27 March 2013

Jindie swatches of I'm A Star Dot Com, Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Barney Blew Up, Taste Like Snoozberries and Strawberry Cupcake

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, and for that, I'm so sorry! Having no internet at home really sucks. TPG says it'll be up to 20 business days before we get our internet back when we had to re-sign up again after moving houses. It's been about 10 business days I think, so hopefully it'll be done soon.

Anyway, I have some swatches of the Jindie polishes that the postman brought me in my last posts (which you can read more about here). In order not to spam you with pictures, I have narrowed down the multiple blurry photos of my swatches to two per polish. So let's get started...

1. I'm A Star Dot Com
Natural light
I'm an absolute sucker for polishes with stars (as well as love hearts), so I HAD to pick this polish. I'm A Star Dot Com has a milky white base with black and white stars, white and black hexes, as well as white, black and pink circles in various sizes. I used three coats for this swatch. As for ease of application, there's a fair amount of fishing to get the stars and larger circle glitters out. But I think it's so worth the effort! 

With flash
I made the mistake of not dabbing a star in, as a point of the star is pointing upwards on the middle nail. It's quite annoying to have something sticking up, and it's not very easily fixable without removing and reapplying the whole nail, as quite a lot of top coat will be needed to make that area smooth again.

2. Talk Nerdy 2 Me
With flash
 I'm actually wearing this polish as I type! It really reminds me of the "Nerds" lollies. Being an amatuer that I am, I found it so hard to photograph, so I had to use flash to get a clear photo. Talk Nerdy 2 Me is a pale pastel pink with tiny hot pink and blue glitter. I found it super easy to apply, and used three coats in this swatch, although two coats would have been sufficient.

Natural light, without flash
This is the best non-flash picture I took, and it still is blurry! :(

3. Barney Blew Up
With flash
Oopsies! I didn't clean up Talk Nerdy 2 Me very well. Excuse the remnant blue and pink glitters around my nails!

Barney Blew Up is a pink/purple base with white, purple, and green glitters with some white love-heart glitters. I could not fish out the love-heart glitters, as there weren't many in the bottle. I used 3 coats in this swatch.

Without flash

4. Taste Like Snoozberries
When I did this swatch, the sun was going down and I had to use my study lamp as a light source.

Taste Like Snoozberries is a cream lilac with a heap of different coloured glitters of different shape and sizes. I used two coats in this swatch. Applied really easily too.

5. Strawberry Cupcake
I absolutely love the base colour of Strawberry Cupcake. It is a light pink colour, with turqoise, purple, pink and white glitters of different shapes and sizes. It also has a bit of a shimmer to it. I absolutely love this polish! I used 3 coats for this swatch, as I was trying to fish out some of the bigger glitter pieces.

I really want more Jindie polishes after swatching all these polishes. They're all so gorgeous! What do you think? Which is your favourite?

You can buy Jindie polishes from etsy (based in USA), llarowe.com (based in USA), Mei Mei's Signatures (based in Singapore) or Ninja Polish (based in USA).


  1. These are all so pretty. I really love Talk Nerdy 2 Me :)

    1. I absolutely love Jindie polishes. Trying so hard not to get more!

  2. All of these polishes look goooooorgeous! But I really, really, really love the look of Strawberry Cupcake and Taste Like Snoozberries!

  3. Whoa I love! Talk Nerdy 2 Me is just too cute, but they all are really! This is soooo happening after my spending ban!

  4. Im A Star Dot Com looks gorgeous! xx

  5. oh wow these are super pretty polishes!! i keep telling myself not to buy any more but I WANT!!

    Mad Hatters Nail Party<a

  6. I always wanted to try Jindie Nails. It seems that it's worth it :) beautiful review!