15 April 2013

Love Thy Polish swatches!

Emma, the woman behind Love Thy Polish, kindly sent me a few mini bottles of polishes for swatches and review. Emma is a South Australian indie polish maker, who sells extremely affordable, yet friggin gorgeous polishes!

Emma sent me three gorgeous polishes - Milkshake It, Peppermint Patty, and Miss Bossy Pants.

Love Thy Polish - Milkshake It
In the picture above, my index finger had one coat of polish; middle had two coats; ring and pinky had three coats. As you can see, Milkshake It is a really opaque polish, which is perfect if you're on the go and only have time for a one-coat mani. Milkshake It is a pastel pink polish with various sizes of red, purple, green and blue hex glitters.

Application wise, I thought it was fairly easy. The brush was easy to use, it wasn't gloopy and it dried pretty darn quickly. However, I did had to fish the bigger chunks of glitter by shaking the bottle quite hard and hope that a big chunk gets trapped on the brush. Other than that, Milkshake It is a gorgeous pastel, milky pink polish that I highly recommend!

Love Thy Polish - Peppermint Patty
Peppermint Patty was the second polish that I swatched (rather poorly, sorry about the cuticle mess, I was in a rush to catch the sun). My index had one coat, middle had two, ring and pinky had three coats of polish. Peppermint Patty is a milky, pale-green-minty polish with light blue-greyish squares, light green and teal hexes, topped with a gorgeous shimmer.

Love Thy Polish - Peppermint Patty with flash
Application wise, this was also a breeze! Although the first coat wasn't as opaque as Milkshake It, I didn't have to fish too hard for the bigger chunks of glitter. Drying time was also really quick, which I greatly appreciate in polishes, as I'm not the most patient person in the world... I'm going to be a great mum one day lol

My favourite thing about this polish is the light green glitters in this polish. I think they compliment the teal and minty green-ness of this polish so well!

Love Thy Polish - Miss Bossy Pants
Miss Bossy Pants is my ultimate favourite out of the three polishes that Emma sent me. As a result, I'm spamming you with photos!

In the photo above, I wanted to show you the colour of my "bare" nails. My "bare" thumb had two coats of parisian pink from the Luminail kit that I purchased via Ozsale (read more here). My index had a coat of Miss Bossy Pants, and my middle finger had two coats. My ring finger had a coat of Miss Bossy Pants over a coat of Barry M Prickly Pear, and my pinky had two coats of Miss Bossy Pants over a coat of Barry M Prickly Pear.

Love Thy Polish - Miss Bossy Pants with flash
Miss Bossy Pants has a clear base with various shades of purple hexes and silver micro glitter, making it a fantastic "topper". Miss Bossy Pants was absolutely a breeze to apply - no fishing required! Like the other two Love Thy Polish polishes, Miss Bossy Pants dried really quick and was not gloopy at all. There are so many different combinations that you can achieve with Miss Bossy Pants, and I cannot wait to pair it up with my other polishes!

If you'd like to purchase some Love Thy Polish polishes, Emma is selling 8ml bottles for AUD$6, and 12ml bottles for AUD$9, which I think is super affordable! All Love Thy Polishes are also 3-free and made in Australia. If you'd like to purchase some or look at Emma's other amazing creations, please check out her web-store here. Emma also ships internationally! :)

These polishes were sent for my consideration.


  1. OMG Missy Bossy Pants looks stunning! It looks even more beautiful paired with the Barry M polish! :)

    You're so lucky to have received these polishes! x

  2. That's so pretty! Love the mint one.

  3. Gorgeous - love the milkshake one

    Kayte @ imminentbeauty.blogspot.com.au

  4. Oh dear me, they are gorgeous! I'll have to check out Emma's store, too many gorgeous polishes!

  5. I love milkshake it! What a fab name too XD

  6. These are all so pretty! Miss Bossy Pants is definitely my favorite! :)


  7. These polishes are so girly and cute. They remind me of frosted cupcakes and sweet tea parties!