31 July 2013

Life Update


I feel like I haven't blogged in AGES but I've been meaning to do one of these update thingies for anyone who cares. (This will be a rather wordy post without pictures. Sorry!)

Firstly, it's my birthday tomorrow!!! The last birthday as a "single" woman. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I was planning on sitting on my bum all day on the couch, watching tv but that went out the window (reason will be revealed later). So instead, I'll be celebrating my birthday over dinner with family on Saturday. I have been wanting to do a birthday giveaway, but I haven't any funds (yet). So I'll hopefully get one up and running in a month or two (after I pay off some wedding bills).

Now for why my original plans flew out the window... I've got a job! It's a casual temporary job (and by casual, I mean a full-time-ish job - 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday), which has the potential to turn full-time if I'm able to prove myself. I started on Monday, and have been struggling quite a bit. Not only am I struggling with having to wake up so early to get to work and coming home when it's dark, but also the responsibilities that I have been given. It requires a lot of "prying", and I'm not someone who loves to pry... ok maybe I am, but not at work. Work was much better today, and I'm hoping that it'll get better as days go by.

I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of working. Here's my list so far
  • Money to go shopping
  • Everyone is so nice where I work
  • I'm working for a company in my field of study (can be a con too).
  • Have to wake up at 6.15am every working day. :(
  • Go to bed at around 9-10pm, so I don't get grumpy during the day = no life or time to do anything, including shopping.
  • Takes about one hour to travel to and from work.
  • Travelling with school kids in the morning.
  • Uncertain about wanting to continue working in this field of work.
Cons is winning, but I really do like the people at work. Everyone is so amazingly nice and patient with me, so I think I'm going to stick around for as long as they'll have me.

Lastly, I wanted to update anyone who is interested in getting their eyes lasered (if you haven't read about my first post, click here). My vision is (near) perfect. I'm still amazed at how clearly I can see. I'm currently on my last bottle of eye drops (1 drop in each eye, 3 times a day), and whilst that is annoying to have to keep remembering to put eye drops in, it is so worth it. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the epi-LASIK post I did two months ago, but I developed a little bump on my left eye. Whilst I cannot feel it, I've been told that it has affected my vision (minorly, as I do not notice any blurriness). I've been to an eye specialist twice over a month and on the second visit, I've been informed that the bump has flattened slightly but it is still there and is visible to the naked eye. Hopefully it will go away, but I'm not too fussed at the moment, as I'm currently enjoying my near-perfect vision. I'd highly recommend this procedure if you're on the fence, as I certainly do not regret doing it despite my slight complication.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some blog posts up over the weekend, so stay tuned for those. Sorry again for this wordy, picture-less post. Thanks for reading (and caring) if you're reading this! :)


  1. Yay for your new job :) It sucks not having time to shop haha but it's so much more worth it when your bank balance is healthy :P Happy early birthday too!

    1. Thanks Jen! I just missed pay day, so I'll have to wait another 2 weeks before my bank balance looks a little more healthier (it's on the verge of dying). :(

  2. Ohhh that's so great to hear about your eyes!
    And yay for new job! Sucks that you aren't *loving* it as much as other people love working, but I totally get you! I love to shop... and not come home when it's dark (although I technically due working night shift, but then I get to wake up and have a long happy bright day at home!)
    And yayyy happy birthday for then :D

    1. I feel extra pale atm, as the only time I can get some sun is during my lunch break... but a girl has to eat and I'm not a big pack-lunch person, as I like to get out of the office when I can. :P

      Thanks Jasmine :)

  3. Congrats on your new job - I know the feeling of having no life! When I started my new full-time job this year, I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and had no time for myself...you get used to it eventually though :P
    Thanks for all your updates about your eyes - I am seriously considering getting it but still bit iffy about it so your posts help a lot! and last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY :P

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm starting to get used to it (surprisingly). I was on the train this morning and did not have that intense sense of dread (although I still feel that, but not as much as the first two days).

      Please keep in mind that everyone will have different experiences with laser eye surgery. But I do highly recommend at least looking into it by arranging a consultation with a reputable laser eye doctor. It's so life changing (in a good way). I actually can't wait till I'm 100% healed (apparently it takes up to 12 months for epi-lasik) so I can wear coloured contacts. I'm not a big fan of my tiny, beady brown eyes. :P

  4. Congratulations on your new job and happy birthday for tomorrow! :D
    I think once you're used to your job you'll be able to balance things better and it won't be as difficult. But if you really dislike it, consider a different area of study? However finding a job these days is so difficult :(

    Louise | Vanity Corner

    1. Thanks Louise!

      The problem with me is that I can't decide what I want to do. I'm always changing my mind. BUT I've been thinking (for the past few months) about going into custom. Unfortunately there are no jobs for a rookie atm, but I have registered an interest! Having said all that, I'm not going to knock my original interest (i.e. the field i'm working at now) till I try it.

  5. congrats on the new job :) and Happy Birthday :) and nice to hear your eyesight is doing well :)
    I'm not looking forward to returning to work in the next couple of years, I've had time off with the four kids and cannot fathom how the heck I will work and clean/cook and be supermum at the same time! I'm sure you'll settle in and wonder what you used to do with your time :) Have a great birthday x

    1. Thanks Loz!

      Oh man! FOUR KIDS?! My mum has four kids. She returned to work a few years after I was born (I'm the youngest) but she had a nanny/maid to look after me and my siblings and do most of the house work when we lived in Singapore. I don't know how she juggles two jobs and house work now. I really should help around more, but I barely have time for myself and this blog now that I'm virtually working full-time.

  6. I want laser surgery, my eyes suck! I hope the job works out for you. Full time work takes a toll but you will be able to do the things you want when you save up :)

    1. DO IT MISHELLE!!! Well, at least look into it. It's VERY life-changing, and you'll probably kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

      Unfortunately, the only thing on the agenda is a house. Although, I WILL make a sephora order when the aussie dollar rises from the dead. I have to reward myself somehow! :P

  7. I am glad you came back. Since the contest I have really enjoyed your blog. :)