22 April 2013

My two amazing winnings!

I thought I'd share my two recent winnings, since I'm way overdue for a post.

The first prize pack that I won was from the lovely Sammi from materialgurl88. This prize pack contains items not commonly found in Australia.
The items in the prize pack were:
  • 3x Milani polishes - 550 Twinkle; 530 Gems; 89 Disco Lights
  • NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow
  • Milani Illuminating Face Powder in 01 Amber Nectar
  • Wet n Wild in 910D Red Velvet and 966 Don't Blink Pink - Sammi broke my red lippie virginity! Red Velvet's my first red lipstick ever.
  • Wet n Wild coloricon in 738 Comfort Zone
  • Wet n Wild coloricon in 335 Silent Treatment
  • Wet n Wild coloricon in 248 Lust
  • 2x Lioele Beyond the solution BB cream samples (extras)
  • 2x Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask (extras)
  • 2x Apivita express beauty with aloe moisturizing mask (extras)
  • Peter Thomas Roth Body Wash Gel 27ml (extras)
  • Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser 14ml (extras)
Sammi is so friggin generous, as she has included so many extra bits in! Thank you so much Sammi! If you haven't checked out Sammi's blog yet, please do! You won't regret it!

The second prize pack that I received was from Her Fashion Box...
I still can't believe I won all this! $300 worth of Maybelline goodies!!! Apparently the Her Fashion Box team liked my answer to the competition question... I don't even remember what I wrote or what the question was lol

This was what I received in the box of goodies...
  •  NAIL POLISH!!! zomfg... Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 170 Pinkalicious; 250 Keep Up The Flame; 220 Orange Fix; 280 Plum Paradise; 350 Blue Freeze
  • Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder in 05 Sun Baked/Ocre Brun
  • Color Tattoo in 30 Pomegranate Punk; 40 Tenacious Teal; 25 Bad to the Bronze
  • Dream Smooth Primer
  • Master Liner creamy pencil in Black
  • Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Black
  • Hyper Diamonds Ready-to-wear eye color pallet in BR-2
  • Expert Wear in Charcoal Smokes
  • Unstoppable Eyeliner in Pewter
  • the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara in Glam Black Waterproof

  • Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry, Rose Addict, Mango Pie and Pink Lolita
  • Colorsensational lipsticks in 910 shocking coral and 906 hot plum
  • Colorsensational high shine lip gloss in 30 one shine day and 50 luminous latte
Thank you so much to HFB for this amazing prize!!!

Quick (but slightly controversial) question - I don't mean to sound ungrateful by any means, as I truly am grateful for winning this prize pack, but would it be frowned upon if I were to include a few of these items in my next giveaway, as I have some of these items already and want to share the love?


  1. WOW. Those are really HUGE winnings!! How lucky you are :)


  2. wow, you're lucky, awaited next review, congratulations hun


  3. OMG $300 worth of maybelline O_O
    Those are two amazing prizes, lucky girl!

    And I don't think it's bad at all if you already have some of the prizes and want to give them away. It's totally much better if someone else can get use out of them.

    1. Thanks Sheri!

      I think so too... It'd be such a waste if it sat in my drawers for years, untouched!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm still SO jelly of your Zoya polishes lol

  5. Wow I'm super duper jealous haha :P

    1. And I'm super duper jealous of your haul from the states even though I haven't seen it yet lol

  6. Oh my god, those prizes are all so big and amazing!!!
    How have you never bought a red lippy before?! Red's my favourite!

    I don't think it's bad if you include prizes you already own in a giveaway, if you're not going to be able to use them it's good if you can spread the love.

    1. I've NEVER bought a red lippy... I don't have the confidence to wear bold colours.

  7. You are sooooo lucky! I don't think it'll be frowned upon if you put some in a giveaway, better than wasting it by not using it right?

    1. Thanks Kay! I think so too. Will be including some of the Maybelline stuff I won in my next giveaway :)

  8. haha I was just say I hope you have lots of family & friends to give some of that stuff to. That's a hell of a lot of stuff to try and get through on your own. I'll totally take some of it off your hands for you haha Lucky duck anyways :) It's always such a great happy feeling to win something Xx

    1. It's an AMAZING feeling to win something... Should buy a lotto ticket lol

  9. Far out you are so lucky! I am so jealous of that maybelline prize pack :)

  10. You are so lucky! Love all the Maybelline goodies you won from the HFB competition.


    1. Thanks Louise! I am feeling extremely lucky, especially after winning your giveaway too!

  11. u also win from dreamdustx blog . OMG so lucky !!

  12. Wow that HFB giveaway looks awesome make mine look so tiny haha hope you enjoy everything :)

  13. LUCKY GIRL ~ im so jelly of you for winning 2 giveaways! >< anyhoo, followed! check out my blog if you're interested :D


  14. You're really lucky! Those are wonderful prizes!

  15. wow you have amazing luck! you must be stoked

  16. Big winnings for a big spender! I think that balances out pretty well, don't cha think? ;)

    Congrats hun, I see your name pop up quite a fair bit, well done! x

  17. I think that the maybelline baby lips are a good win, never can have too much lip balm!

  18. prizes are all so big and amazing!!!
    Congrats !!!