07 November 2013

Wantable - November 2013

I friggin love Wantable! I know I said this last month, but I cannot believe how efficient they are at sending out beauty boxes. Unlike the other monthly subscription boxes currently on the market, Wantable is a company that sends out FULL-SIZED products tailored to your preferences. They also have an intimates, accessories and limited edition holiday boxes. Each box costs USD$36 a month or USD$40 for a one-off box, and shipping applies for Canadian (USD$5) and Australian (USD$9) orders. Enough crapping on about how Wantable is amazing and how everything else is dog poo in comparison, let's get started on what I received in my Wantable November box!

I received four full sized products and a bonus item in this month's box. In case you were wondering, in the "love" category, I had brows, eyeliner, blush, lip colour, nail polish, lash product, tools, complexion products and fair (skin colour). In the "like" category, I had highlighter, bronzer and eye shadow. It's great to see that all the items received (bonus included) were all from the "love" category!

1. Pomegranate Nail Lacquer in Rose Garden Romance - RRP: USD $8.50
"Rose Garden Romance is a rich red creme. Our long-wearing polish glides on smooth for a great finish. All of our polish is made in the USA, "4-free" - contains NO toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or comphor, and is free of animal testing."

I LOVE nail polish, and I haven't many reds. The polish is actually a few shades darker than this. I have yet to swatch it but I can't wait to wear this!

2. Michael Marcus Plump Lip Plumper - RRP: USD$20.00
"This must-have product is enriched with natural emollients to plump lips by increasing shine, hydration, and volume. After 15 days of regular use, you'll see more hydrated, fuller and more voluptuous lips. Castor Oil provides a protective, shiny appearance after application, Beeswax moisturizes, Vitamins A& E are natural antioxidants that protect the lips from free radical damage, and Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Peppermint increase circulation, adding warmth and flush to lips."

I gave this a quick swipe on my lips and it tasted like toothpaste. I can't say it's pleasant, as its a strong taste that lasts a rather long time. Upon application, my lips tingled and I wouldn't describe it as a warm feeling like Wantable did on the info paper, it's more of a cool feeling like the effects of menthol. My lips also felt hydrated and smooth. I may be able to look past the strong toothpaste taste!

3. Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in Barely There - RRP: USD$22.00
"Full coverage, long wearing lip cream with no smudging or bleeding. Barely There is everyone's favourite nude shade. Creamy, light beige with a hint of sheer pink shade."

They are not joking when they say it's full coverage (swatch below)! The shade I received is definitely a my-lips-but-better shade. It's really wearable and non sticky! I can also see why they say it's long-wearing, as it took a lot of scrubbing to remove the swatch from my arm.

4. Girlactik Beauty Precise Marker Liner - RRP: USD$19.00
"This Precise Marker Liner is designed to create a super thin or thick dramatic line, since the tip is so soft and precise. The formula is weightless, long lasting, water resistant, smudge proof and lies comfortably on the eye with no pulling or tugging. With all of these things, how can applying eyeliner be hard these days!"

I swatched this and was impressed at how pigmented it is. I love the foam-ish style tip of this eyeliner, however I found it a tat hard to create a "super thin" line. The smudge proof test also failed, but it might be due to me not letting the eyeliner dry for long enough.

L-R: Beauty for Real lip cream, "thick" swatch of Girlactik Beauty eyeliner, "thin" swatch of Girlactik Beauty eyeliner
Pointing out the obvious here, but on the left side is the swatch prior to smudging and the right is the swatch after smudging (I did not touch the Beauty for Real lip cream). I only waited about a minute before doing the swatch test. I think if I waited a couple more minutes, it would have dried properly and perhaps would pass the smudge proof test, as I did the thick swatch first and there's less smudging than the thin swatch.

5. BONUS - Kikkerland Glam Girl Matchbox Emery files
"This handy matchbook of nail files is small and lightweight, perfect for your bag! The matchbook-style cover will ensure nothing else in your bag gets scratched up!"

I really should have taken a picture of the actual files #beautybloggerfail, as the files are printed with different girls (cartoon/comic style). It's kind of cute but slightly freaky. I think these will be perfect for travelling!

Overall, I'm not surprisingly impressed with Wantable yet again. It's probably not very fair that I compare Wantable with the Australian beauty box companies, since the brands that the Australian beauty box companies have access to probably aren't as generous to provide full sized products or are limited to brands, but I can't help it. It's not just the brands that sets Wantable apart from other companies, but also their customer service, and time management skills (sending out boxes at the beginning of the month, or even at the end of the previous month). Furthermore, they handpick products according to YOUR preferences. Gone are the days where you are completely disgusted at the products you receive in your beauty box, that is meant to be like a Christmas/Birthday present from yourself to yourself every month. If you are umming and ahhing about subscribing to Wantable, I suggest you give it a go, I promise you won't regret it (well, I certainly hope you don't)! Unfortunately, Wantable is only available to residents of USA, Canada and Australia.


  1. Such a good box! Love the look of this one, the nail polish looks cute! I want to see a picture of these cute/creepy nail files though haha! xx

  2. Wow, that's another fantastic box from Wantable, and I couldn't agree more, everything from their customer service to their selection of products according to your profile is amazing. I have received the shipping notification for my box, so hopefully it will show up soon, and I can only hope my selection of products is a great as yours!

  3. I think Wantable it is available worldwide now, If I am not mistaken...lovely box

  4. Amazing box! I can't believe how amazing that lip cream is :)

  5. The lip cream is gorgeous! What a great box... I though Australia was the lucky country.. but apparently not when it comes to beauty subs ;) lol

  6. Another great box from Wantable, I hope AU boxes will subscribe to such top notch service and product quality soon.