30 October 2013

Pissed off at the world... well, just two companies in particular

This is going to be a rant post (i.e. long and wordy). I just HAVE to get it off my chest at how ridiculous the situation that I'm in is. Also, in case you're wondering, the two companies I'm referring to in the blog title are none other than Australia Post and Clarisonic Australia.

If you have been following me on twitter, you may have seen what my dead Clarisonic Mia looks like on the inside. If you haven't, here are a few pictures.

As you can see, my Mia is rusty on the inside. The Clarisonic US team was rather helpful and did admit that this should not have happen considering the Clarisonic unit is meant to be waterproof. Since the Clarisonic US team is in US, they could not help me other than get the Australian team to get into contact with me... except the Australian team did not. I had to call them up about twice to find out what I was meant to do with this rusty and dead Clarisonic Mia.

Eventually, they gave me a reply paid address and told me to put it in a box with the charger and a copy of the receipt (which I didn't have) and send it off. Since I didn't have a receipt, they settled for a credit card statement. Since I purchased this from Sephora back in 2011, as well as a gazillion other things, the amount in the credit card statement didn't even match with the RRP of a Clarisonic Mia. But whatever floats their boat, right? They also told me to purchase a prepaid satchel and put the box in there for tracking purposes.

Since I was not able to go to the post office, dad went for me. I forgot (and I frankly didn't want to) to tell him to put it in a prepaid satchel because it's just ludicrous. Why should australia post get to charge twice to send a parcel?! This was two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I contacted Clarisonic Australia and asked if they've had a chance to look at the Mia. I was told that they have not received it yet. This is such a classic case of Murphy's Law. Being a hothead, I was seriously pissed off, and decided to take this up with australia post on twitter.

This is the conversation...
Me: is there a way to track a parcel that was sent via reply paid?
Auspost: Depends if the sender have sent it with a tracking number. Have you confirmed if there is a tracking number? -Pris :)
Me: I'm the sender. I got my dad to post it as I have to work. The post office guy just took it and didn't give a receipt and this was two weeks ago and the receiver has not received it yet
Auspost: I'm afraid that Reply Paid is not a trackable service by itself sorry. It will have been delivered as addressed. Alice
Me: does that mean that I should've purchased a prepaid satchel and put the reply paid address on it?
Auspost: Only if you wanted to be able to track it as the Reply Paid address covers the cost of regular postage. Sorry. Alice
Me: the thing I find ridiculous is if I were to post a parcel via regular post, I get a tracking number. So why the discrimination for reply paid?
Auspost: Reply paid is usually sent en masse where a company only pays for items that get returned, assigned tracking are not feasable - Jon
Me: yes but don't you think you're ripping customers off by asking them to purchase a prepaid envelope AND use a reply paid address as you'll be able to charge the company as well as the consumer? I think this is ludicrous! perhaps a more ideal solution is to introduce a small fee for tracking number for reply paid items
Auspost: I understand where you're coming from. What postcode was it sent from and going to? I'll check the time frame. -Pris
Me: from 2216 to 3004
Auspost: In future you can always purchase a signature on delivery and that will give you a tracking number -Pris
Me: I wish someone told me this earlier. All I got was that the only option for tracking was to purchase a prepaid satchel

I wasn't too happy with what the reply from Jon, so I decided to call up Auspost and have a rant. I felt slightly better after having a chat with a guy from Auspost, although I'm still annoyed that they've lost my parcel (or are taking bloody ages to send a parcel from Sydney to Melbourne) and that the only solution they have for tracking is to purchase a bloody prepaid satchel (I'm not entirely convinced by Pris' suggestion that I can purchase a signature on delivery for reply paid, as that would have been the first suggestion instead of the stupid prepaid satchel one because I think signature on delivery would be cheaper).

Anyway, I sent a suggestion in to Auspost via email for individuals, such as myself, to purchase just a tracking number like in the past with registered post. Hopefully, Auspost not only introduces a tracking system for reply paid but doesn't decide to charge individuals a fortune.

The guy from Auspost that I had a chat with also clarified that my parcel will not disappear. It'll either go to the sender (i.e. Clarisonic Australia), come back to me (since I wrote a return to sender address on the box) or will go to their lost and found centre, where they can search for it once a description is given.

If you're wondering why I'm annoyed with Clarisonic Australia... I'm still not over the fact that they can't do a simple battery replacement or have a recycling program. I'm also less than impressed that I had to call them up TWICE because I was sick of waiting weeks for them to contact me.

Hopefully Clarisonic Australia will redeem themselves, as I've sent them an email asking them to notify me once the parcel has been received on their end.

So that's my rant (hopefully for a while). Has anyone/company got under your skin lately?


  1. OH MY GOD


    I've been trying to get in touch with Clarisonic for MONTHS and I've had no response at all, it's driving me nuts.

  2. Kudos for having the patience... I'd have killed someone by now.

    Have you tried tweeting them? Try the US team, they respond pretty quickly.

  3. That sucks! I am really wary of AusPost because they take so long to do everything and they've lost my things a few times. And shame about your Clarisonic, I hope they help you asap!

  4. That sounds awful! Especially for a company who sells a renowned high cost product!! Definitely sounds that they arent willing to give you a straight answer or help you out at all. Is there someone you can contact about it like Fair Trade or something like that?

    I luckily havent had any major issues with Aus Post but its such a shame they couldnt really help you out at all.

  5. That's maddening - I hope this gets cleared up soon!

  6. GEEEEZ... to start with, I hate Aus Post. Seriously, I hate them. My mum sent a package through them a few months back (it even had a tracking number) and they couldn't find it (the person at the counter actually didn't get her the tracking number because my mum is a noob at sending stuff and didn't ask!) and I even called up to complain and they practically said it was my mums fault for not getting the tracking number!!! They didn't even tell us about a lost/found area, they just said too bad so sad! How friggen annoying.
    And oh my gosh I swear this makes me not want a Clarisonic! Their customer service sounds disgraceful! Especially considering how bloody expensive they are, even in the US! Seriously hope it works out for you though :(

  7. HATE Aus Post!! I've been waiting for a registered parcel for over 2 weeks, it should have taken less than one! Now it's all been sorted for a replacement to be sent, last time I was in this situation, the original and replacement arrived on the same day and then I had to sort out what to do with the extra and waste my time sending it back! EVERY parcel should be trackable with Aus Post.. I don't see why they don't do it! I hope yours shows up... :(

  8. What a pain. I don't understand y YOU had to pay for any shipping in the first place... it was a faulty product!

  9. I have thought of getting one of these, so glad I didn't now. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow I don't blame you for being pissed off, that is so annoying. I hope you get it sorted!

  11. How annoying!! The ladies at my local AusPost never smile I swear! Always grumpy hmph!

  12. Such a pain whenever things go wrong in the postal end, and EVEN worse when the company isn't very helpful! :/

  13. Hi,
    May I ask how can you open the case? I want to open the case to check for the battery. Thanks.