02 July 2013

Wantable - June 2013

Wantable is another monthly subscription service but what sets this company apart from its rivals is that it is absolutely hand picked for you. There are two variations - jewellery or makeup. Obviously, I chose makeup. Wantable promises 4-6 full sized and premium items for USD$36 a month or USD$40 for a one time purchase. They currently ship to US, Canada (USD$5) and Australia (USD$9).

They hand pick products that you love after you have filled out a series of questions, where you can choose "love", "like" or "dislike". This is what the survey looks like...

It's actually a pretty long survey compared to the ones that the other beauty boxes in Australia get you to fill out. So after filling the survey out, I naturally expected to get products I would use... and I wasn't disappointed at all! If you're from a beauty box in Australia, please learn from Wantable!!!

So this was what came in the mail today. I do realise it's a June box and it's currently July, but I did sign up late. It is packaged in a simple white box with Wantable's logo. The first thing I saw when I opened the box, was a piece of paper with all the information and prices, as well as two cards with messages from Wantable (not shown in the picture above). After removing the paperwork, I was greeted a black wrapping tissue, taped up by a white Wantable sticker. I opened it up to see a whole heap of shredded paper. I may or may not have tipped everything out in excitement. The products were actually wrapped (again) in black wrapping tissue with a layer of foam wrap thing. The size of it was actually quite tiny compared to the size of the box. The shredded paper took up most of the space, which I have to admit made me a little sad. But I reminded myself "quality over quantity".

This is what Wantable sent me. A sample of Apothederm firming serum, a Lise Watier eyeshadow, a Manna Kadar blush, a lipstick by Face Stockholm and a 29 D'Vine Mascara.  

29 D'vine grape seed age protecting conditioning mascara: "The eyes are the windows to the soul... and the lashes frame the view. Promote healthy lashes with this one-of-a-kind conditioning mascara. Not only does it lengthen and curl, it nourishes the lashes with a ventable vitamin bomb to promote strengthening and natural shine. Beauty tip: Apply 2-3 coats for the fullest lashes."

 I have no idea what they mean by a "ventable vitamin bomb" but it sure as hell sounds interesting. Although I'm hoping it doesn't blow my lashes off. The mascara is actually a dark brown but I think that's the only colour it comes in. I would definitely give it a go (who wouldn't after that "ventable vitamin bomb" description?) because my lashes are already dark anyway, and the colour probably won't be all that noticeable... I hope. It retails for USD$26 and is made in Italy (fancy!).

Lisa Watier Glamourose Eyeshadow in Gold 41327: "This new formula combines exceptional brightness and silky texture. Beauty tip: Apply easily with a brush or fingertips. It can be worn alone or over another eyeshadow for a more intense and brilliant look."

While I don't normally use eyeshadow, I did actually rate eyeshadow as a "like". There was also a question on types of colours, and I made sure that neutral was a "like" (or was it "love"?). I think this eyeshadow is extremely wearable for an eyeshadow newbie, such as myself. It is also pigmented (swatch further down), creamy (if that's even possible for eyeshadow powder), and the colour is gorgeous! Also, how pretty is the packaging?! This retails for USD$24 and is also made in Italy.

Manna Kadar blush in Orgasmic: "Our custom formulated blush offers a special light texture which glides on smoothly and evenly and provides the perfect amount of colour to give your face a healthy glow. Beauty tip: Blend onto the apples of your cheeks for a healthy finish."

I've actually had to work my photoshopping skills to get the colour right (even so, it's not 100% right). My camera freaked out and made it darker and pinker than it actually is. The blush is a little bit more peachy than it is in the picture. It also has a gorgeous golden shimmer. I'm quite curious to see how it'll look on me, as it is quite a light colour (swatch further down). But I think if it fails as a blush, it'll look quite nice as an eyeshadow. This retails for USD$19 and is made in Canada!

FACE Stockholm lipstick in Leva: "Perfect, rich cream coverage. Beauty tip: Intensify the color by pairing with a coordinating lip liner or increase the shine factor by layering a gloss on top."

Oops, please excuse my dirty wall! Anyway, camera freaked out again. Tried to photoshop the image to make the lipstick look more true to colour but failed a tat. It's slightly more pinky-peach than in the photo. It's a gorgeous colour that is so me! It's also creamy and not at all drying. I've had it on for about an hour before I had to wipe it off because I got hungry (yes, I'm one of those people who hates lip products on her lips when she's eating... that could explain why I don't always have lip products on... I'm a very hungry person). This retails for USD$22 and is made in USA.

L-R: FACE Stockholm Cream Lipstick in Leva; Manna Kadar Blush in Orgasmic; Lise Watier Glamour Rose Eyeshadow in Gold

I absolutely love the colours of the lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. I can't wait to try these out tomorrow when I put my face on!

Apothederm Firming Serum: "Apothederm Firming Serum is formulated with powerful botanicals and other advanced ingredient to help refine skin. We have added two of our exclusive patented SmartPeptides to help firm skin and reduce signs of aging. Beauty tip: Apply a small amount over your entire face and neck after cleansing. Allow serum to be absorbed into the skin before applying other products. Keep out of eyes."

This is a sample they have included. I'm glad this is a sample and not a full sized product because I'm not entirely sure if I'll end up using this, as having ageing skin is not one of my skin concerns.

So the question remains, is Wantable worth the USD$40 (plus $9 for shipping) price tag? For 4 full-sized products that I would definitely use, I think it is. It's not a bargain in my eyes, despite the total value of USD$91, as I rarely pay RRP for anything. But I think it's a fantastic way to try new products and brands, and actually be satisfied with what Wantable sends. I also think it's nice to see that the products are not cheap stuff that's made in China. Although having said that, I don't think I own any makeup (excluding brushes) that are made in China. Lastly, I just want to commend how quickly I received this box, considering it's all the way from the states. I ordered this on the 18th of June, they sent it out a week later on the 25th and I received this on the 1st of July. I think that taking a week to HAND PICK products is completely reasonable, and I actually don't even mind the wait if it means getting products that won't go to waste.

If you would like to subscribe to Wantable, you can do so here.

These products were provided for my consideration.


  1. I love Wantable! I can't wait to receive my next box :D
    The packaging on that eyeshadow is freaking amazing!!!

    1. I so want the next one and the one after that and the one after that... but I can't afford it. =(

      I'm going to try convince Mike that it's an essential subscription and without it, I'll die. Wish me luck! lol

  2. I can't believe that they sent you a Lise Watier eyeshadow! It's a really big brand in Canada. Super impressed :)

  3. I actually went all the way through the survey recently, then decided against it! I'd have to quit both my aussie sub boxes {which is very likely to happen} to be able to afford this, so I'll keep it in mind for the future. Love the blush colour and good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't wear lip product very often :)

  4. I'm still undecided whether or not I should subscribe to Wantable or not! I'm actually getting a little sick of the whole beauty box monthly subscriptions as I'm sure I would get more pleasure out of buying something I actually want! Wah, I don't know :/ Regardless, you've received some interesting products especially the FACE Stockholm lipstick :D x