01 February 2013

Review: Clean & Clear Deep Action In-Shower Facial

I love a good, gritty scrub... especially one that has menthol in it (I'm a bit of menthol lover). So when I was given a gritty, mentholy scrub to use and review, I was over the moon! Clean & Clear Deep Action In-Shower Facial scrub is an interesting scrub, both in application and how it works.

It's suppose to work with the steam in your shower, as the steam allows the active ingredients (natural fruit acids) to penetrate deeper in the pores to remove all traces of yucky stuff. This scrub also claims to smooth the skin, using exfoliation beads to sweep away dead skin cells. Not only does it detoxify and smooths, it also softens the skin using natural skin conditioner, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

I found this scrub really effective in scrubbing away all the yucky stuff and leaving my skin soft, smooth and refreshed. I absolutely love the menthol in it (if you don't know that already). Clean & Clear deep action in-shower facial has ticked all my is-this-a-good-scrub boxes, and I have to say is now the second from the top of my favourite scrubs list, after Clinique Men Face Scrub (only because it has more menthol in it).

looks kind of wrong here, but it's an interesting coloured cream with a tinge of green
I found the application of this scrub to be quite funny, as you are meant to apply it on your face and leave it for a minute before massaging the skin to exfoliate. I'm just so used to applying it on my face and massaging straight away, so I actually had to alter the way I shower when I use this. Instead of Shampoo > Conditioner > Soap > Clarisonic > Scrub, I've had to do it in this sequence - Shampoo > Conditioner > Apply scrub > Soap > Massage and rinse of scrub > Clarisonic. It's well worth the confusion though, as I think this an amazing scrub, and would definitely repurchase!

Have you used this scrub before? What is your favourite scrub to use?

This product was kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I haven't tried this scrub before but I do like Clean & Clear products :)

    I'm used to scrubbing right away too! It sounds interesting.

    I love menthol products :D It just feels so refreshing and cooling.

    My fave scrub atm is the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. It's so gentle, yet has enough beads to feel like it's doing something and I just love it!

    1. Oooo Will keep an eye out next time I'm at Coles/Woolies! Thanks Sheri!

  2. I love Clean and Clear products, especially their cleansers. They work best for my oily skin :)


    1. I've never really tried many Clean & Clear products, but it's great to know that it works great for oily skin :) Thanks!

  3. This would have messed up my shower routine as well.. haha but it sounds worth it! I may have to give this a go!