31 January 2013

Review: Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash

I was fortunate enough to be sent a Johnson's face cleanser to review. It is called the Johnson's Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash for normal & combination skin.

It comes in a convenient pink tube. I also really like being able to see how much product I have left.   I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I've gone just past the 50% mark. I may have been squeezing out a bit too much on my clarisonic though...

So let's start with Johnson's claims:
"Designed for normal to combination skin, this gel cleanser will gently lift away impurities whilst providing skin with important minerals to restore freshness. A Vitamin C derivative adds important anti-oxidants to protect skin against environment damage.
Result: Skin is cleansed; feels soft and refreshed"

I really truly cannot tell if it does "lift away impurities" because I tend to use this whilst showering after I've removed all my makeup (and impurities) with a makeup removing wipe. I can however say that my skin does feel clean and soft. After using it, my skin does not get that tight feeling, which indicates that this cleanser have not stripped my face off all the natural oils (i.e. a good thing). I did feel all too "refreshed". I take the word "refreshed" quite literally, I like menthol in my skin cleansing products, as it makes my skin feel truly refreshed and cool. This cleanser does NOT contain menthol.

The Johnson's Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash is a clear gel with pink beads, which burst under pressure. I've been told by a Sephora sales assistant when I was purchasing my Clarisonia Mia that I should never use anything grainy with the Clarisonic as it might tear my skin. I figured if I can burst the beads, it should be fine with the Clarisonic Mia, so I tried it out and it worked really well! The only con is that sometimes that beads get stuck in the bristles, and it's so annoying trying to get them out.

The smell of anything that goes on my face is so important, and I'm happy to say that this gel wash has passed the sniffer test! It smells like... soap... For someone who has a sniffer that is as sensitive as a beagle's, I have the poorest ability of describing scents. So you'll just have to trust me when it smells good!

So the question remains, would I repurchase this product? Probably not because I do like menthol in my face cleansers and the annoying beads that keep getting stuck in my Clarisonic brush it is a bit of a killer for me. Although it has the amazing price tag of $8.99, I would still pay (crazy amounts of money) for the Dermalogica Clay Cleanser because it contains menthol and doesn't have beads that get stuck in my brush. However, I do recommend it if you don't care for menthol or don't use a Clarisonic because it has not broken me out or caused any dryness in my skin.

This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I guess we are all very fussy with our beauty regime haha. At least it wasn't a fail product and you can use it whilst travelling. You won't be too devastated if it got lost either :)

  2. Great review! Also, is the clarisonic any good?

  3. oh man getting beads out must be really an annoying and tiring process lol, i can imagine the massive cbf mood of doing that, esp after a long day haha
    i like the menthol feel on my face too!

  4. Thanx for recommending... Wil try it :)

  5. This looks really pretty!(: