30 April 2013

Review: B.Liv by Cellnique

I was contacted by Joyselin from B.Liv Skin to do a review on three products from the B.Liv skincare line. After telling Joyselin that I have oily-combination skin that is acne prone, large-ish pores but rarely get blackheads, and have old acne scars that I'd do almost anything for them to completely disappear, she chose three products that are best suited for my skin type and concerns.

The three products are Oil Leviate, Shrink and Tighten+, and Glow and Shine.

Joyselin included a letter with instructions on how and when to use these three products, along with a promo code, which will be revealed at the end of this post.

The instructions were:
  1. Cleanser 
  2. Toner - Oil Leviate. Use daily, every morning and night.
  3. Serum - Shrink and tighten+. Pump 2-3 pea sized drops onto your palm. Apply over your face and neck using circular motions until fully absorbed.
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Weekly Mask - Glow and shine. Apply a thick layer evenly on face and neck, leave on for 5-10 minutes. Gently massage with wet hand in up and outwards circular motions for 5-10 seconds. Rinse well with plenty of water.
I was told that I should see results after two weeks. So after religiously using these products as per Joyselin's recommendations for two weeks, I thought I'd write this review before I go on my holiday!

Starting with the Oil Leviate...
I received two tiny bottles (3ml each). Each bottle lasted a week. Oil leviate is a mattifying moisturizer that is meant to control oil, hydrate skin, unclog pores, fade acne scars and help to remove blackheads and whiteheads. This product on paper sounds like THE ONE for me. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. I didn't notice any oil control at all after two weeks. Prior to using this, I normally get quite conscious of my oil-slicked face at about 3-4pm, and feel the need to either blot or wipe/wash my face. After using this product, things have not changed.

You only need a tiny amount!
However, it was a pleasure applying this to my face, as my face absorbed this moisturizer almost instantly and there was no oily or greasy residue. It just felt like...nothing... Sort of like when you use an anti-bacterial gel to disinfect your hands, except without the sometimes-cooling-sensation. It is also fragrance-less, which may be a plus if you've got sensitive skin.

Next, we have the Shrink and Tighten+ serum...

You may be able to guess what this does from the name - it shrinks and tightens large pores! This is a glass bottle with a rubber tip, which I thought was quite interesting, as I've never come across a bottle such as this. Anyway, this product took slightly longer to be absorbed than the oil leviate. I think it probably takes about 10-20 seconds for the product to be fully absorbed.

Quite runny in comparison to the Oil Leviate

Shrink and Tighten+ has a herbally scent that may be unpleasant to some. I didn't mind it all that much, as it went away after applying my moisturizer.

I'm pleased and quite excited to say that this HAS worked on my skin. I've noticed that my pores have indeed shrunk. They are not as deep as they used to be, and they're smaller width wise. I wish I was a genius photographer so I could show before and after shots. Unfortunately I'm not, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I did measure a few of my pores prior to using this, and my pores were about 1mm in diameter, and they are now just teeny tiny dots that are about 0.5mm! This is a product I'd definitely recommend if you have large pores.

Last but not least, the glow and shine mask...

I've only used it twice so far (once a week as per the instructions) and I absolutely LOVE it. This mask is meant to brightening and whitening your skin tone, exfoliate and unclog pores, minimize pores, control oil, fade scars and keep acne at bay. Another wonder product (at least it is on paper)!

Unfortunately, I haven't actually noticed much "glow and shine". Actually, I lie... I noticed quite a lot of "shine" at the end of the day :(

But! I really liked how smooth my skin felt and how refreshing this mask is. It contains exfoliants that explains why my skin felt so smooth after using this, as well as menthol (my fav skincare ingredient) which explains the refreshing feeling. It also smells quite nice... I want to say fruity... but it's not really, although it contains papaya enzymes! This mask had a bit of a gritty texture, as expected since it has exfoliants. It took about 3 minutes to dry and felt a bit tight on my face once fully dry (which is the norm for face masks... at least for me it is). It wasn't all that hard to completely remove all traces of mask from my face, which I also love. Nothing more annoying than having to spend 5 minutes scrubbing dried gunk off your face!

Anyway, I think this is a great mask for exfoliating and I'm really hoping that this will help fade my unsightly acne scars with prolonged use!

Now for the promo code! To get 30% off your purchase at bliv.com, enter the code BLG30A when checking out. This promotion does not apply to all kits and gift vouchers, and it is valid till 30th of June 2013.

For your convenience, the links to each of the products reviewed are:
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These products were provided for my consideration.


  1. Awesome review Abigail! I too was super blessed to be able to try out some of their products - I got 3 completely different ones. So far I am really quite impressed.

  2. I got sent some stuff by these guys too! I love the serum they sent me, it's really nice :)

    1. I got sent stuff from them too :) Cetaphil dried my face out like crazy so I've been using this to try get it back to normal.

  3. I can't wait to see what other products you girls got :) these sounds fantastic!

  4. Hmm, I've never heard of this brand but the products do sound interesting.
    Like you, I would do anything to fade my acne scars, they've literally been on my face for SO LONG :(

  5. They look promising! I got oily skin too :/


  6. I have quite oily skin so this would be great! (: