11 August 2013

If I had $10 to spend at Born Pretty Store, what would I get?

I was contacted by Born Pretty Store and given $10 to spend at the store. I was scouring through their website, trying to decide what to get. It was such a hard decision to make for an indecisive person, as there were so many things for sale - from nail polishes to false eyelashes to accessories, and even contact lenses (although the contacts were more than $10).

After probably an hour of ahh-ing and umm-ing, I finally settled on a nail polish (so predictable) and a pump dispenser bottle.

Born Pretty Holo Polish in No. 2; Pump dispenser bottle

Born Pretty Holo Polish in No. 2
Born Pretty Holo Polish in No. 2 is a gorgeous pink holographic polish. Excuse the blurry photo on the right, but I thought it showed the holographic goodness rather well. I picked a holo polish, as I don't have many in my collection. There are about 12 different colours available, but I settled on this pink one, as I LOVE pink polishes and it's work-appropriate (click here to see the range). I also do not have anything like this in my collection.

Before we get into the swatches, I'd like to apologise for my lack of organisation, as I've had a series of blogger fail moments in the making of this post. I actually applied the Born Pretty Holo Polish in No. 2 last weekend, but it was far too late to get a good shot of the nail polish on my nails, as the sun had gone down. I did not have a chance to take any through the week, as by the time I got home from work, the sun had already set (I hate coming home when it's dark :( ). Therefore, I do not have any pictures of my freshly manicured nails. I also forgot to take the bottle of nail polish with me to Mike's over the weekend. So none of the photos of my week-old manicure are posed with the nail polish. :(
To make it up to you, I'm going to bombard you with four photos of my week old mani.
Indoors - indirect sunlight, no flash
I'm actually quite amazed at good it looks after a week. I haven't exactly been kind to my nails, as I do type quite a lot at work. There is a bit of wear on the tips, but it really isn't all that bad!
Indoors -  indirect sunlight, no flash
I'm also quite amazed at how different the polish looks under different lights. If you compare the top two photos, the intensity of pink is quite different.

Indoors - in direct sunlight, no flash
How amazing does this holo polish look?!

Indoors - in direct sunlight, no flash
Not only is the colour so gorgeous, the polish was a breeze to apply (and remove). The brush was neither too wide nor too narrow. It was perfect for my nails. It did take about 3 coats of polish, as I do have french acrylics on, which makes the nail line really prominent and hard to conceal. The polish also dried reasonably fast. It took about 30 minutes after applying a top coat for me to feel comfortable to bash my nails about. I waited about 5-10 minutes in between coats, depending on how distracted I was.

I still can't get over how well this nail polish wore for USD$4.59! If you would like to purchase this polish, click here.

The next item I "purchased" was the pump dispenser bottle.
I love pump dispensers bottles for my nail polish removers, as I think it's so much more convenient to press down on the pump with a cotton pad than have to shake or pour some out.

I also love that when you pump the dispenser, the nail polish remover stays in the "bowl" and doesn't go back down into the bottle. This makes it perfect for nail art, especially when you have to clean nail brushes or when you have to go in with a q-tip to fix up boo-boos.

I have purchased two of these bottles on ebay, and none of them will hold the nail polish remover in the bowl. So I'm extremely happy with this pump dispenser!

If you'd like to purchase this pump dispenser, click here. It costs USD$3.55 and there's free shipping worldwide!

Also, use coupon code "SRKW10" to get 10% off storewide!

Happy shopping!

These products were kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. The colour is really gorgeous!I have holo polish #3 and #4 and they are really pretty too xD

    1. Holo polishes are so amazing! I think I'll have to get more!

  2. I just spent the last hour looking at everything on that site! It's got so much cute stuff...must....resist...

  3. aaahhh, the color is so pretty <3


  4. Is it sad that I really want that dispenser?? How useful is that?!

    Beauty Challenged

  5. I'm waiting on my eBay pump bottles to arrive... I hope mine hold the remover... :( that polish looks gorgeous in the sunlight!

  6. Love the nails!


  7. That shade is gorgeous! Love the holographic effect (:

  8. I always wanted to try that polish as it looks awesome. I can't believe it' s so cheap! :) You have beautiful nails too! Thanks for sharing!