23 December 2012

What the postman brought me this week

I can't believe this will be the second last "What the postman brought me this week" post of 2012! I didn't really get many parcels this week... I think the postman has been inundated with too many parcels to deliver all of mine!

1. Hamish McBeth
In my last "What The Postman Brought Me This Week" post, I mentioned that Hamish McBeth had sent me an incomplete order. Well, this little bear was the item that was missing and I received it on Monday. I wasn't too impressed with their communication skills, as that they did not respond to my email to let me know what was happening but I'm glad they sent it.

2. Bonds - $11.45 delivered
I normally wear my Colorado leather shoes to work but they've been hurting my feet. I don't like wearing flats to work because I get sweaty feet and they get stinky if I don't have socks on. So I decided to get some footlets so that flats can be worn! I've worn them all this week and they work great! They've slipped down about once or twice but that is forgivable considering how low cut they are and how much I walk at work.

3. Marks & Spencer - £16.00 delivered (AUD$24.55)
I made this order when M&S had free shipping to Australia. When I went to the UK, I purchased some "vests" (I call them singlets, but they're called vests at M&S) from M&S. I absolutely love them! They're so comfy, soft and fit great. So when M&S offered free shipping to Australia, I was like OMG I NEED MOAR!!! So I purchased 4 of them - 2 in black, one in pink and one in navy.

4. Giveaway by Manicure Addict
I won a prize from Manicure Addict's 2 year Blogaversary Giveaway!!! I was one of five winners, and I picked this prize pack with a Lynnderella polish (Lynnderella is a very expensive indie polish brand). Unfortunately it broke in the mail =( BUT everything else (except for a candy cane) survived.

Besides the broken candy cane and Lynnderella polish, I received two mini tarte lip glosses, blue striping tape, a container of blue flowers, overall mineral in snow, Pop beauty eye topper in Beaming Pink, and loads of lollies (and an unbroken candy cane!). Thank you Katherine for the lovely prizes! :)

5.  Ninja Polish - USD$26.40 + $7.50 for shipping
L-R: Glitter Gal Flawless Pink, Glitter Gal Turbulence, Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight
I can't believe I bought 3 Australian indie nail polishes from the states! I tried ordering straight from the Glitter Gal website but it ended up costing more than ordering through Ninja Polish because I had a coupon and saved $6.60!

6. Ozsale - $6 each, free delivery
Bought these two ties to take advantage of their shipping promotion. Ozsale currently has a promotion where you pay for shipping for a shopping event once and then you can buy as many items from other shopping events and get free shipping for the next hour. So when the shopping event for "Esquire" had free shipping, I decided to get a tie for $6 for the bf because he has only ONE tie and it's a lime green tie he bought for his ex's formal years ago.

And then I found another shopping event I wanted to purchase from and thankfully Esquire was still running, so I purchased another $6 tie...

7. Forever New - $41.94 delivered
Forever New had a take a further 30% off already reduced items sale, so naturally I had to take a look and see what they had!
 Ended up purchasing a toiletry/cosmetics bag for $20.97.

I love how it's got so many compartments made of plastic just in case something spills, it won't affect other products. I also love that you can pull the individual compartment bags out. It also comes with a mirror (which you also remove from the bag). I love it so much I decided to purchase another for my sister's Christmas present when she comes (Pris, if you're reading, don't get too excited... I got it for Lyd).

I also purchased a pair of flats for the same price of $20.97. It's a bit tight though, so I might give share this with mum.

That's all I received in the mail this week. Did you get anything exciting?


  1. Aw shame about the broken nail polish :(
    But nice haul :)
    That toiletry bag is quite cute!

  2. That cosmetics bag is so cute! I love forever new, they have the cutest clothes and accessories.

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway - it's such a shame that the nail polish broke :(
    Oh and the make up bag is too cute!