08 February 2013

Her Fashion Box

Her Fashion Box is a monthly fashion, lifestyle and beauty subscription box that has just launched. Upon subscribing, you can pick one of three styles - Trendy, Classic, and Feminine, so that Her Fashion Box can send you a box tailored to your style.

The cost each month is a steep $49.95 (compared to the other two beauty subscription boxes on the market, which cost $15/month). However, I have a discount code to share that will entitle you to get your box for half the price (~$25). The code to use is "SHRINKINGWALLET". It also seems like anyone around the world can subscribe to Her Fashion Box.

I am still contemplating signing up, as I don't really need anymore beauty boxes. In fact, I'm thinking about unsubscribing to BellaBox (only because I've purchased a 12 month subscription for Lust Have It). Although, the 50% discount sounds affordable just for the first month.

Let me know in the comments if you've subscribed, and your thoughts!

For more information and to subscribe, click here.


  1. I have subscribed, i think it will be interesting cause it sounds very different from the other, not sure about the price but i thought i would get one or two and see how it goes at the price they are going to have to have a great first box though

  2. I love how this is fashion and lifestyle, not just makeup like the LHI/Bellabox but the price is so steep!