31 May 2013

Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream

I was provided a sample of Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream to review a while ago. It's taken me a long time to test this out, as I did not notice much difference in my skin (and I still don't). Before I go further into details about my experience with Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream, I would like to tell you about Aveeno claims this night cream to do.

What makes this night cream special is the addition of the active ingredients - total soy complex, and vitamin B3. These ingredients help to promote your skin radiance via improving five factors - tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots. This night cream hydrates the skin and helps make it look even, fresh and luminous.

This cream is oil-free, which makes me sigh in relief because I am really wary of products whose main selling point is hydration, as my skin type is oily-combination, and I associate hydration with an oil-slicked face. Anyway, it has been clinically proven to significantly improve the skin tone and overall skin appearance in 2 weeks!

I'm not sure on the exact science of this product but I do know that it works by aiding the cell reparation stage at night, whilst you sleep so you wake up with a fresher, more even and luminous skin in the morning.

Unfortunately, I have not found any difference in luminosity, freshness or a more even skintone after using this consistently for 3-4 weeks. When I went to Singapore and got my eyes lasered (you can read more about it here), I was not allowed to use any eye products for about 5 days, and makeup for 7 days. As a precaution, I avoided any skincare products for the 5 days with the exception of washing my face in the morning and evening (avoiding eye area). This resulted in rough skin around my eyes, and a dull looking face, despite me sleeping all day for the first 2 days.

I'm not entirely sure if this cream has played a part in the change of my skin condition, as not only did I stop using this cream, I also stopped using any moisturizer or toner for the first few days.

Having said my uncertainty of whether or not this product worked for me, I'd like to tell you what I like about this product.

Firstly, the smell. If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'd know that I have a nose as sharp as a beagle. I absolutely loathe products that stink, especially skincare ones. I'm happy to announce that this night cream has passed the sniffer test. It smells really fresh, and I love it. It does linger for a few hours though, so if you're sensitive to smells, you may not like this.

Secondly, the texture. This cream is so soft and smooth... like a cream should be. It's neither thick nor watery and absorbs into my skin fairly quickly. Best part of it all is it does not leave an oily/greasy residue!

Picture taken a few minutes after I've taken some out for the swatch pic above. You can see that the cream is thick enough to show where my finger has been!

Lastly, the price. The RRP for this cream is $19.99, which I think is very affordable. It also comes packed to the brim with product, and after 3-4 weeks I've only used a fraction of it. I can definitely see this 48g worth of night cream lasting up to a year!

I'm not entirely sure if I'd repurchase. But if I do, it'd be because of it's moisturizing properties. It's quite hard to find moisturizing creams for oily-combination skin!

So those are my thoughts on Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream. Have you tried this night cream before? If so, what did you think?

Winners of my giveaway!

Rafflecopter has spoken! The winners of my "Celebrating 800 GFC Followers and 1 year blogversary" are...

Congratulations!!! I've sent both of you emails! Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prizes!

If you didn't win, don't despair! I will have a giveaway again in the near future!

Thank you all so much for participating and supporting my blog for the past year and a bit.

29 May 2013

Singapore Haul

Argh! I've been plagued by wedding madness! I've been wanting to make it up to you guys by posting once every day till the end of May but I've failed epically. I'd rant about how the word "wedding" increases the price of an ordinary good or service by 10 fold (exaggerating here...) but I don't want to bore you to death... Anyway, onto something (slightly...ish) more interesting... My Singapore haul! This isn't everything I bought, as I've forgotten a few things when I was taking photos and now everything is everywhere!

From Etude House... May have gone a tat crazy - Help My Finger Top coat, Look At My Shiny Nails #SPK001 Strawberry Syrup, Dolly 3 Step Nails PK001 Lovely Doll, Nail Remover #2 Extra Power, Nail Remover #1 Mild, Oh m' Eye Lash in Double Up Longlash, Volume & Lonlash, Clean Curling, and Petticoat. I have yet to try out everything, but so far the items I've tried, I love! The top coat, nail polishes, mascara primer, and pink nail polish remover (#1 mild) are all amazing, and I wish I bought back ups :(

Like I could go somewhere without doing a massive nail polish haul... I purchased Zoya Tao, Zoya PixieDust London, Zoya Pixiedust Destiny, Zoya Pixiedust Stevie, Zoya Shelby, Nicole by OPI Do Good... Feel Good, OPI Elephantastic Pink, OPI Magazine Cover Mouse. I am in LOVE with Zoya pixiedusts and OPI liquid sands! I also absolutely love the regular (non pixiedust) Zoya formulas. I wish they were more affordable here (I think the RRP here is about AUD$20).

From Watsons (sort of like our Priceline), I bought Gatsby oil blotters, Biore Facial Wash refill for normal/combination skin, Biore Facial Wash for acne-prone skin, and Biore makeup remover sheets. For some strange reason, I find the Asian Biore products to be way better than the Australian Biore ones. :-s

I accidentally included a product that's meant for a swap in this picture. It is also meant to be a surprise, so I'm just going to pretend everything is mine. ;) My dutyfree haul consists of MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachykeen and Springsheen, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus, Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 17 Rose Dahlia, YSL Golden Gloss in 19 Golden Petal, and Shu Uemura Hard 6 Eyebrow pencil in Seal Brown 02. I haven't tried everything yet but I absolutely LOVE the ones I've tried, in particularly the MAC sheertone blush and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.

And lastly, these are items that I got from a variety of stores. I purchased Maybelline Gel Eye-Liner Pen, dejavu oil control serum, Fresh Sugar Rose, Dior Addict Extreme in 366 Pink Icon, Dior Addict Extreme in 366 Grege, Maybelline NeoNude in Velvet Coral, Maybelline Baby Skin primer, and Ardell Fashion Lashes in 110. The Maybelline baby skin primer is amaaazing! I haven't read the ingredients yet but it feels like it's full of cones but it makes my skin feel so soft!

That's it for my haul! Have you done an amazing haul lately?

25 May 2013

epi-LASIK Eye Surgery

I finally did it! If you read my confuzzled blog post that I posted in March, you'd know that I was contemplating on whether I should do LASEK or LASIK. A few of you commented expressing your confusion, so I thought I'd continue on from that post and share my experiences.

I actually got the procedure done in Singapore, after recommendations from my uncle. I went for a consultation and loved that I only had to be without contacts for 24 hours, unlike the 72 hours that is required for Vision Eye Institute in Sydney. The doctor's assistants used several machines to measure the thickness of my cornea, and I guess my eye health in general (I'm not entirely sure what all of them do). They also did an eye test to measure my actual prescription, which was about a -10 and a -9.5 (i.e. really high).

After analyzing all the results, they concluded that even though I have a thicker than average cornea, my prescription is far too high for LASIK. In case you don't know the difference between LASIK and epi-LASIK, here's a quick crash course. LASIK is a procedure where a flap is cut so the laser has access to the cornea tissue, where it does it's thing. The recovery time for LASIK is extremely fast - clear vision is usually obtained immediately and you would be out of work for a day. From my rather limited knowledge, I think epi-LASIK is the same as LASEK. Please don't quote me on that. For epi-LASIK, the top layer of the cornea is removed, so the laser can cut the cornea tissue. The healing time is far longer than LASIK. It takes up to a year for full recovery. By full recovery, I mean no fluctuations in blurriness. The doctor told me it will take 2 months for my cornea tissue to heal up, and so I will have to be extra vigilant and make sure my eyes are protected from harmful UV rays, as they can cause scarring, which will affect my sight.

So after the consultation, I was ahh-ing and umm-ing about whether or not I should get the procedure done in Singapore or Sydney. The cost to do epi-LASIK in Sydney is about AUD$2k, whilst it was about SGD$3k, which is about AUD$2.4k. The other disadvantage of doing it in Singapore was that I would have noone to look after me. However, the advantages were the same 24 hour no contacts rule applied to pre-surgery preparations, unlike the 72 hours in Sydney. I eventually decided to get it done in Singapore, after realising that I would most likely chicken out or procrastinate if I didn't get it done now. After making my decision, Mike felt the need to take another block of work off so that he can look after me... <3

On the day of the surgery, the the assistants used a few eye machines to check my eyes. Again, I'm not entirely sure what those machines do. One of his assistants then went through what I needed to do post-surgery - which eyedrops to use, when to use them, what I shouldn't do post-surgery like not wear makeup for a WHOLE WEEK etc. We then had to wait about 30 minutes for the doctor to come down. When he arrived, he went out the back in the surgery room to prepare for the surgery. His assistant prepped me up as well. I had to wear a gown, booties, hair cap thingy, and a mask that covered my nose and mouth. She then applied numbing drops into my eyes, covered my left eye with some sort of a protective thing, and then got me to stare at a red blinking light for practice whilst the doctor finishes his preparations.

And then it was time... The scariest moments of my life... I went into the surgical room, climbed up a step to get on the bed. An assistant put a blanket over me, and then the doctor moved the laser machine into position. He put a thin long rectangular cloth around my face, which he later used to hold my head steady. He placed a ring in my right eye, which I guess holds the eyeball in place and prevents the eyelid from closing. He then proceeded to (what I assume) remove the top layer of epithelial cells. It was so scary to see what he was doing to my eye, not knowing exactly what he was doing, whilst not feeling a single thing. The items he used were what looked like cotton buds, and a pair of small scissors with pointy tips, as well as some unknown liquid. I could actually see the background darkening as he prepared my eye for the surgery... and then it was time. He held my head steady and told me to stare at the red blinking light. It was such a weird experience. There was a slight burning smell, but it didn't bother me all that much, as my mind was ... everywhere... I was wondering when it'll all be over, and how weird the red light got as the laser did its thing. It kind of looked like a laser light show? :-s There were a total of 4 stages, and I really liked how he was telling me which stage we were at, and how many more seconds we had left by counting down.

When the laser finished doing its thing, he poured a crap load of liquid in my eye to rinse it. He then inserted a protective lens (like a clear contact lens). And that was it... for that eye. He then removed the bandage thingy from my left eye, placed it over my right, and went through the whole procedure from the placement of the ring to the protective lens. I think it took about 15 minutes from start to finish for both eyes.

That's me with the laser raping my eyeball... Although I don't think the laser was in operation at the time when this photo was taken (at least I hope it wasn't).
As I said before, I felt absolutely nothing but I was absolutely terrified being able to see what he was doing to my eyeballs. However, about 2 minutes post-surgery, it really started to hurt. The "pain" was like an eyelash stuck in your eye but worse (if you're a contact lens wearer... like accidentally putting on a broken lens). One of the assistants put the eyedrops in my eyes... one eyedrop per eye every 10-15 minutes... There were three different types! So that was about 30 minutes of pain... and then I was given a pair of sunnies that completely blocks out all UV rays. Those sunnies are EVIL. They refuse to stay on my face, although it's probably because I have a lack of nose. Anyway, the pain stayed with me all through the 15-20 min cab ride home, until I managed to fall asleep with the pain. When I woke up, I was pain free! HURRAY! Mike then administered eye drops. I had four different ones - a lubricating one, antibiotic, antibiotic/steroid combination, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. The first three eye drops needed to be administered once every 3 hours, except at night, when I'm sleeping. The last eye drop needed to be administered once every 4 hours (thankfully only for the first 3 days). Each eye drop had to be spaced 10-15 minutes apart, so you can imagine (well, calculate) how long the eye-drop-routine took.

I was also given six Berocca tablets to be taken once a day, and three Valium tablets to be taken once a night if required.

My eye drops and tablets
The first two days post-surgery, I slept... A lot. I could not read my phone without feeling nauseous, and the backlight had to be set on the lowest setting. The third day got better, I could use my phone for about 15 minutes before getting nauseous and having to sleep it off. The fourth day onwards, my vision started getting clearer (but still blurry), and I could use my phone longer and more frequently.

I went for follow-up visits to the doctor 3 days and 5 days post surgery. The first follow-up, he said the top layer had healed up 70% after inspecting it with his eye machine thing. The second follow-up, he removed the protective lens - it didn't hurt.

Before coming back to Australia, I went to see him again 7 days post-surgery. He wrote me a letter to give to an eye doctor or optometrist for a check up four weeks post-surgery, and gave me another box of lubricant and two more steroidal eye drops. FYI, the steroidal eye drops help prevent scarring when the tissues heal.

He told me that my healing time is much longer than other patients because I had such a high prescription. It will take up to 6 months for my vision to stabilise. At a week and a half post surgery, my vision does get noticeably blurry at times, but it's clear enough to fool me into thinking that I'm wearing contact lenses at times.

So that was my experience with epi-LASIK eye surgery. I'm so glad I did it in Singapore, and am so thankful that Mike was there to support me and be my eye-drops slave. It's so amazing to be able to wake up in the morning and see! I will definitely not be missing the times I had to fumble for glasses to read the time!

24 May 2013

Lust Have It - May 2013

So I bit the bullet and purchased another yearly subscription after my previous one expired last month, and I'm kind of glad I did. Here's why...

1. TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner 2x10ml & Recharge High-Octane Shine Conditioner 2x10ml (RRP: $25 for 100ml)
Even though these are sachets, I think it's worth squeezing them out into a little plastic travel sized container because there are 20ml of each product all up. Both shampoo and conditioner sound like the right products for my prone-to-breakage, dry damaged hair. So now all I have to do is find some empty travel sized bottles...

2.  Seacret Ocean Mist Body Lotion - full size (RRP: $25 for 100ml)
 To be honest, I had doubts that I'd like the smell of ocean mist after getting a headache from an ocean mist type scent a little while ago. To my surprise, I actually quite like it! It's really fast absorbing and feels quite hydrating. I'm not sure if it'll be hydrating in the long run... time will tell!

3. Nicole by OPI - 2 x Mini Hit-Makers (RRP: $18.95 for a pack of 4)
I actually have these two colours already, so I've thrown them into one of my giveaway prizes. If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, you can do so here.

4. Mik@vonk Auto Eyebrow Pencil - full size (RRP: $10)
I got this in the colour "04 Dark Grey". I was a bit skeptical about this eyebrow pencil matching my brows because it looked so light, but I was pleasantly surprised at how naturally this eyebrow pencil
made my brows look.... But then again, I did just apply this in a room with dim lighting and I'm half blind (more on that on another blog post)... Nevertheless, looking forward to giving this a go tomorrow morning and seeing if I get any weird looks or comments by strangers.

5. Camouflage Colours Lip Gloss in White Cherry - 5ml (RRP: $12.95 for 15ml)
I have a feeling this is going into one of the giveaway prizes. I'm a bit of a lipgloss snob, as I'm not a fan of lipgloss in a squeezey tube such as this. I much prefer ones with a doe tip applicator for some strange reason. Therefore, I'd rather this go to someone who'd appreciate and use it more than me.

According to the LHI card, the selling point of this lip gloss is it's hydration and protection qualities, which seems perfect for the colder weather...

6. Paula's Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Scrub - 30ml (RRP: $38 for 118ml)
This claims to prevent breakouts and fade red marks, as well as unclog and shrink enlarged pores. An interesting product that I'm excited to test out.

So that's all that was in my LHI box for the month of May. I actually don't know why I'm sort of happy with this box, despite the sachets and me giving away 1/3 of my box in giveaway prizes. Maybe because two out of six (three if you count nail polish) items were cosmetics? Maybe they're all products people would actually use... unlike green skin crayons in the LHI March box.

What did you get in your LHI box?

23 May 2013

I'm back and engaged!!!

I'm BAAAACK!!... and engaged!

But you'd know that already if you were following me on twitter/instagram.

I thought I'd post about my holiday (in particular Maldives) and the proposal first, and then tackle the other gazillion posts that I want to do later.

So it all started off with me wanting to go to the Maldives after seeing seriously gorgeous pictures of the tiny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Mike then decided to take me there because he's the most awesomest person ever. We scoured the internet, trying to find the best (and affordable) resorts to stay at. I wanted a room where I had direct access and view to the beach or a villa that was over the water. We then found out about Baros Maldives on tripadvisor, and after reading so many positive reviews about them, we sent them an email and got some prices. We also emailed one or two other places, but settled with Baros because of their amazing customer service. They replied so promptly unlike the other resorts that we emailed.

We ended up booking a Baros Villa room for two nights and a Water Villa for the last night. The baros villa has direct access to the beach, whilst the water villa is situated over the water, so it has amazing ocean views.

We flew to Singapore from Sydney for my grandfather's 90th birthday. We stayed at my uncle's, where we found out that he knows the owner of Baros! He got in contact with the owner, and we were assured that we'd get a V.V.I.P treatment. So after spending about a week in Singapore, we then flew to the Maldives via Kuala Lumpur, where Mike's luggage got lost because the flight out of Singapore to KL was delayed by about 45 minutes. When we reached KL airport, we  had to hurry to the boarding gate to get on the flight to Maldives (the scheduled time between the two flights was about an hour). We concluded that the reason why Mike's luggage didn't arrive in Maldives was that they did not have time to find a typical black luggage (I've got a pink one... naturally... lol). When we finally got out of Male airport (after filing a report for a lost luggage), we were greeted by our own butler, Mohammed. Mohammed took my luggage and our carry on and wheeled them to the jetty, where one of Baro's many boats was docked.

We were then given a cold hand towel and a drink. After about a 20 min boat ride, we finally got to Baros (it was about 12am-ish at that time), where they gave us another cold towel when we disembarked. We then took a short stroll to the reception hut, and were greeted by the resort manager. They then offered us champagne, bottled water or juice. We had a quick little chat with the resort manager who mentioned my uncle, and the perks of my connections - a free upgrade from the Baros Villa to the Baros Pool Villa (exactly the same, but has a pool out the back), and a discount for all food and drinks for the duration of our stay.

The Baros Pool Villa was AMAZING...
It has a friggin outdoor shower, which I regret not using. There were lizards out there, and I was... well, scared. :(

Check out what's out the back...
Had an amazing time sunbaking the two days we spent there.

Continuing on with the story... On the second day, we went to buy Mike a set of clothes at the boutique shop since his bag didn't make it on the flight and was due 24 hours later (at 11pm ish on the second day). Boy, oh boy was that an expensive venture! Their shorts went for at least USD$60. And by shorts, I mean Billabong/Ripcurl boardies. We managed to find a t-shirt with the Baros logo on it for about USD$20. We were then slugged with the taxes and surcharges. The bill was about USD$108!

Anyway, later that day (second night), we went sandbank dining. To be honest, I wasn't very excited by the idea for two main reasons. It costs a fortune! I'm talking a USD$500+ (before the discount) meal (and we picked the cheapest menu option) AND it was quite windy that night. I was wondering why Mike seemed so keen on doing it despite the weather. It's really not in his nature to spend so much on a meal...

Anyway, two boat rides later (we had to change boats because the big one could not go through shallow water), we got there. We had a personal chef and a waiter... It was just us and them on a pretty small sandbank! I really felt sorry for the chef who had to cook with a little book light.

Before the smaller boat left, I asked Mike if he wanted to pass his paper bag (the one under the table in the picture above) to the guys on the boat as it was really windy and the waves were coming in quite close to the table. He was insistent on keeping the bag by his side. So after the boat left, we were talking about the sandbank and he said 'well there is another reason why we're here...', got down to one knee and said 'Abby, will you marry me?' I said 'OMG... hold on, let me look at the ring!' I was squinting as there were only about 4 candles lighting the place up, and I saw the most gorgeous ring ever. He actually listened to me, when I was rattling on about rings I love, and I HAD to say yes. I know how materialistic I seem by the way I responded to his proposal, but I had to make sure that he listens to me... I'm not materialistic at all... ok, maybe just a little...

The ring...

A heart-shaped diamond ring, with little pink diamonds on either side.

I told Mike I've always wanted a pink heart shaped diamond, but I'd never expect him to buy me one because they're so friggin expensive. I absolutely love how he compromised by getting me a love-heart diamond and little pink ones. He also designed the ring!!

Anyway, that's the engagement story... Continuing on with the rest of Maldives...

We had to move to the water villa after the two nights at Baros Pool Villa. The water villa is absolutely gorgeous, but if I had to choose between the two, I think I'd go for the Baros Pool Villa. I loooove the private pool. The room was also a lot nicer.

The view from our water villa...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the water villas as it poured the third day. But you can check out the baros website to see what the water villas look like.

There was a set of stairs going down into the ocean, and that's where we spotted a reef shark! Mike managed to snap a photo...

After moving and settling in the water villa on the second day, we went to the Marine Center and got some snorkeling gear. It was my first time snorkeling... and I don't like it at all. I'm not a water person, but I do love looking at the gorgeous clear, turquoise water from land though! Mike had a blast looking at the corals, spotting fish and capturing his findings on camera for me.

The third day was just absolutely gloomy. It was raining so hard and the winds were extremely strong... so much so that it was raining almost horizontally! We managed to meet up with the owner of Baros between showers. It was great putting a face to a name! Unfortunately, we only spoke for about 5-10 minutes with him before he had to leave for the main island. The weather quickly turned sour, so we spent the rest of the day packing up our stuff, and watching tv in bed.

We then had to check out, where we were greeted by the resort manager. After having another chat with him, we boarded the boat again to Male. One of the Baros staff wheeled our luggages to the airport, through the security at the entrance of the airport to the check in area, where he placed our luggages on the weighing thing. I don't think we've ever carried our luggage since we arrived at Male airport (besides Mike collecting my luggage from the conveyor belt and wheeling it out of the airport).

The management and staff at Baros Maldives are amazing. I love everything about Baros! Mike and I plan to go back for a holiday sometime in the (near, I hope) future!

02 May 2013

April Empties

I can't believe a quarter of the year has flown by already! Anyway, I thought I'd squeeze this empties post in before I leave for Singapore and Maldives. So in no particular order, here are my April empties!

1. Napro Super Soft Repair & Care Shampoo
I purchased this from Priceline a while ago for $2.99. I could not finish this shampoo (it only had about 10% left before I threw it out) because my scalp was getting far too itchy and it was dandruff galore! To be fair, quite a lot of shampoos have been irritating my scalp lately. Other than the irritation, I thought this shampoo was pretty darn good considering the price! But I wouldn't repurchase, simply because my scalp is being a b--ch.

2. Bath & Body Works - be enchanted shower gel
O.M.F.G. This shower gel smelt amazing! I'm currently using another B&BW shower gel, and that too smells amazing (although they do kind of have a similar type of scent). If you like sweet scents, B&BW is definitely the way to go. I didn't get any skin irritations, but I didn't find this shower gel particularly moisturizing nor dehydrating. I still found that I needed to moisturize my body ever so often (I don't moisturize everyday because I'm lazy :-/). Will definitely repurchase this when I can afford the freight forwarding fees (I use hopshopgo, if you're wondering)!

3. Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-diffusing Perfecting Primer
This has to be the most expensive primer my pores has ever absorbed. Although I didn't really notice any glowiness after slapping on my foundation (but I think that it's me, not the product because I never notice any glow... ever. I associate glow with oily :-/), I was really sad when I finished this luxurious product. I found it absolutely fascinating that this bottle has managed to crush up the little beads into a glorious pool of shimmery-primer-goodness just by pressing down on the pumpy-thing. AMAZING! I probably would repurchase this if I could afford it.

4. Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
No idea where I bought this from, but I thought it was quite moisturizing! I say quite because I expected more from Matrix Biolage. I have extremely dry, damaged, frizzy hay-like hair and this conditioner has managed to tame it a little. I probably would not repurchase this, as it didn't quite fulfill my expectations and didn't tame my hair completely... although it did smell really good....

5. De Lorenza et Equilibrium treatment masque
Received this sample in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes. This lasted me two uses, and whilst I found it to really soften my hair after washing this masque off, the softness did not last. My hair went back to being horribly tangly and the softness disappeared when dried. Would not repurchase.

6. Maxfactor Facfinity Compact Foundation in 02 Ivory
This powder foundation lasted me about 3 months! I thought it did a brilliant job at setting my foundation without making me look too cakey. I also like how it had a bit of coverage, as I sometimes do get lazy with using a concealer. This powder foundation is definitely in my good books, and I will probably repurchase this some day but for now, there are far too many powder foundations on the market that I'd love to try out first.

7. Sephora Perfecting Ultra-smoothing primer
Whilst this provided a really smooth surface for foundation application, I didn't like this primer all that much (especially after using the Guerlain Meteorites one above) for a few reasons. One of which is that it was too 'silicony' for my liking. It felt like it was clogging up my pores, but maybe it's just my imagination. It also didn't smell too good... So I probably would not repurchase this, as I think there are plenty of better, nicer-smelling, non-pore-clogging primers out there...

8. Dior Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection
I've been using my stash of sample sized Diorsnow moisturizers quite sparingly, as I absolutely LOVE them! They smell amazing, have SPF 50 - PA+++, and does not leave an oily/greasy residue. The only con is the price :( BUT I would definitely repurchase!

9. Kerastase Nectar Thermique sample
This was so amazing that I had to get a full sized one. This really tamed my frizz and made my hair feel so much softer.  I was so amazed when my hay-like ends started feeling so smooth after using this. I apply a little bit (about a AUD 50 cent piece) on my ends after towel drying, and then again in the morning on dry hair when required (although not usually necessary if I use it the night before on damp hair). This also smells AMAZING :)

10. Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream
Sammi from materialgurl88 included two sachets of this BB cream in a prize that I won on her blog a few weeks ago. And yes I am aware that it isn't used in the picture above. I forgot to take a photo of the used sachet before throwing it out. Anyway, I like this BB cream. I thought it provided a bit more coverage than the other BB creams I've tried. However, this was far too light/ashy for my skin tone. It just didn't look right on me. So I probably would not repurchase this.

That's it for my April empties! What have you emptied last month?