in greek it means beautiful scent and i agree. poop always stinks!