22 June 2013

Review: Cirque Fascination Street and Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Cuticle Balm

A few days ago, I reviewed Femme Fatale Cosmetics' Fatal Attraction (read here). Today, I have another lacquer and cuticle balm that Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics sent me to share. Sophie sent me a Cirque lacquer in Fascination Street. This is the first Cirque polish that I've tried and I must say that I'm really impressed with both the formula and the colour. Considering I don't normally go for such dark colours (I've been into neutral-pinks lately), I really love this colour.

It is described as a "A vibrant indigo polish with a rainbow holographic finish.", and I wholeheartedly agree. It is a gorgeous holographic polish and I haven't any quite like this in my nail polish stash.

Only two coats were needed to achieve full opacity. I found it really easy to apply this polish. I did not have any problems with streaks.

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking now...

2 coats of Cirque Fascination Street on a nail wheel
Cirque Fascination Street can be purchased from Femme Fatale Cosmetics for AUD$15 + shipping.

Now for my review on Rainbow Honey's Sakura Matsuri Cuticle Balm. I purchased Rainbow Honey's Sakura Matsuri nail lacquer (along with other colours) from Femme Fatale Cosmetics a few months ago and I love love love this polish (and Rainbow Honey in general). Unfortunately, it's currently sold out, but be sure to sign up to Femme Fatale's newsletter to be informed when it comes back in stock! Anyway, I had really high hopes for this Cuticle Balm, since all the Rainbow Honey lacquers that I own are awesome... and I was not disappointed.

It is packaged in a really slim, sleek tube... like a lip balm. It has a cap that clicks shut and sits tight on one end, so you don't have to worry about it falling off in your bag. On the other end is a twisty knob thingy that you twist to get more product exposed.

It contains cold pressed avocado oil, tropical cupuacu butter, babassu oil, organic coconut oil, maracuja oil and Vitamin E. With all those ingredients, my cuticles were really moisturized and did not oily/greasy at all. However, I think the best thing about this cuticle balm is the scent. It smells quite floral/fruity. It's has a sweet smell (my favourite!). I want to describe it as a peachy smell, bearing in mind I'm really bad at describing smells (or colours for that matter).

I think it's totally worth AUD$5.50 for nice smelling and very moisturized cuticles, especially in this cold wintery weather. You can get this cuticle balm here. There are also 4 other fragrances and an unscented one available.

These products were provided for my consideration.


  1. The polish looks gorgeous and eye catching!!! I absolutely love the holographic finish and reminds me of the sky :)

    1. The holographicness of that polish reminds me of a galaxy!

  2. That nail polish color is so beautiful *.*

  3. That is such a gorgeous colour! Love it (: