16 August 2013

The quest to find the perfect Lush skincare system...

I never really cared for Lush because there isn't a store near me and nothing turns me off more than having to pay for shipping. Thus, when I started working my new job, which is located really near a Lush store, my interest sparked. I don't know what happened or how it happened. Maybe it was the chalk writings all over the shop or maybe it was gorgeous range of unusual forms of skin care. Anyway, so I wondered in one day and asked for recommendations to combat my annoyingly-oily skin. Prior to this lush visit, I have to blot once a day. My goal is to not blot at all.

Before I start my review on the samples, I'd like to say that I've visited the same Lush store 3 times over the 3 weeks that I've been working, and seen the same lady, who is so amazingly knowledgeable and friendly. I almost feel bad I haven't purchased anything.

Enzymion Face Moisturizer; Angels on Bare Skin; Tea Tree Water Toner; Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
During the first visit, the sales assistant, Ashley, recommended the Enzymion Face Moisturizer. She also gave me a sample of Angels on Bare Skin because I asked for it, after reading the crazy rave reviews on it online. Ashley used Angels on Bare Skin on the back of my hand and I was really surprised at how smooth my skin felt after. She then applied a layer of Enzymion Face Moisturizer over the top after wiping my hand dry. I was quite impressed with how my skin felt and left the store happily with samples of both products and confident that I'll find the perfect Lush skincare system for my skin.

Angels on Bare Skin
I used Angels on Bare Skin in the morning, followed by my SKII Facial Treatment Essence, and then a thin layer of Enzymion Face Moisturizer over the top before applying makeup. 

Angels on Bare Skin is such an amazing cleanser that can be used on all skin types. It also smells quite nice. Please note that I'm not a really big fan of Lush scents, they tend to be a tat too herbal-ly for me. Angels on Bare Skin has lavendar oil in it, which I think makes it smell nice. The only thing I don't like is the application. I hate digging my nail in the product to get some out. I'm also not a fan of having to adding a bit of water and making it into a paste before massaging into the skin. I'm a lazy person, and Angels on Bare Skin is not I'm-LATE! friendly. 

Angels on Bare skin retails for $16.95 for 100g, which is reasonable, as it lasts quite a while. For a better picture and more details, click here.

Enzymion Face Moisturizer
Enzymion Face Moisturizer is apparently Lush's most mattifying moisturizer. I'm still not quite sure if this moisturizer is for me. Enzymion is packaged in a tub, which I find highly unsanitary. It's also relatively expensive at $34.95 for 45g. Lastly, I'm not a big fan of the smell. Some say it smells like fruit loops, I say it smells like... I can't even describe it. I can smell a bit of the cocoa butter (which is one of the ingredients), that makes the smell slightly more tolerable.

The pros of this enzymion face moisturizer is that it does not leave an oily residue and it did get absorbed into my skin quite quickly. To see a better picture and for more information, click here.

With this skincare routine trialed over three days, I had to blot TWICE per day. I went back to Lush and consulted with Ashley, who then recommended I switch my morning cleanser to Fresh Farmacy and use the Angels on Bare Skin at night. She also recommended incorporating the Tea Tree Water Toner in both my morning and night skincare routine.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
I was given a generous sample of Fresh Farmacy (20g). I've only used this block of cleanser about 4 times and still have loads left. Fresh Farmacy is recommended for troublesome skin, as it contains calamine and chamomile, which are great for calming the skin. I love the smell of this cleanser and it also leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean. I actually dread using anything after this cleanser because I don't want the smell it leaves behind to disappear.

The only con that I can think of is the packaging (yet again), although it is less annoying then Angels on Bare Skin, as I don't end up having to scrap product out from under my nails. To use this bar of cleanser, you have to rub it between wet hands until you get a sufficient amount of product. Since I dislike bar soaps, I do not have a bar soap holder for my sample to dry on, so I pop it back into the paper bag, and that works a treat.

Fresh Farmacy retails for $15.95 for 100g. Click here for more information.

Tea Tree Water Toner
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned somewhere that I'm not the biggest fan of tea tree oil. When Ashley recommended this toner, I was thinking uh-oh... I hate the smell of tea tree oil!!! But I persevered and gave it a go. Not sure if I like this toner at all. I think the smell of it has a bigger impact on my opinion than I believe (I'm in denial). The sample lasted about three days (morning and night), and I haven't noticed much of a difference. Having said that, this tea tree water toner is meant to be great for blemishes, and fortunately, I haven't had any.

I do like that this toner is packaged in a spray bottle though (she obviously couldn't give me a spray bottle, so she decanted some in a sample tub). This retails at $9.95 for 100g or $19.95 for 250g. Click here for more information.

With this new skincare routine, I only had to blot once a day. It's an improvement from the first skincare routine, but it still does not meet me goal of no-blotting.

I went in again to update Ashley with my average blotting results, and we discussed about different types of makeups. She gave me a sample of one of the translucent powders from the Lush makeup range, which I did not photograph because I didn't plan on including it in this SKINCARE post (and I've only used it twice). But so far, it hasn't done much for me.

I have thus concluded that Lush will not be able to help me reach my ultimate goal. I do like the Fresh Farmacy and Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser enough to possibly purchase a full-size in the near future though.

Have you found a Lush product that works for you? Have you discovered any oil-banishing products that is worth purchasing?


  1. It's a shame that Lush hasn't worked for you! I'm the same.. the herbal smell annoys me but they have some great products like Big and Ocean Salt :)

    1. Will have to give Big and Ocean Salt a go! Thanks for the recommendations

  2. Skin is so hard to take care of, I've never had any problems with lush but I usually use St. Ives because it's a really great product and affordable. Thanks for this review


    1. I heard St. Ives is quite harsh on the skin (not that I have sensitive skin) :-s

  3. I've never tried any lush products, living rural and being like you I don't want to pay postage.. I'm a Scrooge :)
    It's great that they offered you plenty of sample to test out... shame none of it seems to help you though..

    1. hahaha i'm glad someone can totally relate with me in regards to postage fees!

  4. It's a shame that none of this stuff worked for you. I've done a post on my skincare regime
    here and I'd say that we have similar skin - yours is probably a little bit oilier though. I'd also recommend Priceline brand facial cleanser and Australis Matte stick and setting powder - I don't blot at all anymore!

    Good luck :)



  5. I've never tried Lush products before. Thanks for the honest review. I usually try skincare products for at least a month before I make any judgements. But I guess given the small sample you can't do that. :P Have you tried Rosehip Oi? I find it really effective when it comes to oil control. :)

    1. The first "routine" I adopted, I was blotting twice a day. So I thought that was sufficient enough, as it was really annoying to have to blot whilst I'm working. The second "routine" I did until I finished my samples. I would have liked to test it out for a while longer, but I didn't particularly want to fork out money when these products haven't completely satisfied me, and I didn't want to go back to the store to get more.

      I've tried rosehip oil, and gave up after a while, as I didn't notice much difference in my skin. But I might give it another go, after everyone has raved so much about it.

  6. I've used Lush for years.. I've had mixed reviews on Angels on Bare skin. Can't use it in the winter. My skin is pretty sensitive and my biggest problem is with eye make up remover do they recommended Ultrabland. It's thick. I find a warm washcloth gets it off best. It's so moisturizing and soothing and removed all my makeup WITHOUT oily residue. I find its too thick for the rest of my face. But i follow up washing with Dark Angel. It's black, and amazing. A little water and it thins out. Spreads easy. Washes off easy as long as you don't get water in the tub you get a piece from. If I feel a blemish coming on a small tab of this left on for ten mins and it's gone. Be careful not to scrub hard. I think this might dry out any oily skin if followed up with a light moisturizer, I use celestial, but this cold dry winter also Skins shagralah Around my nose. Never tried their cosmetics. Good luck!