28 August 2013

The Skincare Tag

I was tagged by Sophie of Born to Buy to do this skincare tag. My skincare routine isn't very complicated, but I have been experimenting to find a good routine that will solve my oil problem. So far, no dice. :(

Describe your skincare routine in five words. 
Simple, easy, fuss free, experimental.

What's your skin type? 
Annoyingly oily.

What's your favourite skincare product? 
This is a tough one. I think I'll have to go with my Christian Dior Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection. It has SPF50 and does not leave an oily residue. It has smells amazing. The only con is that it's price tag. Regardless, I find myself going back to this moisturizer/sunscreen all the time.

Top blemish zapper? 
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. This stuff is AMAZING. I've done a post about blemish zappers (read here), and have raved about the drying lotion.

Face wipes, yay or nay? 
Yay! I use face wipes to remove most of my makeup before using my clarisonic and a cleanser to remove the remaining makeup.

Toner, yay or nay? 
Yay! Although, I have been using the SKII Facial Treatment Essence as a toner, and I don't think it's meant to be used as one. :-s

High end skincare or high end makeup? 
Definitely high end makeup. Currently, Chanel and YSL lipsticks, and NARS blushes are my weaknesses.

What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried?
Nothing comes to mind. I'm not someone who will willingly put unusual products (such as snail slime) on my skin. I'm not THAT experimental.

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it? 
La Roche Posay LIPIKAR Balm. I admit that I've only used this a handful of times since getting a sample in my Lust Have It box (read here). But every time I use this on a really dry, itchy spot (usually on my legs somewhere), the itch goes away in about a minute! A stark contrast to any regular moisturizer that still leaves my skin itchy for at least a few hours.

Tell us your top skincare tip.
To get the most out of your skincare products and obtain maximum penetration (sounds a tat kinky here), use lighter products first (such as serums) and then heavier formulas.

If you would like to do this tag, please feel free to leave your link down below. I'd love to read it! Also, any recommendations for oily skin will be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. I loved reading your answers! I've heard such great reviews about the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - I definitely need to get my hands on it soon!

  2. Ugh same problem about oiliness :( However, serums feel heavy on me because of the oil!


  3. Bioderma would be my French pick. I got hooked on it when i lived in Austria and would frequently travel to Paris just to pick some up (amongst other reasons ha). I also love Mario Badescu dry lotion- unreal stuff.

    Lucy x


  4. Hey good morning my friends I am share with with you some beauty tips. These tips help for your skin care. Wear sunscreen often and even on overcast days. Many times people don't expect to get a sunburn if the sun isn't fully visible, but that can be the worst kind of day. Also, try use sunscreen that is meant for faces to prevent breakouts. Find a cleanser that matches your complexion. You can find oil-free facial cleansers and special solutions meant for combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, and normal skin. Moisturize your skin, especially in the winter. If you get dry skin on a normal basis, find a moisturizer suited to your skin type. Don't touch your blemishes other than to gently cleanse and apply products meant to treat them. Apply a product containing 10% benzyl peroxide for good results. Remove your makeup before bed. Many of us don't do this, but makeup can clog your pores if you leave it on too long, causing skin irritation and pimples. Eat less chocolate. While it's not proven, avoiding chocolate around big events like wedding and graduations may help to prevent surprise breakouts. Drink more water. Water helps to flush the toxins from your body, so make sure you get enough water in your system daily. Remember, all things in moderation. Take good care of your body and your skin by trying not to indulge too much in salty snacks, alcoholic beverages, etc. Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Moisturize. Practice a regular facial cleansing routine to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Try facial mud masques to soak up excess skin oils. If used once a week, you'll notice a true difference in the softness of your skin and a real decrease in the oils on the surface of your skin.