14 June 2013

Lust Have It - June 2013

It's that time of the month again... No, not THAT time of the month... The time of the month where beauty boxes appear magically in my post office box. I've just received the first beauty box of the month - Lust Have It.

My first reaction to the colour scheme of this month's collectors box is "Oooo! That's different" I'm so used to the blue-green-greyish scheme that this was completely unexpected. It's actually less vibrant in real life. It's more of a dusty orangey/brown colour. Anyway, enough of the box talk, let's get on with this month's first impressions of LHI.

LHI is celebrating the release of the 'Great Gatsby' by making this month's theme all about the "GREAT" classics. This is what I received...

I was greeted by these products when I opened up my LHI box. To be honest, I was less than impressed when I saw the products.

1. Baptiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry - 50ml/30g (RRP: $9.95 for 200ml/120g)

This was the first product I noticed, and I was so disappointed. There's only so much dry shampoo one can take in a monthly beauty subscription box (see here and here). At least it's a different scent to the ones that I've received previously, and it smells ok.

2. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in Coconut Infusion (RRP: $29.95 for 354ml)
Ah Pure Fiji, we meet again (see here and here and here). Well, the last two links were body butters from Bellabox, but the first link was the exact same product from LHI in a different scent. It WAS almost a year ago, but still... It just feels like LHI is running out of "new" products to share.

3. OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps (RRP: $19.99)

Wasn't all that impressed that I received this in my box. I do not use these nail sticker things because I have a strange infatuation with painting my nails, not sticking things on my nails - also most sticker nail brands don't have enough strips that are the right size for my nails. Not a big fan of the design either. Therefore, this will most likely go into my giveaway box, hoping that someone will appreciate this more than me.

4. Klara H2O Proof Eyeliner (RRP: $18.00)
YAY! Finally something I'd definitely use... until I swatched it. Formula is definitely not the best. It's not soft and creamy like a good pencil eyeliner should be. It also fades rather easily when rubbed, so all you eye-rubbers, beware! It does have a nifty smudger thing on the other end, which can be quite helpful for creating some smudgey eyeliner look. I really don't know if I'll ever end up using this. I think the deal breaker is the hard formula, which isn't very good for my delicate eyes especially after I've had my laser eye surgery done (read here).

5. Real Purity Natural Lipstick in Romantic Red (RRP: $15.00) and Crown Brush Disposable Lip Brush
First impressions - "OOO! They included a brush! That's nice!" And then I tried it. That brush is useless or maybe it's the formula of the lipstick. Either way, the brush did not work for me. It picked up product but didn't dispense any onto my lips. The formula of this lipstick in this tub was like a hard lip balm. When I managed to get some on my lips (using my fingers, as I gave up on the brush after 10 goes or so), it was so friggin drying. My lips feel like a desert. The colour was more pink than red. I think it's buildable, but when I went to put more on, my lips felt so dry I could not bare to put anymore on to make it more of a "romantic red". On the bright side, I kind of like the look of the "un-built up" colour. It looks like I accidentally bit my lip and it's gone a bit pinkish red. BUT I wouldn't use it again because it's so drying, especially since it's winter.

6. Savi Australia Organic Soothing Cream - 20ml (RRP: $27.95 for 60ml)
This is meant to be an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral organic cream. It smells really herbally, so I looked through the ingredients to try to figure out what that smell was... and I noticed that it contains Cannabis Seed Oil... lovely. It also contains tea tree, cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass, and thyme oil (along with a whole bunch of other oils). I think these are the oils that I can pick up from the smell of this cream. It's not a smell that I enjoy, but I think this might come in handy someday. This definitely isn't a cream that I would willingly reach for because of the smell, but it does feel really soothing and moisturizing.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this box. There is nothing in this box that I'm excited about and absolutely cannot wait to use. Crossing both fingers and toes that next month's box will be a lot better because I don't think LHI can do any worse... and I also purchased a yearly subscription recently. :(

What did you get in your LHI box? Were you impressed?

EDIT: LHI gave me a tip for the Klara eyeliner via tweeter. They said to warm up the pencil with your fingertips to soften it up a little because the cold weather might have harden it. I gave it a go, and kind of felt a bit silly holding the eyeliner between my fingers. But it did work.. ish. It felt a touch softer than before, and I'm sure that if I held it between my fingertips long enough, it'll soften enough to use. I'm not trying to be difficult but having sat there holding the eyeliner between my fingers for a good 2 minutes before losing patience, I didn't think it would be good for someone who's always doing their makeup in a hurry (i.e. me, despite being currently a woman of leisure ... in between jobs). Whilst it was a good tip, I probably would not use the eyeliner again... until summer perhaps?


  1. Aw what a shame you didn't like it.. I don't mind the look of this box personally but I guess that's the problem with subscription boxes, they please one set of people and annoy another set haha! Hopefully they do better next month!

  2. Lucky you to receive yours so early, I won't get mine till probably the middle of next week living country NSW.

    I'm sorry Abigail but that is definitely a crap box. More dry shampoo, Pure Fiji and Nail wraps, definitely not worth the price increase. I hope I don't get this box, I thought we were suppose to try new products NOT repeat products? I will be glad when my subscription is up in September I won't be renewing.

    Giveaway on my blog, matillysthisnthat.blogspot.com.au

    Jac x0x

  3. Your box arrived rather quickly! I am so bombed about the dry shampoo... I still haven't used my bottle from Bellabox and I received a full sized bottle from Her Fashion Box a month ago as well. What am I going to do with a third bottle?!?! I quite like the design of the nail wraps but I hate using them as well - I'd rather paint my nails.

  4. Doesn't look too bad but I am still I ended my subscription :) I got sick of being disappointed.

  5. ANOTHER DRY SHAMPOO!??? This will seriously be the 4th bottle I've received if I get it in my box as well! :'(
    I really hope I get something worth while in my box this month, considering my last box was pretty disappointing!

  6. Aw wow. I just recently subscribed to Lust Have It and I'm getting my box soon - probably on Monday/Tuesday. I'm a bit disappointed by the looks of it. I hope I get something worthwhile in my box (this being my first box). I have a lot of lotions already.

    I wonder who will have that lucky box with that $1k ring...
    Hope we get a great box next month! xx

  7. I tried so hard not to come and read this when I saw it on my blogroll... you can see my self-control is awesome can't ya lol! I don't mind the look of your box. Not keen to try the lipstick if I get it though cause even the most moisturising lip products dry my lips out. I'd def give those nail wraps a go and the liner, did you try 'huffing' on it? Hoping my box comes early in the week, the suspense is now killing me :D

  8. Yeah not that great of a box this month since most of the products were kinda a fail!
    A good eyeliner should be soft and creamy and you shouldn't have to warm it up with your fingers yourself! :(

  9. Soooo happy that I dropped them! The lipstick actually looked ok until I read your experience with it. The picture they gave you made it look so good haha

  10. Sucks that this box was disappointing, but at least they haven't gone completely half-assed and given cheap brands and sorts.


  11. Ohh you got your LHI already! I got my BB today, but was hoping I'd get both boxes since I got the shipping emails for both yesterday!

  12. Awww the dry shampoo and nail sticker are both definite let downs... from the reviews I've seen so far, I think BB delivered a better June box...a drying coloured balm.. really LHI! What is going on!

  13. trust me, the dry shampoo and nail stickers are not a let down... very disappointed this month...
    see my LHI box here...