31 January 2014

Wantable - January 2014

In case you're new to my blog and have not heard of Wantable, Wantable is in my opinion, the BEST beauty subscription box in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, they only ship to America, Canada UK and Australia. Wantable ticks all the boxes for me (and I don't even have that many boxes) - handpicked FULL SIZED products that I'd actually use, thanks to their rather intensive survey (well, more intensive than normal beauty boxes available in Australia), their boxes arrive the same month it's meant to be for (and 99% of the time, it arrives BEFORE my Australian beauty boxes *cough*LustHaveIt*cough*). I guess the only downside is the cost. It is USD$36 a month or USD$40 for a one-time only purchase. I don't know why you wouldn't go for the USD$36 a month option since it's cheaper and you can cancel at anytime. You don't have to send them an email to cancel. It's as simple as logging on and clicking the "Unsubscribe" button. There's even an option to skip the month, which is handy if you've been placed on a budget by your partner, like I have and you've spent all your allowance on stupid things which you regret later when you realise you can't afford this month's Wantable box.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough about how amazing Wantable is. This is what I received in my Wantable box this month...
I was so excited when I saw TWO nail polishes in my box (I've got a slight nail polish problem, and by slight, I mean massive).

1. Color Club Nail Polish in Soft as Cashmere - 15ml (RRP: USD$8.00)
"A neutral grey shade that's as soft on the eyes as cashmere is to touch. Beauty Tip: After you've applied an even base coat, open up your nail polish and apply two thing coats across your fingertips. We always emphasize two thin coats because two thin coats is better than one thick coat! Once the second coat has dried, finish off your manicure by applying a protective top coat to prevent chipping."

I don't have many Color Club nail polishes, but the ones that I have are pretty darn great quality. This is a great neutral shade that will be perfect for the upcoming season (Autumn)!

2. FACE Stockholm Nail Polish in Want-A-Blue (RRP: USD$12.00)
"This exclusive grey-blue shade is perfect for cool fall days. FACE Stockholm's iconic polishes are coveted all over the world, and even sold in J Crew! Beauty Tip: For the longest lasting manicure, apply 2 coats of polish over a base and finish with a top coat. Make sure to let each layer dry before applying the next."

This polish leans more purple than it does in the picture. I love the FACE Stockholm cosmetics that Wantable has sent in previous boxes, and I have high hopes for this nail polish.

3. Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush (RRP: USD$20.00)
"The perfect brush for applying foundation, concealer or primer. This brush is made from super fine Taklon. Beauty Tip: This brush will allow you to expertly apply product to all areas of the face."

A few days ago, I was thinking "man... I need to buy a foundation/concealer brush!" So I couldn't believe it when I saw this brush sitting in my Wantable box! The bristles are so soft! I can't wait to use it.

4. Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Frosting - 3.2g (RRP: USD$12.00)
"Starlooks offers pro-quality, deeply pigmented, incredibly smooth eye shadows in beautiful finishes. Beauty Tip: Use this gorgeous satin shade as an all-over wash of color or to softly highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye."

This is an amazing highlight shade or an all over lid colour if you're lazy or a complete eyeshadow noob, like me. I used this yesterday all over my lids, and it was fantastic. There was no fall out that I can see, and the pigmentation was just right. See swatch below.

5. Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact - 12g (RRP: USD$37.00)
"Nothing fancy, nothing complicated... just a Mistura compact with 2 applicator brushes and filled with our "magic powder". This powder mutes Rosacea and other blemishes in one easy step and is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free! Beauty Tip: Buff the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution into the skin in a circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near cheekbones and swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then your forehead, cheeks, and nose. A little goes a long way, so please be careful!"

I'm not sure about this compact. I tried it excitedly after wiping off my makeup after work and it didn't really cover up any blemishes. It had almost zero coverage, so I'm not sure if I'm using this wrong. It is also a bit too bronzey for my skin tone (see swatch below). I think I'll probably just end up using this as a finishing powder or a bronzer, depending on whether or not I have a tan.

L-R: Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Frosting; Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact

6. Sorme Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer Sample
"This light, fast-drying under foundation makeup enhancer instantly evens out skin discolorations, smooths skin texture, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts far longer without touch ups. A powerful blotting ingredient holds up to 10 times its weight in oils for a shine-free, poreless finish. Super antioxidants of green tea, grape seed extract, and pomegranate help repair free radical damage. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated without oils. Beauty Tip: After cleansing and moisturizing skin, apply a small amount evenly over entire face. Allow to dry. Apply powder or liquid foundation on top."

This primer sounds PERFECT for my oily skin. I can't wait to use this even though it's in a sachet!

This is got to be a world record, as Wantable has impressed me yet again this month. I can't wait till I get my Wantable box next month. If you'd like to subscribe, please click here. This is a personal invite link. I get $10 credit towards my next Wantable box if you sign up.

Since you've made it through my review of January's Wantable box, we shall celebrate with a giveaway!

Wantable has kindly sponsored this giveaway. Up for grabs, is one free Wantable box! This giveaway is ONLY for residents in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. To enter, complete the entries in the rafflecopter widget below. Please note that Wantable will be sending the box to the winner directly.


  1. I love reading your Wantable reviews! A new eyeliner would be fun!

  2. I'd be glad to get any cool brands that are hard to get in Australia. This box kicks Aussie sub boxes a**

  3. Wooooow I want this box so bad haha! I love reading what you get, and am always jealous... so I'd be happy with anything you've received previously hehe xx

  4. Anything! I mean, I love the surprise component of the subscription boxes. You know you're getting something cool, but what.... :-) Thanks!

  5. I hope to get some brands we can't get here, maybe some exotic makeup brands? ;)

  6. I would love to get a new lip color!

  7. Some cute undies in the intimates box :)

  8. Argh! Would love to win one!! I am so jelly every time I read your reviews, the products are so amazing, I would love to receive some polish which is not readily available in Australia... or anything not readily available in Australia! xx

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  9. I just discovered Wantable today, and I think it's a fabulous concept and really well-executed. So excited that such a great idea is available to Canadians!

  10. I would love to see how wantable cater to my picky detailed profile xx

  11. I just ran out of my pimple cream, so something related to skincare would be really fun. I also need an affordable yet effective concealer for everyday use. :)

    Ellie x