20 March 2013

What the postman brought me

It's been a bitch of a move when it comes to posting my weekly "What the postman brought me this week". Auspost hasn't made it any easier either, as they REFUSE to take my money and give me a bloody P.O. Box. They have some available but apparently it takes a whole week to get someone to come down and change the locks... RAGE! Where the hell am I suppose to send my mail?! There's the option of getting all my mail sent to my apartment, but someone decided to vandalize my letter box, and as a result, no key is needed to access mail (how convenient... NOT). I could always keep using the bf's P.O. Box, but that's like 12813729147291 hours away (exaggeration here...), and that's as useful as a brick when you're stuck in a desert, especially if you get more excited than your dog when the postman comes by.

As a result of all this mambo jambo mail business, my weekly "what the postman brought me this week" is no more... Until I get the bloody P.O. Box. Instead, you get "What the postman brought me", which I know is a massive change considering the two words "this week" are missing. Also, I probably won't be posting on a regular once-a-week basis, as I don't get access to the mail going to the BF's P.O. Box regularly enough. /end sook session

In the past 1.5 weeks, this is what the postman brought me...

1. Bonds - $49.47 with free shipping

Bonds had a 40% discount storewide, so I picked up 5 pairs of fundies (not that I need anymore... I just can't say no).

I also picked up two layer tanks. One in a pink red, the other in black. I was absolutely appalled at the quality of these two tanks. They felt like Bonds took some scrap material and threw them together to make these tanks. Needless to say, I took advantage of their free returns, and returned these two tanks.

2. Sleek Makeup
So I've been lusting some Sleek makeup for a while, and being a poor jobless not-on-the-dole bludger, I put my sad face on and managed to con my amazing BF decided to give me a treat and bought me all the above!

He got me a Sleek Dip-It eyeliner in black (this took over Lancome Artliner's HG status), Blush By 3 Blush Palette in Lace 367, Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Light 373, Glo Face & Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer 494, Suede Effect Pressed Powder SPF 15 in 01, and Flick It Eyeliner in Dazzling Black. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of these out yet (besides the Dip-It eyeliner), as I've been busy testing out the UD Naked Flush. Will try get a review of that out soon.

3. Jindie Nails - USD$29 + $20 shipping
Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Barney Blew Up, Taste Like Snozberries
I finally bit the bullet and bought some Jindie Nails polishes. I only purchased the mini sized ones because I never ever finish a full sized ones, and I also was able to purchase more bottles of polishes with my tiny, restricted (yet, non-existent) budget, compared to if I purchased a full sized bottle.

Strawberry Cupcake, Candy Land Remix, I'm A Star Dot Com

I purchased 6 mini sized bottles, and I think the little bottles are SO cute! I'm also really impressed  with these polishes. I could not decide which one to use first.

It took me a while (with applying and removing nail polish) to finally settle on "I'm A Star Dot Com", since I'm a sucker for polishes with stars in them. A NOTD post featuring this polish will most likely be up shortly. 

That's all for my postman haul post! Did you get anything exciting in the post?


  1. LOVE the little Jindie polishes, they are so cute and all so pretty too! I would have to do all my nails in different ones, I wouldn't be able to choose! Sorry about your post woes, that must be super frustrating, I hope it gets sorted out soon xx

  2. Ohh I love those Jindie polishes, they are going straight on my wishlist!
    And boo at not being able to get a post box >:( Aus post is forever annoying! I seriously wish we had a cost effective counterpart to them!
    A shame about those bonds singlets, too!
    And lucky duck getting all of that from your boyfriend ;)

  3. ooohh those polishes look so cool!

  4. Talk Nerdy to me is so cute! But I am not allowed to buy more nail polish until I have finished some up!

  5. You got some fab stuff this week. And bless your boyf for treating you. That's so sweet :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. Oh my god those nail polishes look amazing! I love strawberry cupcake! Swatches please!! Getting mini bottles is a really good idea.
    Your boyfriend is lovely buying you that makeup! I really want to get my hands on the Blush by 3 in Lace!
    I got my car rego renewal letter in the mail this week. Sucks.

  7. I love the Jindie polishes, they look amazing! Would love to see swatches / reviews for them soon. The Sleek products look really nice as well although I've never used any of their products.


  8. Just curious, how was the nail polish sent to you? Was it air mail or courier? If so, did they send it as hazardous material?


  9. Just curious, how was the nail polish sent to you? Was it air mail or courier? If so, did they send it as hazardous material?


  10. Those bottles look adorbs!! I wonder how they look when applied :)


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