02 March 2013

What the postman brought me this week

Before I get started on this post, I'd like to apologise for the extremely crap photos in this post (and the next one), as I've left my camera at the BF's and won't be back there for at least a week. So all the photos here are amazing iPhone quality photos. Since we're on the topic of me apologising for things, I'd also like to apologise for the upcoming lack of posts, as I will be moving houses next weekend (at least I'm 98% sure, since the deposit is paid). Anyone want to help? I'll pay in cosmetics and clothes? :P

Getting back on topic, the postman really fueled my nail polish addiction with this week's haul...

1. Femme Fatale Cosmetics
I purchased four polishes and 8 samples of blushes and eyeshadows (which I'm planning on using as an eyeliner). The polishes that are I bought are:
- Girly Bits Promise Me (a baby pink polish with hot pink shimmer glitter, and larger silver hex glitters)
- Emily de Molly Girls Best Friend (hot pink jelly base with silver square and hex glitters)
- Emily de Molly Warrior Princess (Dark purple jelly base with blue, purple and pink glitters)
- Gloss n' Sparkle Passion Pop (Coral pink base with white, red and light gold glitters)

Oops just realised one of the samples (Heart Blossom) is missing in the picture above
The 8 samples of blushes and eyeshadows I purchased at $1.10 each were:
- 2x Fire Bloom (blush)
- Emerald Glow (eye shadow)
- Violet Veil (blush)
- Rebel (blush)
- Blood's Shadow (eye shadow)
- Exotic (blush)
- Heart Blossom (illuminator)
- Moonberry (blush) - freebie

I highly recommend Femme Fatale cosmetics! I love love love her nail polishes, and will be trying out these blushes and eyeshadows as soon as the little cosmetic container pots I bought from ebay arrives.

2. eBay - OPI Liquid Sand

I purchased Can't Let Go and The Impossible from the Mariah Carey OPI collection. I also have Get Your Number, and am planning to do a collective review/NOTD/swatches of all three of these polishes soon!

3. Nicole by OPI
The postman didn't actually bring these two polishes to me, the BF did! I can't believe he bought me nail polishes! I absolutely love the colours he picked out (without any help from me)! He bought Let's Get Star-ted and Gone Wishin'. Let's Get Star-ted has a clear, glittery base with light purple stars. Gone Wishin' has a clear base with a crap load of purple and blue glitter!

Again, many apologies for the shocking pictures!

Did you get anything exciting from Mr Postman this week?


  1. Haha the pictures aren't that bad! At least we can still see the products ;)
    Nice polish haul!

  2. I love reading these posts from you! I find so many new brands and products from these posts haha ;D And omg, that purple star glitter looks beautiful ! :D

  3. The polishes are so pretty! Your boyfriend is so sweet and really has taste haha. Mine wouldn't know where to begin and he'd choose whack colours...


  4. Awww your boyfriend is too cute! He picked out such great shades as well - I think your shopping habits have rubbed off on him! ;) haha! x

  5. The polishes all look so pretty! I wish that my boyfriend would buy me beauty stuff :P haha

  6. I love the polishes from Femme Fatale! And the star glitter polish your boyfriend got you :) My boyfriend is totally against me getting any new nail polishes, haha.

  7. Those purple stars are so cute! Sadly no, the postie only brought me the power bill :(

  8. Oh dear, I'm lusting after everything! Nothing from the postie for a long time for me, sadly. Damn spending ban! I can't wait to start getting parcels constantly again ;) haha!

  9. I would love to be able to get some of the nail polishes that you guys can down under

    Charlotte x


  10. I love Femme Fatale cosmetic's I'd love to see swatches of the nail polish & your thoughts on the blushes