26 January 2014

Violet Box - January 2014

I purchased a Violet Box three month subscription in November when they had a special for $50. The first box was in December, and I got so excited going through my mail when I got back from the states, that I threw away all the packaging and kept away all the products before remembering to take pictures. So the idea of blogging about Violet Box December 2013 went out the window. It wasn't all that exciting anyway and there are quite a number of reviews out there on December box. It seems like the boxes that Violet Box send out don't vary as much as Lust Have It, as most people receive more-or-less the same products.
Anyway, this is what I received in this month's Violet Box... 
There is a great variety of products, and sachets are kept to a minimum, which is greatly appreciated.

1. So Susan Water-based Pure Luminizer - 15g (RRP: $49.00)
"A water-based liquid illuminator, infused with micronized pearlescent pigments to create the perfect wash of light on your cheekbones, brow bones and the natural contours of your face."

This looks like a full-sized product. I don't have many liquid illuminators, as I don't tend to use them on a daily basis. However, I find this product interesting because it's water-based, which explains it's "watery" texture. It has a pink-silver shimmer. A little seems to go a long way, at least it is when I swatched it at the back of my hand.

2. So Suan Nail Lacquer in Silver Clouds - 9ml (RRP: $10)
"A highly pigmented nail lacquer formulated to be chip-free and to remain intense with shine from the first application. The formula has a quick drying time and is enriched with Rosehip fruit oil."

This also seems to be a full sized product. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please tell me the benefits of adding Rosehip fruit oil to a nail lacquer. Assuming that products can seep through your nails, would it be able to seep through a layer of base coat and hence be beneficial for the wellbeing of your nails? Also, I don't get the name of this shade of nail lacquer. When I think Silver Clouds, the colour silver or white with a shimmer comes to mind, not a greyish-purple shade. Regardless, I appreciate receiving nail polishes in my beauty boxes because I have a problem with hoarding nail polishes.

3. MOR Essentials Collection Hand Cream - 2x3ml in Basil & Grape, and Black Currant Iris (RRP: $14.95 for 80ml) 
"An everyday Hand Cream that has a symphony of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Glycerine & Aloe Vera which is easily absorbed to soothe dry hands, leaving them feeling pampered, restored and beautifully fragrant."

Not sure about the Basil & Grape one (this is me judging a book by its cover). Not sure if I'll use these, considering my hatred for sachets....

4. Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser - 10g (RRP: $74.95 for 45g)
"A mousse like texture that moisturises, nourishes and softens. Aptly named, Gorgeous is Lush's most impressive moisturiser utilising all of Lush's expertise in creating finely balanced and effective formulations that deliver spectacular results."

This is Lush's most expensive moisturizer (at least it was the last time I checked). I have tried this before, as I received a sample in one of my previous beauty subscription boxes, and I'm not sure if I'd purchase. Whilst it is a great moisturizer, I don't think it's worth $74.95 for 45g, as it's almost too moisturizing for my oily-combination skin type. It's probably best for drier skin. Having said that, I appreciate receiving another sample, as it makes a good night cream.

5. Acorelle Eau De Parfum - 1.5ml (RRP: $69.95)
"The first and only perfume ever designed on the innovative principle of "olfactotherapy", Acorelle's pioneering perfumes directly engage your psycho emotional sphere, eliciting positive emotional responses for pleasure and improved sense of well-being."

Not sure about that description from Violet Box about this perfume. I don't feel particularly "pleasured" after spritzing it on my arm, neither do I sense an improvement of my well-being. It does smell quite citrusy... do I dare say it reminds me of citronella candles and all things related, including mosquitoes?

6. Villainess Soaps - Ginger Snapped (RRP: $8.50 for 99g)
"This original soap formula is an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils, and exotic unrefined butters."

I'm not a fan of bar soaps. I like my showers to be bubbly and frothy. Bar soaps are not bubbly and frothy. Not the biggest fan of the ginger smell either. I'll probably throw this in my socks drawer, so my feet can smell "nicer" than they normally do.

Overall, I think this month's Violet Box is ok. I don't hate it neither do I love it. There are a few products that I'd use, and there are some that I wouldn't.

Are you subscribed to Violet Box? If so, what did you get and what are your thoughts?


  1. Storm Clouds would have been a better name for the polish, I do like the colour. I don't sub to them - wish I'd known about the promo, could have got it for myself for xmas! - this is a nice variety of products to try. At least the sachets are hand creams so it doesn't matter when they squirt all over your hands :)

  2. Great review! I especially liked your comments on the perfume!

  3. Kinda happy I unsubscribed! I honestly wouldn't have had any use for any of these products! But glad you liked some of it!