27 March 2013

Jindie swatches of I'm A Star Dot Com, Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Barney Blew Up, Taste Like Snoozberries and Strawberry Cupcake

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, and for that, I'm so sorry! Having no internet at home really sucks. TPG says it'll be up to 20 business days before we get our internet back when we had to re-sign up again after moving houses. It's been about 10 business days I think, so hopefully it'll be done soon.

Anyway, I have some swatches of the Jindie polishes that the postman brought me in my last posts (which you can read more about here). In order not to spam you with pictures, I have narrowed down the multiple blurry photos of my swatches to two per polish. So let's get started...

1. I'm A Star Dot Com
Natural light
I'm an absolute sucker for polishes with stars (as well as love hearts), so I HAD to pick this polish. I'm A Star Dot Com has a milky white base with black and white stars, white and black hexes, as well as white, black and pink circles in various sizes. I used three coats for this swatch. As for ease of application, there's a fair amount of fishing to get the stars and larger circle glitters out. But I think it's so worth the effort! 

With flash
I made the mistake of not dabbing a star in, as a point of the star is pointing upwards on the middle nail. It's quite annoying to have something sticking up, and it's not very easily fixable without removing and reapplying the whole nail, as quite a lot of top coat will be needed to make that area smooth again.

2. Talk Nerdy 2 Me
With flash
 I'm actually wearing this polish as I type! It really reminds me of the "Nerds" lollies. Being an amatuer that I am, I found it so hard to photograph, so I had to use flash to get a clear photo. Talk Nerdy 2 Me is a pale pastel pink with tiny hot pink and blue glitter. I found it super easy to apply, and used three coats in this swatch, although two coats would have been sufficient.

Natural light, without flash
This is the best non-flash picture I took, and it still is blurry! :(

3. Barney Blew Up
With flash
Oopsies! I didn't clean up Talk Nerdy 2 Me very well. Excuse the remnant blue and pink glitters around my nails!

Barney Blew Up is a pink/purple base with white, purple, and green glitters with some white love-heart glitters. I could not fish out the love-heart glitters, as there weren't many in the bottle. I used 3 coats in this swatch.

Without flash

4. Taste Like Snoozberries
When I did this swatch, the sun was going down and I had to use my study lamp as a light source.

Taste Like Snoozberries is a cream lilac with a heap of different coloured glitters of different shape and sizes. I used two coats in this swatch. Applied really easily too.

5. Strawberry Cupcake
I absolutely love the base colour of Strawberry Cupcake. It is a light pink colour, with turqoise, purple, pink and white glitters of different shapes and sizes. It also has a bit of a shimmer to it. I absolutely love this polish! I used 3 coats for this swatch, as I was trying to fish out some of the bigger glitter pieces.

I really want more Jindie polishes after swatching all these polishes. They're all so gorgeous! What do you think? Which is your favourite?

You can buy Jindie polishes from etsy (based in USA), llarowe.com (based in USA), Mei Mei's Signatures (based in Singapore) or Ninja Polish (based in USA).

20 March 2013

What the postman brought me

It's been a bitch of a move when it comes to posting my weekly "What the postman brought me this week". Auspost hasn't made it any easier either, as they REFUSE to take my money and give me a bloody P.O. Box. They have some available but apparently it takes a whole week to get someone to come down and change the locks... RAGE! Where the hell am I suppose to send my mail?! There's the option of getting all my mail sent to my apartment, but someone decided to vandalize my letter box, and as a result, no key is needed to access mail (how convenient... NOT). I could always keep using the bf's P.O. Box, but that's like 12813729147291 hours away (exaggeration here...), and that's as useful as a brick when you're stuck in a desert, especially if you get more excited than your dog when the postman comes by.

As a result of all this mambo jambo mail business, my weekly "what the postman brought me this week" is no more... Until I get the bloody P.O. Box. Instead, you get "What the postman brought me", which I know is a massive change considering the two words "this week" are missing. Also, I probably won't be posting on a regular once-a-week basis, as I don't get access to the mail going to the BF's P.O. Box regularly enough. /end sook session

In the past 1.5 weeks, this is what the postman brought me...

1. Bonds - $49.47 with free shipping

Bonds had a 40% discount storewide, so I picked up 5 pairs of fundies (not that I need anymore... I just can't say no).

I also picked up two layer tanks. One in a pink red, the other in black. I was absolutely appalled at the quality of these two tanks. They felt like Bonds took some scrap material and threw them together to make these tanks. Needless to say, I took advantage of their free returns, and returned these two tanks.

2. Sleek Makeup
So I've been lusting some Sleek makeup for a while, and being a poor jobless not-on-the-dole bludger, I put my sad face on and managed to con my amazing BF decided to give me a treat and bought me all the above!

He got me a Sleek Dip-It eyeliner in black (this took over Lancome Artliner's HG status), Blush By 3 Blush Palette in Lace 367, Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Light 373, Glo Face & Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer 494, Suede Effect Pressed Powder SPF 15 in 01, and Flick It Eyeliner in Dazzling Black. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of these out yet (besides the Dip-It eyeliner), as I've been busy testing out the UD Naked Flush. Will try get a review of that out soon.

3. Jindie Nails - USD$29 + $20 shipping
Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Barney Blew Up, Taste Like Snozberries
I finally bit the bullet and bought some Jindie Nails polishes. I only purchased the mini sized ones because I never ever finish a full sized ones, and I also was able to purchase more bottles of polishes with my tiny, restricted (yet, non-existent) budget, compared to if I purchased a full sized bottle.

Strawberry Cupcake, Candy Land Remix, I'm A Star Dot Com

I purchased 6 mini sized bottles, and I think the little bottles are SO cute! I'm also really impressed  with these polishes. I could not decide which one to use first.

It took me a while (with applying and removing nail polish) to finally settle on "I'm A Star Dot Com", since I'm a sucker for polishes with stars in them. A NOTD post featuring this polish will most likely be up shortly. 

That's all for my postman haul post! Did you get anything exciting in the post?

19 March 2013

NOTD: Kiko 375, OPI Spark de Triomphe & Models Own Hot Stuff

It has been a while since I did a NOTD post. I have finally found an amazing nail lacquer combination that I have to share! If you love glitter/sparkly nails like me, then this is for you!

It's like a party on my nails! I am feeling quite shameless today, so I'm going to have to confess that I'm one of those people who gets distracted by shiny things. If you're like me, I highly recommend NOT driving or operating heavy machinery with this manicure.

The polishes I used for this NOTD are:
  • Orly Bonder (base coat)
  • Kiko Nail Lacquer in Rosa Classico 375 (a warm, dusty pink polish that is darker than in the picture)
  • OPI Spark de Triomphe
  • Models Own Hot Stuff
  • Essence Quick Dry top coat
Outdoor shot
I applied a coat of Orly Bonder, followed by two coats of Kiko 375, a coat of OPI Spark de Triomphe, a coat of Models Own Hot Stuff, and about three coats of Essence Quick Dry top coat.

I absolutely love this nail lacquer combo! All three polishes really complement each other. I have been wearing this for three days now, and I'm still not sick of it... yet (which is AMAZING, as I always feel the need to change every two days or so, especially since I'm jobless and can get bored quite easily).

Outdoor shot

One thing about Models Own Hot Stuff is that it smells reeeally bad. I'm used to the smell of nail polish, since I play with them so often, but this Hot Stuff polish smells like industrial glue/paint, which may give you a headache if you're painting your nails in an enclosed room. However, I found that the smell does not linger on my nails, especially after painting a layer of top coat on top.

Indoor shot
 I am still quite the n00b when it comes to taking macro shots, and trying to capture all the amazing glitter in polishes. So to compromise, I've taken quite a few shots. In this one, you can really see the different glitters despite the picture being a tat blurry (Sorry!).

Indoor shot with flash
I hope you like this NOTD as much as I do! Will definitely be redoing this mani again!

15 March 2013

Lust Have It - March 2013

Lust Have It has increased their prices from $14.95 to $19.95 a month. They have claimed on facebook that the reason for doing so is "to keep delivering the high standard of boxes that our members have been enjoying over the past few months". I don't know about you, but I haven't been really enjoying these boxes, as much as I was when I first signed up about year ago. To be fair, they have (apparently) sent out an email containing a coupon for existing member to buy the boxes at the old price of $14.95, I haven't received that email yet. 

I won't go on about whether or not this price hike is justifiable at a LHI customer point of view, instead I will let this month's box contents do the talking.

Lust Have It has managed to fit all the items in the new collective box this month. They have used the new series of boxes as one of the reasons why they've increased prices. Personally, I rather have the bags that they used to come in, and save the extra $5 a month... but that's just me.

Now onto the contents...

1. Bio Elixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Creme - full size (RRP: $59)
Before I go on about this product, I confess that I've changed my birth year from 1990 to 1986 because I was sick of getting crap products compared to the more matured ladies. But SERIOUSLY, LHI? A cellulite cream for a 26 year old?! May I also add that this stinks. They've used perfume to mask the smell but the stinky bit of the product can be smelt. I can't really describe it... it's sort of like a clayish smell? I will not be using this product. Might see if my mother wants it.

2. Ocean Essence Gold Eye Cream - full size (RRP: $39.95 for 15g)
I actually received this in my November BellaBox. I said then that I don't use eyecreams, and that hasn't changed. I've been quite blessed, as I don't get dark circles or lines around my eyes, and so have not incorporated eye creams in my skincare routine. Looking at my parents, neither have got this problem, so don't start on the whole prevention thing!

3. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray - 20ml (RRP: $29.95 for 59ml)
Finally a product I'd actually use! I'm really happy to have received this in my box. I have been using the Urban Decay setting sprays and I absolutely love them - read my review here.

4. The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayons x2 (RRP: $9.99 each)
These colour crayons can be used anywhere on the face and body, as they are made from naturally derived pigments. I received a lime green shade (no. 020) and a plum purple shade (no. 050). I'm not entirely sure what to do with the lime green one, as I'm not at all adventurous when it comes to playing with such vibrant, out there colours. As for the plum shade, I might be able to use it as an eyeliner.

5. DeLorenzo Essential Treatments Equilibrium - 30g (RRP: $31 for 250g)
A leave-in, deep repair treatment masque for dry, damaged hair. Glad to have received this, as it's another item I would use.

Some coupon codes and a love-heart lollipop

I received a buy one get one free pass to see "warm bodies". Not sure if I'll use it, as I rarely go to the movies because I'm a tight arse. I also received a 25% off voucher for BioElixia, a free month of razors from dollar shave club, and a $15 coupon off order of $59 or more from TheIconic.com.au

Keratsase Nutritive Nectar Thermique
The sample that LHI could not fit into the box because someone did not plan the products out properly... I can't decide whether I should laugh or cry. Laugh because I've been waiting on another bloody sachet (and because they couldn't fit a 10ml sachet in a box). Cry because IT'S IN A SACHET!! I'd love to try this product out, and I'm hoping my hate for sachet will not affect the quality of the product.

After receiving this month's box, I'm not sure if the $5 increment for monthly subscriptions is worth it. Sure, we have four full size products worth $119 all up, but unless they're products you're actually going to use, it's a bit of a waste. For me, the only products I'd use in this month's box are actually the sample sized products, and hence would not be worth the extra cash. Since I've purchased the yearly subscription nearly a year ago (I have one more box left), I'm not entirely sure if I would pay the extra $5 a month to get full sized items I will not use.

What are your thoughts?

Dear Google, If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

As you may have already heard, google has decided to remove the google reader feature permanently from July 1st. The google reader feature is that feed you see of new blog posts from blogs you follow when you log into blogger. Although google has not said that the GFC feature will go, it will be made redundant if the google reader feature no longer exists because you won't be able to see when a blogger you've followed has just blogged. Apparently, the reason for this change is that google wants us to start using google +, which I've tried and personally think it's crap.

So if you aren't already following me on bloglovin', I'd greatly appreciate it if you do so here. If you'd like me to follow back, please leave a comment below with your bloglovin' link.

Also, if you do not have a bloglovin' account and have no intention of creating one, but would like to keep up-to-date with my blog, please follow me on twitter, facebook, hellocotton, and/or SheSaidBeauty.

Thanks a bunch! :) xo

EDIT: I just added the google+ widget to my blog, so you may add me to your circles on that if you like. It's on the sidebar on the right.

14 March 2013

Her Fashion Box - March 2013

I purchased "Her Fashion Box" about a month ago with their 50% coupon. I ended up paying $24.97 for it before cancelling my subscription since I'm currently jobless. Apparently, the monthly subscription prices has dropped from $49.95 to $39.95, which is still unaffordable for someone who's jobless :(

Before I go into what I received in my box, I'd like to take this opportunity to remark upon how amazing Her Fashion Box's customer service is! If you've been reading my last few posts, you'd know that I've recently moved houses over the weekend, and I contacted Her Fashion Box to see if they can change my postal address. I thought it might be a tat too late, as I sent the email off on the day that they dispatched the boxes. Kerry from Her Fashion Box got back to me so quickly and even managed to re-direct my box to a different postal address! Thanks so much Kerry!!!

There were three different styles to choose from upon subscription - Trendy, Classic and Feminine. It took me quite a while to choose between Classic and Feminine before settling on Feminine.

This is what I received in my Feminine Her Fashion Box:
I'm really impressed that they put all the information about each product in a magazine! The magazine not only contains information about each product, it also contains a coupon for makeup brushes, and pictures and information on how to wear the fashion items (including the ones from the other two boxes).

1. Master Makeup by Dean Nixon - Eyeshadow brush (RRP: $30.00)
According to the little magazine, this brush is "designed with tapered bristles, shaped to suit the contours of the eye allowing for easy and flawless application of eye shadow."

I'm going to take this as a sign to get my bum into gear, and learn to apply eyeshadow!

2. Moxie Collection (RRP:$4.47)
In case you're curious, this box contains a range of Moxie tampons, pads and liners.

3. Circa Home Everyday Soap - Lilac & Orchid (RRP: $9.95)
This soap smells AMAZING. Although I don't use bar soaps, I like putting nice smelling ones in my wardrobe, so my clothes smell ubberly pretty!

4. Maybelline Colour Sensational high Shine Lip Gloss in Glisten Up Pink (RRP: $15.95)

"Lavish your lips with a molten hot glaze or super cool sheen with the wax free formula that guarantees an ultra-clear shine for a truly luminous lip. Infused with honey nectar, the uncompromised, truer colour is thanks to an innovative formula that combines undiluted pigments for superior colour saturation with a luscious smooth feel."
I'm so happy to have received a shade that I would actually use!

5. Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets - 30ml (RRP: $35.50 for 250ml), Conditioner - 30ml (RRP: $22.95 for 250ml), and Shampoo - 50ml (RRP: $22.95 for 300ml)
"Redken's NEW Diamond Oil's unique range of care and silicone-free oil treatments are the first of its kind to provide ultimate shine and actually strengthen hair. The Shine Strong Complex with the strengthening power of Redken's Interlock Protein Network technology penetrates hair with nourishing oils that reinforce hair strands and intensify shine."

I love Redken products, and am so happy to have received these new products in my box, as the Diamond Oil range sounds perfect for my weak, chemically damaged hair. 

6. Gold collar necklace
"This feminine necklace is perfect for day to night, giving any outfit a feminine pop of sophistication or playfullness. Team with pretty pastels, perfect prints or lace pieces and complete the look with natural makeup and a pastel pink lip for instant romanticism."

To be honest, I don't normally go for these kind of necklaces. I'm one of those lazy people who do not remove their jewellery... ever. I always have my silver tiffany and co necklace and bracelets on unless I'm un-tarnishing them. But after looking at the pictures in the magazine of models wearing this necklace, I'm inspired give it a go!

7. Ribbon Hairtie
This is an extra gift from Her Fashion Box for being one of the first to subscribe. I LOVE this hair tie! In the magazine, there's a model who is wearing this hair tie in a messy fish braid, and I love how feminine that look is. Can't wait to give it a go!

Overall, I'm so incredibly impressed with Her Fashion Box. I'm going to try scrimp and save to re-subscribe. I MIGHT be able to resubscribe for the next box after unsubscribing from Bellabo. Keep it up, Her Fashion Box! :)

Did you subscribe to Her Fashion Box? What did you get in your box? What are your thoughts?

13 March 2013

What the postman brought me from USA

I have yet to finish unpacking (am getting there though), but I feel like procrastinating thought I should take a break and blog about my USA haul that I received a day or two before the big move. I could not blog about it when I received it, as I didn't have time to take pictures (nor did I have the space).

Anyway, I purchased all of these products using an Australian credit card and got the companies to post it to my HopShopGo address before getting them to forward my mail to me. I made four orders (two from Victoria's Secret, one from QVC and another from Bath & Body Works). However, I accidentally ordered a backorder item from Victoria's Secret, and it was shipped separately, so HopShopGo charged me for five parcels. I ended up paying approximately $70 in HopShopGo shipping fees.

1. QVC - USD$59.94 + shipping
I purchased the Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty 6-pc Collection with bag in light.

This 6-piece collection contains:
  • One Brow Architect Brow Shaper: 0.007-oz liner and 0.14-oz definer in Fair-Light
  • Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
  • 1.7-fl-oz Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation in Light
  • 0.2-oz 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Fearless, a warm pink
  • 0.01-oz Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Plummy Rose, a deep rose
  • 0.31-oz Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara in Black

2. Bath & Body Works - USD$50.38
I HAD to pick up some more anti-bacterial hand soaps after trying out and loving the strawberries one from my last order. I purchased warm vanilla sugar, 2 x apples, carribean escape, strawberries and a peach bellini (not pictured, as I forgot it was in the bathroom).

I also picked up the sweethearts shower gel collection, as I absolutely loved the travel sized body lotions I purchased last time.

Decided to put the travel sized "escape to the tropics" body lotion in my cart as well. I also purchased the berry flirt and daisy dreamgirl body lotions to take advantage of their "buy 3, get 3 free" offer. I somehow don't think I'll be needing to purchase any body lotions or shower gels for the next decade...

3. Victoria's Secret
I refuse to add up all two orders to find out how much I've spent... but you can if you like :P All prices are in USD.
I purchased a pair of yoga pants in double chocolate [$15.99] (even though I don't do yoga... or any exercise for that matter... :-\), velour hoodie in rum raisin [$15.99], fleece shorts in white [$9.99]...

 A sweetheart bra top in vibrant fuchsia [$14.99]...

 the perfect V Tee in black [$12.99], essential V-neck Tee in pink ruffles [$9.99]...

a 5-way push0up bandeau top in purple paisley [$14.99]...

Add-2-Cups Bra in Black [$39.60], Secret embrace push-up bra in Ivory/Leopard Inside [$17.99], Push-Up Bra in Blush [$41.60]...

Allover Lace Hipster Panty in Tonal Pink [$4.16], Hiphugger panty in Gold [$5.99], Lace Back Bikini Panty in White Pink Monogram [$4.16], Bikini Panty in Multi Palms Lace [$4.16]...

Seamless Bikini Panty in Grey Multi Stripes [$4.16], Lace Back Bikini Panty in Blue Leopard [$4.16], and Bikini Panty in Iconic Stripe Lace [$4.70].

That's all that the FedEx man brought me from the states. I'm actually quite proud of myself for not getting anything from Sephora... Although I did get the Tarte set from QVC...

    06 March 2013

    Confuzzled: Laser Eye Surgery

    I actually wanted to do my last post before the move on my February empties, but without my camera, I have no photos... Hence, this rather wordy post...

    So I've spent the last hour or so reading up on laser eye surgery instead of packing my crap into boxes for the big move on Saturday (I'm a professional procrastinator). Having worn glasses the majority of my life, and am now heavily dependent on contact lenses, I find my extremely poor eyesight a nuisance (especially when it comes to travelling, and having to purchase contact lenses + solutions + glasses every few years).

    After reading a rather lengthy forum on whirlpool for trusty advice and to aid my decision on which type of laser surgery I might want to get, I do believe I am more confused than before I started. When I went to my optometrist a few months ago, I inquired about laser surgery. I was worried that my eyesight may worsen when I get older, as they are quite already shocking (I'm talking -8 for contact lenses). To my surprise, my optometrist actually said that it is a good idea as it will help prevent the worsening of my eyesight to a state that is beyond repair. He did warn me that if my cornea isn't thick enough, I will not be eligible for LASIK.

    You may be wondering what the hell is LASIK and what is the other option to LASIK? To my understanding (I may be wrong), the two options that I'm considering are:
    • LASIK: Laser in Situ Keratomileusi. This is where the laser cuts a flap in the cornea, and then laser reshapes the cornea. There are quite a few disadvantages of LASIK. Firstly, the flap created may "unflap" in the future, which is quite scary (at least in my head). Secondly, eligibility is an issue, as the cornea has to be thick enough for the flap to be created. Lastly, the cost is astronomical compared to the second option. It's about $6000! However, the upside is that there is minimal healing time. Eyesight is restored almost instantly (i.e. you can drive the next day... without glasses or contacts!!!) Also, it's relatively painless.
    • LASEK/PRK: Not sure what it stands for (not that it matters all that much to me). There is no flap created in this procedure. Instead, they sort of exfoliate the eyeball, removing a layer of epithelial cells. The laser then reshapes the cornea. The main disadvantage of this procedure is the healing time! Apparently, day 2-3 post surgery is the worst. I've read that people experienced swollen eyes, grittiness (like sand in your eyes), dry eyes, and light sensitivity (although people who went with LASIK also experienced dry eyes and light sensitivity). People have also experienced blurred vision 2-3 months post surgery and the eyes completely heal after a year. The advantage is that it costs about $2000.
    I really can't decide which is worse - having to deal with the recovery time of LASEK/PRK or the potential to have the flap thingy unflapping itself. I guess I should really go for a few consultations and work out what's best. I kind of wish that my cornea is too thin for LASIK, then I wouldn't really have to decide on anything besides whether to go for LASEK/PRK or deal with having to buy contact lenses and glasses instead of cosmetics for the rest of my life.

    Have you had laser eye surgery done? If so, thoughts and experiences? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

    P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos in this post. I just wanted to write down my thoughts on laser eye surgery.

    02 March 2013

    What the postman brought me this week

    Before I get started on this post, I'd like to apologise for the extremely crap photos in this post (and the next one), as I've left my camera at the BF's and won't be back there for at least a week. So all the photos here are amazing iPhone quality photos. Since we're on the topic of me apologising for things, I'd also like to apologise for the upcoming lack of posts, as I will be moving houses next weekend (at least I'm 98% sure, since the deposit is paid). Anyone want to help? I'll pay in cosmetics and clothes? :P

    Getting back on topic, the postman really fueled my nail polish addiction with this week's haul...

    1. Femme Fatale Cosmetics
    I purchased four polishes and 8 samples of blushes and eyeshadows (which I'm planning on using as an eyeliner). The polishes that are I bought are:
    - Girly Bits Promise Me (a baby pink polish with hot pink shimmer glitter, and larger silver hex glitters)
    - Emily de Molly Girls Best Friend (hot pink jelly base with silver square and hex glitters)
    - Emily de Molly Warrior Princess (Dark purple jelly base with blue, purple and pink glitters)
    - Gloss n' Sparkle Passion Pop (Coral pink base with white, red and light gold glitters)

    Oops just realised one of the samples (Heart Blossom) is missing in the picture above
    The 8 samples of blushes and eyeshadows I purchased at $1.10 each were:
    - 2x Fire Bloom (blush)
    - Emerald Glow (eye shadow)
    - Violet Veil (blush)
    - Rebel (blush)
    - Blood's Shadow (eye shadow)
    - Exotic (blush)
    - Heart Blossom (illuminator)
    - Moonberry (blush) - freebie

    I highly recommend Femme Fatale cosmetics! I love love love her nail polishes, and will be trying out these blushes and eyeshadows as soon as the little cosmetic container pots I bought from ebay arrives.

    2. eBay - OPI Liquid Sand

    I purchased Can't Let Go and The Impossible from the Mariah Carey OPI collection. I also have Get Your Number, and am planning to do a collective review/NOTD/swatches of all three of these polishes soon!

    3. Nicole by OPI
    The postman didn't actually bring these two polishes to me, the BF did! I can't believe he bought me nail polishes! I absolutely love the colours he picked out (without any help from me)! He bought Let's Get Star-ted and Gone Wishin'. Let's Get Star-ted has a clear, glittery base with light purple stars. Gone Wishin' has a clear base with a crap load of purple and blue glitter!

    Again, many apologies for the shocking pictures!

    Did you get anything exciting from Mr Postman this week?