17 July 2013

Wantable - July 2013

I bit the bullet and purchased another Wantable box, despite my low bank balance.  This is my second Wantable box and I love it (although not as much as my first). The way Wantable works is absolutely brilliant. It's a box based on YOUR preferences. The first decision you have to make is whether you would like a makeup or a jewellery box. You then have the option to fill out a rather lengthy survey (lengthy compared to other subscription boxes in the Australian market), which Wantable uses to hand pick products to your preferences. The 4-6 products that are sent to your door step are full sized and premium items. This extraordinary service costs USD$36 a month or USD$40 for a one time purchase. They currently ship to US, Canada (USD$5) and Australia (USD$9).

I have received 6 full-sized products in this month's box, as well as an "extra" product (not pictured above).

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in I Miss You - RRP: USD$10
I may or may not have squealed when I saw this in my box. I LOVE Rainbow Polish and this polish is SO me. It is described as "a pastel of rainbow of glitters and shimmer, these butterflies are sure to cure the homesick traveler". I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't got this in my collection (at least, I don't think I do - most of my nail polish is at Mike's, so I was scouring through my e-receipts to see if I've purchased this polish).

Cailyn Eyelashes 02 - RRP: USD$10
"These lovely lashes will add a boost of glam to your night out!"

I actually am not sure if I can pull this off. Although it looks quite natural, it's extremely long. I'm considering trimming the lashes a little, but I'm scared I might butcher them.

Cala Retractable Blush Brush - RRP: USD$10
"Cala Retractable Blush Brush provides smooth and even application with all cheek color products. It comes with a cap to keep the brush clean and neat!"

This isn't the softest brush I've ever owned, but neither is it a rough brush. It does feels a little cheap, almost in the same league as ELF brushes. However, it is a dense brush and it doesn't seem like there's any bristle fall-out. I also do like the idea of the cap, and I'm quite surprised that I haven't any travel-friendly blush brushes in my collection!

MiA BelleZZa Matte Couleur Tanning Powder in Warm Tan - RRP: USD$24.50
"A triple milled formula allows the ability to build colour intensity to get the look you want. Sheer, silky-light powder delivers a healthy-looking bronzed glow in any season. All the benefits with a healthy sun-kissed look. Includes a fine soft bristle blush brush."

I freaked out with this tanning powder. It's so much darker than my skin tone, and it has a really warm tone, so I can't really use this as a contour. However, when I applied it on my face, it blended in really nicely and wasn't at all too warm/orangey. Swatches further down.

MiA BelleZZa Luxe Rouge Nourishing Lipstick in Carla - RRP: USD$18.50
"Intense pigment color with long lasting wear. This amazing formula helps "lock in" color and shine for feather proof wear. Lip pampering Shea Butter, Illipe Butter and Hyaluronic Acid condition while Vitamin A, C, E, Avocado and Jojoba Oils moisturize, soothe and protect. Lips feel as pampered and luxurious as they look. Preservative-free. Limited Edition."

I was sold after reading "Limited Edition". It's a creamy lipstick. I've had it on my lips for the past 10 minutes and it doesn't feel drying (neither does it feel really moisturizing). It's a gorgeous almost-like-my-lips-but-better colour. Swatches further down.

Brazen Cosmetics Loose Brow Powder in Jane - RRP: USD$18
"Eye brows are the frame of the face - don't go out naked! We created a professional formula of rich, creamy (NEVER chalky!), matte powder that effortlessly fills in sparse brows for natural to dramatic looks. We then add green tea and rosehip extracts for mega antioxidants and vitamin E to condition the hairs and inspire hair health and growth."

I didn't think I would like this, as I'm not a big fan of loose powder (they get so messy)... until I tried it. It is so creamy and not at all chalky. Although it's quite dark compared to my other eyebrow powders and pencils, it still looks natural on me. Swatches below.

L-R: MiA BelleZZa lipstick in Carla; MiA BelleZZa tanning powder in Warm Tan; Brazen Cosmetics loose brow powder in Jane

Frownies Eye Gels
 "Anti-wrinkly treatment for puffy bags under the eyes contains powerful anti-oxidants that help protect your skin. With one 30 minute anti-aging treatment, 100% of women testing Frownies eye gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. The weight of the anti-wrinkle patch smooths the under eye area and protects the integrity of the acid mantle and skin. Frownies Eye Gels promote beauty and provide antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Natural ingredients help improve the appearance of the skin."

I love that this is reusable. However, I'm been really blessed to not have fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. Therefore, I'm unsure if I'll be using this as a preventative measure or gifting it to someone else.

I'm in love with Wantable and it breaks my heart to have to unsubscribe because I can no longer afford it. But I WILL be back when I get a steady flow of income again. If you would like to subscribe to Wantable, you can do so here.

Wantable also has an amazing giveaway. There are two Michael Kors bags up for grabs, as well as 4 wantable bags. For more information and to enter, click here. Hurry because it ends on the 19th of July!


  1. I really want to subscribe but gosh, it's just so much money! I already subscribe to every other Aussie subscription box and I have this thing where I feel like I'm evil for unsubscribing, or that I'll miss something amazing!
    I absolutely ADORE that polish.. I would have been happy to have gotten that and hate everything else haha!

    1. I've given Bellabox the flick. I purchased 3 months worth of Violet Box and a years subscription of LHI when my bank account was semi-healthy. I wish I could swap Lust Have It over to Wantable though! I'd be so happy to exchange all the australian beauty boxes for a Wantable subscription.

      That nail polish is definitely a winner in this box!!

  2. The nail polish is gorgeous, I love it!!

    This box unfortunately is too expensive for me with the added postage to ship international and the shrinking aussie dollar.

    I love what you received though, it's nice to try products that aren't so readily available in Oz.

    Jac x0x

    1. I agree that it is indeed nice to try new products and totally agree with that is expensive. But I think it's worth it considering that you'll most likely get products you'd actually use.

      I'm totally hating how crap the aussie dollar is! Having said that, I'm glad it's crap because it stops me from spending money I don't have.

  3. I got most of the way through their profile survey.. then pulled the pin! I really can't afford this box either, my LHI annual sub runs out early next year and I'll give bellabox until the same time before maybe switching them up for this one... so fingers crossed the Wantable 2014 boxes will be awesome!
    love the lipstick, bronzer and I definitely need those eye patches :)

    1. If Wantable keeps up with handpicking products, I think it'll definitely stay awesome!

  4. I love the idea of this box, that it has a lot better customization and full sized products! I would have squealed at that polish too, it looks gorgeous!

    1. I wish ALL australian boxes would adopt the same process!

  5. wow amazing box! I love the eyebrow product! So unique

  6. A little out of my budget at the moment but the products look pretty sweet!

  7. the products are amazing. I WANT THEM ALL!

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