29 October 2013

Lust Have It - October 2013

I finally received my Lust Have It box yesterday. It's so disappointing and frankly, really ridiculous, how late Lust Have It sends out their monthly boxes. Fortunately, the contents of the box isn't as ridiculous and disappointing as Lust Have It's time management skills.

The packaging is new, but it's still a box. I have far too many Lust Have It boxes, and I'm running out of things to put in them. I also feel guilty for throwing them in the recycling bin.... #firstworldproblems

Also included but not pictured were three coupons - one for wine, another for theiconic.com.au, and the last was for LeTan.

1. LeTan Wash Off Bronze - 40g (RRP: $14.99 for 100ml)
"Offering a bronze tan for the entire body in a matter of minutes, this streak free product is revolutionary and makes tanning super easy. Simply spray on before you walk out the door and wash off when you return. Truly the ultimate 'risk' and 'fuss free' temporary tanning product that dries in 60 seconds."

I used to hate receiving tanning products until I started working full time and had no time to get any colour in my skin. I've been using St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming Plus and have started to get into fake tan. However, I'm not sure about a "wash off" tanning product. As you may know, I am quite a lazy person and do not have time nor motivation to have to spray my body everyday.

2. Paula's Choice Earth Sourced Purely Natural Refreshing Toner - full size (RRP: $21.70 for 148ml)
"Based on plant ingredients, this product hydrates and restores the skin. Its potent antioxidants build collagen and reduce signs of aging."

This toner is so interesting. Firstly, the claim on the bottle, which says "Ideal for Baby Too!". Pardon my ignorance, as I'm not a mother but when did people start using toners on babies? :-s Also, the consistency of this toner is strange. I haven't quite made my mind whether it's a good strange or a bad one. It's thicker than the average toner. It's almost like a serum. However, it feels really moisturizing, which I guess is fantastic for those with dry/dehydrated skin.

3. Paula's Choice Oil Blotting Papers (RRP: $10.50 for 100 sheets)
"These handy, discrete papers absorb excess surface oil and leave your skin smooth and matte without disturbing your makeup. Simply press them against shiny areas and the oil is immediately absorbed."

I'm not sure if there are 100 sheets in that packet there, but there's quite a fair few. I use oil blotting papers often as I have annoyingly oily skin, so I'm sure these will come in handy sometime in the near future.

4. INIKA Vegan Lip Whip in berry - full size (RRP: $25 for 8ml)
"This Vegan Lip Whip is perfect for creating luscious polished lips the natural way. The creamy formula glides on smoothly while delivering a whip of essential nutrients to keep your lips soft and moisturized."

Another unusual product. It doesn't feel sticky on my lips but it tastes funny. I want to say it's got a bit of a citrusy taste (weird, right?) and it also has cosmetic-y/chemically taste. Although vibrant in the picture, it's not really. Pictures are deceiving. It's a berry red-pink colour (I'm also horrible at describing colours), with a hint of shimmer. A wearable shade, if the taste doesn't put me off completely.

5. Klorane Shampoo with Nettle - 25ml (RRP: $25 for 110ml)
"KLORANE botanical shampoo is formulated with nettle extract. It deeply cleanses oily hair, helping it feel lighter and less greasy for longer. This hypoallergic formulation is excellent for those who find their hair gets greasy within hours of washing it or have fine hair."

This shampoo smells like mint. :-\ It's also not the right shampoo for my hair type (dry, dandruff-prone, chemically-damaged), but I'm sure it'll come in handy when traveling since it's in a tiny bottle, and I need to conserve luggage space for my shopping.

6. Femme Fatale Mineral Based Eye Shadow in The Masquerade - 0.60g (RRP: $3.10 for 10ml)
"Most noted for 'duochrome' and velvet-smooth finishes, this artisan crafted mineral based eye shadow uses a variety of raw and synthetic ingredients that are blended to create highly pigmented colours that are long lasting."

I LOVE Femme Fatale Cosmetics!!! Especially her nail polishes! This is a gorgeous eyeshadow shade, which I'm sure I'll make use of... one day.

Unfortunately, my swatch pic is rather crap, but at least it'll give you some kind of idea what "The Masquerade" looks like. It's a duochrome lavender gray, and it's extremely pigmented.

So that's it for my Lust Have It box this month. It's not a fantastic box, but it's not a crap box either. I think it's passable for $19.95 a month. If you'd like to order your first box, use the code "WALLET" to get $5, making it $14.95 for the first month.

What did you think of the products Lust Have It has put together this month?


  1. You make me want to try every box you review! This looks like a pretty good one.

  2. I liked the box I received. It was slightly different to yours but I'm kind of envious of that toner! Haha and I'm not sure when people started toning their babies :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. LOL yea who tones their babies? o.O Can you imagine wearing that wash off tan on a rainy day? xD haha
    I like the shade of the eyeshadow!

  4. That toner sounds interesting! Would you leave it on?

  5. hehe, I've had 4 babies and have NEVER used toner on them!! What's up with that!! :P I attempted to count my blotting sheets, there's around 40, so it's nearly half of full sized. I'm not too sure about the wash-off tanner, what about sweating, or swimming, am having some very scary visions of leaving a brown cloud around myself in the swimming pool.... not a good look!! lol :)

  6. Ohhh, good box! The Vegan lip whip and eyeshadow looks good!

  7. I don't even use toner nor would I put it on my baby think ill gift that for Christmas I'm only in it for the makeup . I haven't even received mine yet says it's been shipped so maybe soon. They do need to get their act together with delivery.