23 May 2013

I'm back and engaged!!!

I'm BAAAACK!!... and engaged!

But you'd know that already if you were following me on twitter/instagram.

I thought I'd post about my holiday (in particular Maldives) and the proposal first, and then tackle the other gazillion posts that I want to do later.

So it all started off with me wanting to go to the Maldives after seeing seriously gorgeous pictures of the tiny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Mike then decided to take me there because he's the most awesomest person ever. We scoured the internet, trying to find the best (and affordable) resorts to stay at. I wanted a room where I had direct access and view to the beach or a villa that was over the water. We then found out about Baros Maldives on tripadvisor, and after reading so many positive reviews about them, we sent them an email and got some prices. We also emailed one or two other places, but settled with Baros because of their amazing customer service. They replied so promptly unlike the other resorts that we emailed.

We ended up booking a Baros Villa room for two nights and a Water Villa for the last night. The baros villa has direct access to the beach, whilst the water villa is situated over the water, so it has amazing ocean views.

We flew to Singapore from Sydney for my grandfather's 90th birthday. We stayed at my uncle's, where we found out that he knows the owner of Baros! He got in contact with the owner, and we were assured that we'd get a V.V.I.P treatment. So after spending about a week in Singapore, we then flew to the Maldives via Kuala Lumpur, where Mike's luggage got lost because the flight out of Singapore to KL was delayed by about 45 minutes. When we reached KL airport, we  had to hurry to the boarding gate to get on the flight to Maldives (the scheduled time between the two flights was about an hour). We concluded that the reason why Mike's luggage didn't arrive in Maldives was that they did not have time to find a typical black luggage (I've got a pink one... naturally... lol). When we finally got out of Male airport (after filing a report for a lost luggage), we were greeted by our own butler, Mohammed. Mohammed took my luggage and our carry on and wheeled them to the jetty, where one of Baro's many boats was docked.

We were then given a cold hand towel and a drink. After about a 20 min boat ride, we finally got to Baros (it was about 12am-ish at that time), where they gave us another cold towel when we disembarked. We then took a short stroll to the reception hut, and were greeted by the resort manager. They then offered us champagne, bottled water or juice. We had a quick little chat with the resort manager who mentioned my uncle, and the perks of my connections - a free upgrade from the Baros Villa to the Baros Pool Villa (exactly the same, but has a pool out the back), and a discount for all food and drinks for the duration of our stay.

The Baros Pool Villa was AMAZING...
It has a friggin outdoor shower, which I regret not using. There were lizards out there, and I was... well, scared. :(

Check out what's out the back...
Had an amazing time sunbaking the two days we spent there.

Continuing on with the story... On the second day, we went to buy Mike a set of clothes at the boutique shop since his bag didn't make it on the flight and was due 24 hours later (at 11pm ish on the second day). Boy, oh boy was that an expensive venture! Their shorts went for at least USD$60. And by shorts, I mean Billabong/Ripcurl boardies. We managed to find a t-shirt with the Baros logo on it for about USD$20. We were then slugged with the taxes and surcharges. The bill was about USD$108!

Anyway, later that day (second night), we went sandbank dining. To be honest, I wasn't very excited by the idea for two main reasons. It costs a fortune! I'm talking a USD$500+ (before the discount) meal (and we picked the cheapest menu option) AND it was quite windy that night. I was wondering why Mike seemed so keen on doing it despite the weather. It's really not in his nature to spend so much on a meal...

Anyway, two boat rides later (we had to change boats because the big one could not go through shallow water), we got there. We had a personal chef and a waiter... It was just us and them on a pretty small sandbank! I really felt sorry for the chef who had to cook with a little book light.

Before the smaller boat left, I asked Mike if he wanted to pass his paper bag (the one under the table in the picture above) to the guys on the boat as it was really windy and the waves were coming in quite close to the table. He was insistent on keeping the bag by his side. So after the boat left, we were talking about the sandbank and he said 'well there is another reason why we're here...', got down to one knee and said 'Abby, will you marry me?' I said 'OMG... hold on, let me look at the ring!' I was squinting as there were only about 4 candles lighting the place up, and I saw the most gorgeous ring ever. He actually listened to me, when I was rattling on about rings I love, and I HAD to say yes. I know how materialistic I seem by the way I responded to his proposal, but I had to make sure that he listens to me... I'm not materialistic at all... ok, maybe just a little...

The ring...

A heart-shaped diamond ring, with little pink diamonds on either side.

I told Mike I've always wanted a pink heart shaped diamond, but I'd never expect him to buy me one because they're so friggin expensive. I absolutely love how he compromised by getting me a love-heart diamond and little pink ones. He also designed the ring!!

Anyway, that's the engagement story... Continuing on with the rest of Maldives...

We had to move to the water villa after the two nights at Baros Pool Villa. The water villa is absolutely gorgeous, but if I had to choose between the two, I think I'd go for the Baros Pool Villa. I loooove the private pool. The room was also a lot nicer.

The view from our water villa...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the water villas as it poured the third day. But you can check out the baros website to see what the water villas look like.

There was a set of stairs going down into the ocean, and that's where we spotted a reef shark! Mike managed to snap a photo...

After moving and settling in the water villa on the second day, we went to the Marine Center and got some snorkeling gear. It was my first time snorkeling... and I don't like it at all. I'm not a water person, but I do love looking at the gorgeous clear, turquoise water from land though! Mike had a blast looking at the corals, spotting fish and capturing his findings on camera for me.

The third day was just absolutely gloomy. It was raining so hard and the winds were extremely strong... so much so that it was raining almost horizontally! We managed to meet up with the owner of Baros between showers. It was great putting a face to a name! Unfortunately, we only spoke for about 5-10 minutes with him before he had to leave for the main island. The weather quickly turned sour, so we spent the rest of the day packing up our stuff, and watching tv in bed.

We then had to check out, where we were greeted by the resort manager. After having another chat with him, we boarded the boat again to Male. One of the Baros staff wheeled our luggages to the airport, through the security at the entrance of the airport to the check in area, where he placed our luggages on the weighing thing. I don't think we've ever carried our luggage since we arrived at Male airport (besides Mike collecting my luggage from the conveyor belt and wheeling it out of the airport).

The management and staff at Baros Maldives are amazing. I love everything about Baros! Mike and I plan to go back for a holiday sometime in the (near, I hope) future!


  1. What a romatic way to be engaged! Congrats! :)


  2. So beautiful and Congratulations! xxxx

  3. awwww, so sweeetttt :) congrats hun ^_~

  4. congratulations! your ring is stunning - bit green with envy! I love it! the resort looks absolutley delightful! good luck in your lives together! :)

    1. Thanks so much! The resort was amaaaazing! Highly recommend it :)

  5. Congratulations! That ring is amazing!
    Best wishes :)


  6. Omg congrats! I love your ring it is so beautiful! The thing about the lizards in the shower made me laugh :P

    1. You wouldn't be laughing if it crawled up your body!!! *shivers* I hate lizards...

      P.S. Thanks :)

  7. Congrats!! The ring is beautiful and Maldives are so romantic!)

  8. Congratulations!!! :) That ring is gorgeous!

  9. Congratulations :) Baros looks amazing!

  10. congratulations on your engagement! such a lucky girl :)
    the villa you stayed at in maldives looks incredible as well!

    ♥ M & L


    1. Thank you! :)

      Baros Maldives is amaaazing! Everyone needs to go visit at least once!

  11. Congrats! He is such a romantic :-) It is such a nice story to tell people, we got engaged in Hawaii and it is the most memorable holiday ever. Gorgeous ring as well, he obviously has good taste!

  12. The ring is so cute and gorgeous! CONGRATS ABIGAIL!!!! <3

  13. Congrats! Getting engaged is so exciting! The ring is stunning and such a perfect match with the location.

    1. Thanks Lu! I agree on the location! Mike's got amazing tastes :P

  14. Congratulations to you and Mike on the engagement! The ring is gorgeous! Your trip looks like it was amazing! Congrats again!

  15. Wowwwwwww what an amazing post! My dream engagement ring is a pink shaped diamond too :3
    the villa looked so breathtaking! congrats lovely!!!

    à la foliee

  16. Congratulations! The ring is beautiful.
    The Maldives seems like such a romantic place, and the place you stayed at looks gorgeous.



  17. omg congratulations! And the ring is gorgeous ^_^ Shame about the weather though!

    1. Thanks Kay! The weather did suck but thankfully it only sucked on the last day

  18. Congratulations on your engagement, such a romantic way to propose! Definitely a memorable moment for you to remember. The ring is gorgeous and I can't believe it was personally designed - that's so sweet! Love the photos as well, Maldives looks beautiful.


  19. Awwww how very very sweet! Very happy for you Abby and congrats to you & Mike! Definitely sounds like a wonderful memory for your life together :) Mike has definitely done well :) xoxoxo