31 January 2014

Wantable - January 2014

In case you're new to my blog and have not heard of Wantable, Wantable is in my opinion, the BEST beauty subscription box in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, they only ship to America, Canada UK and Australia. Wantable ticks all the boxes for me (and I don't even have that many boxes) - handpicked FULL SIZED products that I'd actually use, thanks to their rather intensive survey (well, more intensive than normal beauty boxes available in Australia), their boxes arrive the same month it's meant to be for (and 99% of the time, it arrives BEFORE my Australian beauty boxes *cough*LustHaveIt*cough*). I guess the only downside is the cost. It is USD$36 a month or USD$40 for a one-time only purchase. I don't know why you wouldn't go for the USD$36 a month option since it's cheaper and you can cancel at anytime. You don't have to send them an email to cancel. It's as simple as logging on and clicking the "Unsubscribe" button. There's even an option to skip the month, which is handy if you've been placed on a budget by your partner, like I have and you've spent all your allowance on stupid things which you regret later when you realise you can't afford this month's Wantable box.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough about how amazing Wantable is. This is what I received in my Wantable box this month...
I was so excited when I saw TWO nail polishes in my box (I've got a slight nail polish problem, and by slight, I mean massive).

1. Color Club Nail Polish in Soft as Cashmere - 15ml (RRP: USD$8.00)
"A neutral grey shade that's as soft on the eyes as cashmere is to touch. Beauty Tip: After you've applied an even base coat, open up your nail polish and apply two thing coats across your fingertips. We always emphasize two thin coats because two thin coats is better than one thick coat! Once the second coat has dried, finish off your manicure by applying a protective top coat to prevent chipping."

I don't have many Color Club nail polishes, but the ones that I have are pretty darn great quality. This is a great neutral shade that will be perfect for the upcoming season (Autumn)!

2. FACE Stockholm Nail Polish in Want-A-Blue (RRP: USD$12.00)
"This exclusive grey-blue shade is perfect for cool fall days. FACE Stockholm's iconic polishes are coveted all over the world, and even sold in J Crew! Beauty Tip: For the longest lasting manicure, apply 2 coats of polish over a base and finish with a top coat. Make sure to let each layer dry before applying the next."

This polish leans more purple than it does in the picture. I love the FACE Stockholm cosmetics that Wantable has sent in previous boxes, and I have high hopes for this nail polish.

3. Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush (RRP: USD$20.00)
"The perfect brush for applying foundation, concealer or primer. This brush is made from super fine Taklon. Beauty Tip: This brush will allow you to expertly apply product to all areas of the face."

A few days ago, I was thinking "man... I need to buy a foundation/concealer brush!" So I couldn't believe it when I saw this brush sitting in my Wantable box! The bristles are so soft! I can't wait to use it.

4. Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Frosting - 3.2g (RRP: USD$12.00)
"Starlooks offers pro-quality, deeply pigmented, incredibly smooth eye shadows in beautiful finishes. Beauty Tip: Use this gorgeous satin shade as an all-over wash of color or to softly highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye."

This is an amazing highlight shade or an all over lid colour if you're lazy or a complete eyeshadow noob, like me. I used this yesterday all over my lids, and it was fantastic. There was no fall out that I can see, and the pigmentation was just right. See swatch below.

5. Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact - 12g (RRP: USD$37.00)
"Nothing fancy, nothing complicated... just a Mistura compact with 2 applicator brushes and filled with our "magic powder". This powder mutes Rosacea and other blemishes in one easy step and is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free! Beauty Tip: Buff the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution into the skin in a circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near cheekbones and swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then your forehead, cheeks, and nose. A little goes a long way, so please be careful!"

I'm not sure about this compact. I tried it excitedly after wiping off my makeup after work and it didn't really cover up any blemishes. It had almost zero coverage, so I'm not sure if I'm using this wrong. It is also a bit too bronzey for my skin tone (see swatch below). I think I'll probably just end up using this as a finishing powder or a bronzer, depending on whether or not I have a tan.

L-R: Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Frosting; Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact

6. Sorme Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer Sample
"This light, fast-drying under foundation makeup enhancer instantly evens out skin discolorations, smooths skin texture, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts far longer without touch ups. A powerful blotting ingredient holds up to 10 times its weight in oils for a shine-free, poreless finish. Super antioxidants of green tea, grape seed extract, and pomegranate help repair free radical damage. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated without oils. Beauty Tip: After cleansing and moisturizing skin, apply a small amount evenly over entire face. Allow to dry. Apply powder or liquid foundation on top."

This primer sounds PERFECT for my oily skin. I can't wait to use this even though it's in a sachet!

This is got to be a world record, as Wantable has impressed me yet again this month. I can't wait till I get my Wantable box next month. If you'd like to subscribe, please click here. This is a personal invite link. I get $10 credit towards my next Wantable box if you sign up.

Since you've made it through my review of January's Wantable box, we shall celebrate with a giveaway!

Wantable has kindly sponsored this giveaway. Up for grabs, is one free Wantable box! This giveaway is ONLY for residents in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. To enter, complete the entries in the rafflecopter widget below. Please note that Wantable will be sending the box to the winner directly.

27 January 2014

Blog Swap with Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty

Before I get started on this blog swap post, if you haven't heard of Jasmine's amazing blog - Sweetaholic Beauty, I suggest you right click on that link (I'll even link it again HERE) and open up her blog in a new tab so you can check it out straight after you check out the goodies she got me!

A few weeks before Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty went to Japan late last year, I asked her if she'd like to do a swap with me since I was going to the states for Christmas and New Years and we could both get "exotic" products that aren't available in Australia. I was so stoked when she agreed. We set a budget of AUD$50, and exchanged wishlists.

Jasmine neatly wrapped everything (with the exception of the mask, eye and chin patches) in the cutest wrapping paper ever. She also wrote me a card and put everything in a cute hello kitty drawstring bag.

It felt like Christmas has come again when I was unwrapping all the goodies! I am so happy with the stuff she got me! Such a great variety of products! Thanks Jasmine!!!

I only have three new tubes of eyelash primer. If you think that's more than enough, it isn't when you see my rather large drawer of unopened mascaras. Also, please note that Mike aka my husband-to-be has ALREADY put me on a tight budget, and I can no longer spend my money frivolously.  So I GREATLY appreciate a new eyelash primer, especially one from Etude House! The eye picture with the ginormous white lashes on the box looks so promising!

I can NEVER have enough eyeliners, let alone waterproof liquid ones! I have not heard of the brand Leanani before, so my curiosity level has increased a hundred fold. Can't wait to try this eyeliner out. I kind of hope I hate it, so I don't explore what else this brand has to offer and add things onto my already mile-long wishlist.

Like my eyelash primers, I don't have enough face primers compared to the amount of foundation I have hoarded. I have heard of the KATE brand, and have used a mascara, which is kind of nifty because the wand is actually a comb, instead of the typical mascara wand with multiple bristles all around. I applied a tiny bit on the back of my hand, and it has a lotion/gel consistency and feels cooling. Skin feels soft and smooth. Looks like this is going to be a winner. Good pick, Jasmine!

L-R: Canmake Highlighter; KATE eyeshadow in GN-2; Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks in 04
The  brushes in the canmake highlighter and blush are so ridiculously soft! I wish they had a longer handle, so I can store it with the rest of my brushes and use them regularly. The highlighter is really pigmented and blends wonderfully. It's so "soft" like Kleenex tissues!

Haven't played with the eyeshadow... yet. All five eyeshadows are shimmery/glittery, which I have to be super careful when using or it may look like I have two disco balls for eyes whenever I blink.

The blush looks so pretty, I ALMOST can't bare to use it!

L-R: Etude House Play Nail Lacquer in PK003; Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk in PK005; Skin Food Black Bean Lip Line Pencil in 3
In the wishlist that I sent Jasmine, I had a nail lacquer request. I wanted a pastel pink colour (which is my go-to nail lacquer colour). I was on the hunt for the perfect, PIGMENTED pastel pink nail polish. The majority of pastel pink nail polishes in my collection are annoyingly sheer. Hopefully, this will be the answer to my prayers!

Despite the super cute packaging, I honestly thought I wasn't going to like the Etude House Dear My Blooming lipstick because it looked far too bright for me. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't look as crazy on my lips as it does in the tube.

I have to admit that the "Black Bean" bit in the Skin Food Lip Line Pencil name threw me off slightly before I used it and fell in love. It's so creamy and glided on my lips so easily. Even though it's slightly more muted in colour than the Etude House lipstick, it totally works with it!

L-R: Etude House Collagen Eye Patch; Etude House Unpolished Rice Mask Sheet; Etude House Charcoal Chin Pack
 Jasmine also included three masks thingies from Etude House. I'm going to end this post here, so I can go use them. Got to start prepping my skin for my wedding in less than two weeks!!!

 Thanks so much for the amazing goodies, Jasmine! I LOVE them all!

If you ignored my suggestion to load Jasmine's blog up in a new tab at the beginning of this tab, please do so now (click here). You will NOT regret it! :)

26 January 2014

Violet Box - January 2014

I purchased a Violet Box three month subscription in November when they had a special for $50. The first box was in December, and I got so excited going through my mail when I got back from the states, that I threw away all the packaging and kept away all the products before remembering to take pictures. So the idea of blogging about Violet Box December 2013 went out the window. It wasn't all that exciting anyway and there are quite a number of reviews out there on December box. It seems like the boxes that Violet Box send out don't vary as much as Lust Have It, as most people receive more-or-less the same products.
Anyway, this is what I received in this month's Violet Box... 
There is a great variety of products, and sachets are kept to a minimum, which is greatly appreciated.

1. So Susan Water-based Pure Luminizer - 15g (RRP: $49.00)
"A water-based liquid illuminator, infused with micronized pearlescent pigments to create the perfect wash of light on your cheekbones, brow bones and the natural contours of your face."

This looks like a full-sized product. I don't have many liquid illuminators, as I don't tend to use them on a daily basis. However, I find this product interesting because it's water-based, which explains it's "watery" texture. It has a pink-silver shimmer. A little seems to go a long way, at least it is when I swatched it at the back of my hand.

2. So Suan Nail Lacquer in Silver Clouds - 9ml (RRP: $10)
"A highly pigmented nail lacquer formulated to be chip-free and to remain intense with shine from the first application. The formula has a quick drying time and is enriched with Rosehip fruit oil."

This also seems to be a full sized product. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please tell me the benefits of adding Rosehip fruit oil to a nail lacquer. Assuming that products can seep through your nails, would it be able to seep through a layer of base coat and hence be beneficial for the wellbeing of your nails? Also, I don't get the name of this shade of nail lacquer. When I think Silver Clouds, the colour silver or white with a shimmer comes to mind, not a greyish-purple shade. Regardless, I appreciate receiving nail polishes in my beauty boxes because I have a problem with hoarding nail polishes.

3. MOR Essentials Collection Hand Cream - 2x3ml in Basil & Grape, and Black Currant Iris (RRP: $14.95 for 80ml) 
"An everyday Hand Cream that has a symphony of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Glycerine & Aloe Vera which is easily absorbed to soothe dry hands, leaving them feeling pampered, restored and beautifully fragrant."

Not sure about the Basil & Grape one (this is me judging a book by its cover). Not sure if I'll use these, considering my hatred for sachets....

4. Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser - 10g (RRP: $74.95 for 45g)
"A mousse like texture that moisturises, nourishes and softens. Aptly named, Gorgeous is Lush's most impressive moisturiser utilising all of Lush's expertise in creating finely balanced and effective formulations that deliver spectacular results."

This is Lush's most expensive moisturizer (at least it was the last time I checked). I have tried this before, as I received a sample in one of my previous beauty subscription boxes, and I'm not sure if I'd purchase. Whilst it is a great moisturizer, I don't think it's worth $74.95 for 45g, as it's almost too moisturizing for my oily-combination skin type. It's probably best for drier skin. Having said that, I appreciate receiving another sample, as it makes a good night cream.

5. Acorelle Eau De Parfum - 1.5ml (RRP: $69.95)
"The first and only perfume ever designed on the innovative principle of "olfactotherapy", Acorelle's pioneering perfumes directly engage your psycho emotional sphere, eliciting positive emotional responses for pleasure and improved sense of well-being."

Not sure about that description from Violet Box about this perfume. I don't feel particularly "pleasured" after spritzing it on my arm, neither do I sense an improvement of my well-being. It does smell quite citrusy... do I dare say it reminds me of citronella candles and all things related, including mosquitoes?

6. Villainess Soaps - Ginger Snapped (RRP: $8.50 for 99g)
"This original soap formula is an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils, and exotic unrefined butters."

I'm not a fan of bar soaps. I like my showers to be bubbly and frothy. Bar soaps are not bubbly and frothy. Not the biggest fan of the ginger smell either. I'll probably throw this in my socks drawer, so my feet can smell "nicer" than they normally do.

Overall, I think this month's Violet Box is ok. I don't hate it neither do I love it. There are a few products that I'd use, and there are some that I wouldn't.

Are you subscribed to Violet Box? If so, what did you get and what are your thoughts?

25 January 2014

Review: ELES Earth Goddess Collection

The latest look that ELES Cosmetics is promoting is the Earth Goddess. It is a soft, natural, and summery look, perfect for the season.

 The main products recommended to achieve the Earth Goddess look are ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30, ELES Mineral Sheer Bronzer - Rio de Janeiro, Signature Shadow Quad in Naturalist, and Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha. I also included a blush called Coral Sun from the Sixties Vibe Collection (read here), as it added a healthy flush to my complexion when I was creating the Earth Goddess look.

This is the look that I came up with. The ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30 gave me such a healthy glow, and the sheer bronzer added just enough colour to enhance the glow and help match my face to my body, as I came home from the states with an uneven tan (despite it being winter).
When I applied the BB cream on my skin, it looked like it was going to be far too light for my skintone. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to blend in, and it didn't make me look like I've seen a ghost (see swatches below). Not only does this BB cream provide a healthy glow, it also contains Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (5%) and Titanium Dioxide (15%)... i.e. it has sunscreen! The BB cream does smell like sunscreen but it also smells quite florally. 

Unfortunately, I found that this BB cream (like most BB creams) was too "dewy" for my liking. My skin felt a tat oily after an hour, and I had to blot before powdering my face (I did not use a powder in the selfie above). There wasn't much coverage as well (which seems to be a normal BB cream thing), but that is what concealers are for, right?
The ELES Mineral Sheer Bronzer is amazing. I love that it is sheer, as I am quite heavy handed when it comes to bronzers and blushes. This bronzer is perfect for achieving a sun-kissed look without baking in the sun and getting skin cancer. It does not look too orange or muddy on my skin, and does not contain any shimmers, which I like because I tend to look like I've tripped and fallen into a pool of glitter when I use bronzers with shimmers (I told you... I'm heavy handed when it comes to these things!)

This is my second ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick, and I absolutely love it! It is so creamy and pigmented. The Micro Mocha lipstick is a little bit more mauvey than it is in the picture above. It's a fantastic natural shade. The only con that I can think of about this lipstick is that it can feel a bit drying on bare lips, but it's nothing a good lip balm can't fix.

L-R: ELES BB Cream 30; Sheer Bronzer - Rio De Janeiro; Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
As I mentioned earlier in the post, the BB cream is quite a few shades lighter than my skintone, but it blends really well (see next swatch picture).

The swatch of the sheer bronzer is quite a heavy one, as I wanted to make sure it will show up in my pictures.

The Micro Mocha lipstick swatch may look scary for those of you who aren't into dramatic, bold lips (they scare me too), but they look quite natural on my lips.

L-R: Half blended ELES BB Cream 30; Sheer Bronzer - Rio De Janeiro; Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Mocha
 As you can see, the ELES BB cream blended surprisingly well. Although there are two other BB Cream shades - Deep and Medium, they should work for a large range of skin tones as they blend so ridiculously well.

The Naturalist Signature Shadow Quad is a great palette with four natural shades that is great for creating a smokey look... in my case, attempting to create one. In case you're new to my blog, I'm the biggest n00b when it comes to eyeshadow application. I'm absolutely hopeless, so please excuse the following picture of my lovely eyeshadow work.

All four eyeshadows in the naturalist shadow quad are matte colours. There are one or two eyeshadows that I wish were more pigmented (the lightest two shades). I found the lightest shade the sheerest (see swatches below).

ELES Signature Shadow Quad in Naturalist
I could barely make the lightest shade visible on my arm. The second swatch was also quite heavily swatched, which I guess is good for my heavy handedness. The other two darker eyeshadows were good. They glided on smoothly and had enough pigmentation (although, it wouldn't hurt if they were slightly more pigmented).

Have you tried any ELES Cosmetics products? What are your thoughts? 

To purchase the products I used to create the Earth Goddess look, here are the direct links to each product and their prices:
*There's a promotion going on at the moment - Receive a nail enamel of your choice (worth up to $20) with the purchase of an Age Defying BB Cream 30!

These products were kindly provided for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

17 January 2014

Review: LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer

I'd like to start off this blog post with an apology for the lack of posts thus far. I have been kept so busy that I barely have the time and energy to sit down and blog - dog being sick, getting used to working 9-5 Monday to Friday, wedding preparations (well not so much preparations, but more decision making... and I'm not great at making a decision), house hunting etc. I'm hoping that we'll find a house soon, as I'm not fond of this house hunting business. It's just crazy trying to wrap my head around how much properties cost in Sydney... and don't even get me started on the interest rates! You end up paying twice the amount of the property thanks to interest rates over 20-30 years!! I think I'm working in the wrong industry here....

Anyway, onto the review. I picked the LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer from Sephora when I was in the states along with a whole heap of other LORAC stuff because the whole LORAC range is discontinued. :(

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would have seen my LORAC haul. If you're not following me... WHY?! :( Here's a picture anyway...

I picked up two LORAC kits, the cobra mascara, POREfection baked perfecting powder, POREfection mattifying face primer, Double Feature concealer & highlighter, and two blushes. I may do a blog post on my US haul, but there are a lot of products to get through and they're all packed away (blogger fail for not taking photos before putting them away).

Getting back to the review, I've been using the POREfection mattifying face primer for a few weeks now, and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it.

I love that it's oil-free because I have oily skin, and I don't particularly want to be putting more unnecessary oil on my face. 

It's also paraben free. In case you don't know what paraben is and why there's a big hooha about being exposed to paraben, paraben is a preservative that have been linked to various cancers, such as breast cancer. So avoid paraben where possible!

As for fragrance-free, I don't really care if my product is fragrance-free or not. Just as long as it doesn't smell awful.

LORAC claims that this primer is suitable for all skin types. I can't really comment for dry/sensitive skin types but I think this is a great primer for oily/combination skin types. LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer is a silicone based primer, which may not be suitable for drier skin types.

The texture of this primer reminds me of Benefit The Porefessional and Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser, which I've reviewed here. In fact, I think it's extremely comparable to the two other primers.

The LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer provides a really smooth canvas for foundation application. It's also lightweight, and helps blur fine lines and pores, which is an added bonus. I don't normally have a problem with makeup not lasting the whole day with a good primer and a finishing powder, and I haven't had a problem when using this LORAC primer.

Overall, I'm really happy that I decided to pick up this primer, as I was um-ing and ah-ing and whether I should at Sephora since I did zero research before (I normally research products thoroughly before purchasing something). I highly recommend this primer, especially if you're a fan of silicon based primers!

10 January 2014

Wantable - December 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

Since I have zero inspiration on writing a blog post... and I'm too lazy to fish out the pictures from my trip to the states (and also, I didn't take many pictures to begin with), I thought I'd start off the new year with a blog post about my Wantable December box, which is my favourite beauty subscription box.

In case you have no idea what Wantable is, it's a monthly subscription box that is only currently available to residents in USA, Canada and Australia. They have three main types of boxes - makeup, intimates and accessories. I'm currently subscribed only to the makeup one, so I can only vouch for this particular type of box. It costs USD$36 a month or $40 for a one-time purchase. I'm not too sure why you'd pick the one time purchase, when you can unsubscribe at anytime when you subscribe for $36 a month. Shipping is free to the states, $5 to Canada and $9 to Australia. What sets Wantable apart from other subscription box is that they handpick 4-6 products to your preference, which they get from a rather detailed survey you fill it prior to subscribing. Also, all products are full-sized!

Without further ado (and also I'm not one to ramble on about crap), here is what I received in my December box...
I received four full sized products and one bonus sample - Skiin Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler.

1. Starlooks Lengthening Mascara - RRP: USD$16.00
"Our lengthening mascara has a huge, fluffy, tree-shaped applicator that allows for no clumping and is full of rich, black, Kohl pigment to allow the blackest lashes possible. This mascara creates the effect of a fluffy feather-like lash that is also lengthened to the fullest. Beauty Tip: With 2 or 3 coats, the base of the lash will thicken by 50%!"

I should probably read the information sheet beforehand. I've tried this mascara a handful of times, and the only problem I've had with this is that it did nothing for my lashes in the volumizing department. Although, I only used a coat of it before using a mascara that actually claims to volume (i.e. has the word "volume" in the name/description). It's a great lengthening mascara, as it has little fibres in it.

2. DEX New York Revita-C Lip Treatment - RRP: USD$25.00
"Intensive healing and environmentally protective lip treatment in a lipstick form. Rich in antioxidants, this formula features Vitamin C wrapped around a core of Vitamin E. Smooths, soothes and helps prevent chapping and peeling. Also contains an SPF 15. Beauty Tip: Can be worn alone as a lip balm or underneath your favorite lipstick to keep your pout in tip top shape."

An interesting lip product, with the dual layer thingy. I've only used this once or twice, as I found my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments far more moisturizing. It does have some moisturizing properties, but I probably would not repurchase, as it's not as good as other lip treatments on the market. It also has the very slightest tint, which I don't really mind at all (swatch below).

3. MiA BelleZZa Mineral Pressed Blush in Natural - RRP: USD$16.50
"Create a beautiful, healthy glow with this amazing mineral blush. Satin pressed, long-wearing formula will float over your skin with ease, no need for harsh blending. With skin soothing Vitamins A, C, and E. Hypoallergenic, Oil free, Dye free, Talc free, Fragrance free. Beauty Tip: For even more radiance, pair with your favorite highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones."

Love this blush, although it is a bit on the sheer side. But that means that it'll be harder for me to look like a clown, what with my occasional heavy-handed application. It's also a gorgeous mauvey-pink colour that lasts all day on my cheeks (swatch below).

 4. Eveline Eyeliner Marker - RRP: USD$10.99
"Perfect precision and deep black colour. Our new eyeliner marker is extremely easy to use. Its thin and extraordinarily flexible tip spreads evenly, enabling you to draw a uniform and even line with one stroke. The long-lasting formula does not smudge and can last for up to 24 hours flawlessly. Beauty Tip: For a simple way to draw the perfect line, apply dots of liner along the lash line, then connect them in short strokes. Smudge while still wet for a smoky look."

I didn't think much of this eyeliner. It isn't as pigmented as I wish it was, and I had difficulty creating thin lines. See picture below.

L-R: Swatch of DEX New York Revita-C Lip Treatment, MiA BelleZZa Mineral Pressed Blush in Natural, Eveline Eyeliner, my best attempt at creating the thinnest line with Eveline Eyeliner
I then did a smudge test, and the above are the results. It did pretty well when smudged with a finger, but not so much with a baby wipe. However, Eveline never claimed it was a waterproof eyeliner.

Overall, I thought this Wantable box was pretty average. However, I still think Wantable is an amazing box to be subscribed to if you had to only pick one because I'd definitely use all these products (with the exception of the sample, but that was a bonus product). So it wasn't a waste of money despite the seemingly hefty price tag (compared to other Australian beauty boxes). If you'd like to subscribe, click here (this is a personal invite link - I get rewarded in Wantable credits if you subscribe).