11 February 2014

December and January Empties

The past few months have been so hectic, so much so that my blog posts have been lacking and I haven't had the chance to blog about my empties. I thought I'd quickly sneak this empties post in on my last day off before I start my first day of work tomorrow as a Reese! (In case you weren't aware, I got hitched over the weekend.) I will have a blog post up as soon as I collect enough photos. I have posted a few photos over on Instagram if you'd like to check it out here.

Over the last two months, I have used up a number of products, most of which are re-purchase worthy!
1. Wotnot Facial Wipes sample pack (5 wipes)
I brought these to America over the Christmas/New Year break. Wotnot facial wipes are one of the best makeup removing wipes I've ever tried. Would definitely repurchase.

2. Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes sample pack (7 wipes)
I also brought these with me to America. Comparing the Simple ones to the Wotnot ones, I much prefer Wotnot because they're more moist than the Simple ones. However, these Simple wipes are pretty good too.

3. Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes
These wipes have made an appearance in quite a number of my empties post. Whilst they are not the best facial wipes on the market, they are a great value for money when on special. Unfortunately, this is the last packet in my facial wipes stash, so they won't be making an appearance in my empties post for a while, as I really want to get through my stash before repurchasing more.

4. Elemis FreshSkin Make-up Away Cleansing Wipes
I'm on the fence with this product. Whilst it's relatively good at removing makeup without making my skin feel yucky, the smell of this didn't appeal to me at all. Furthermore, it's expensive compared to other facial wipes, which are equally effective. Probably won't be repurchasing this.

5. Lancome Genifique Youth Activator sample
I couldn't see any improvements in my skin after using this. But it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky, which is always a plus. And I didn't get any breakouts from this.

6. Nivea Light Moisturizing Day Cream sample
I actually quite like this day cream. I love the smell of Nivea body lotions, and this had the typical Nivea scent. It was light, and didn't take long to absorb into my skin. I thought it worked rather well with my oily skin when I was in LA (it was winter there).

7. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
I'm not crazy about this but I don't hate it either. This primer has more of a lotion consistency rather than a silicone one (i.e. Benefit Porefessional), which is what is best suited for my skin type. However, it did the job in providing a smooth canvas for foundation application.

8. Agave Healing Oil Smoothing Conditioner
I purchased the Agave set when I was in the states, after using the oil treatment and falling in love. The set came with the conditioner, shampoo and oil treatment. I used up the conditioner first (as usual... the shampoo will appear further down). I wasn't impressed with the conditioner. In fact, I was downright disappointed. Whilst it smelt really good, it did nothing to "smooth" my hair. My hair was still dry, frizzy, and slightly tangled after using it. Will not be repurchasing this.

9. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel sample
I used this with my Clarisonic and didn't think it was "foamy" at all. I thought it was an ok facial wash. It didn't strip my face of all its natural oil leaving it uncomfortably tight and it smelt good. I might repurchase this if it was on special and there was nothing else available.

10. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash sample
Similar to the La Roche-Posay facial wash, this was nothing to write home about. It got the job done but it failed to really wow me. I think the missing factor in these facial washes were the cooling menthol factor, which I absolutely love in my facial cleansers.

11. Aveda Purifying Gel Cleanser sample
I wasn't a big fan of this. From memory (I used this up in December), it didn't seem to lather, which I dislike in facial cleansers. I found myself squeezing out more than necessary amounts to use this up quickly. Will not be repurchasing.

12. Lancome Hypnose Drama in Excessive Black sample
It was time to say goodbye to this mascara. I've been using this for travels for quite a long time, and I didn't think it was healthy to keep this mascara any longer. It was a fantastic mascara that provided volume without clumping. Would definitely repurchase!

13. Tarte Amazonian Clay smart mascara sample
Another great mascara. This mascara was great in separating lashes, and coating each lash making them look fuller. I was sad to let this mascara go.

14. Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus sample
This lash primer was also fantastic. It provided length and volume, and complemented the mascaras above. Would repurchase.

15. Agave Smoothing Shampoo
As mentioned above, I purchased this in a set. I was also quite disappointed in this shampoo, as it didn't do much in the "smoothing" department. However, it smelt really nice but not enough to make me want to repurchase.

16. Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo
This did nothing for my hair, and made my scalp a tat itchy without the use of Selsun Blue. :( Would not repurchase.

17. Selsun Blue Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
This has made a few appearances in my empties posts. It's a fantastic anti-dandruff shampoo. I just wish it smelt nicer. Would definitely repurchase.

18. Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath
I used this when my skin was itching to high heavens after I applied fake tan and it went nuts. This really helped calm my skin down. It also smells great. Would definitely repurchase.

19. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Strong Lengths Conditioner
One of the best (and affordable) conditioners on the market. It detangles and moisturises dry ends. It also smells fantastic! What more could you want from a conditioner?

20. The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
I purchased the Seaweed travel/trial set from the Body Shop in the states, and was pleasantly surprised by the Seaweed range. The Mattifying Day Cream is fantastic for oily skin types. It helped keep oil at bay. The only criticism I have is that there wasn't much product in that tub! It was probably a third filled!

21. Orly Bonder base coat
Love this base coat, as it's fast-drying and yet it doesn't get too gloopy half way through the bottle. I've only had to put thinner in once. I've also been told that this peels off in a hot shower, which is fantastic for glitter manicures. However, I've never tried peeling off my polish in the shower because I'm never in there long enough.

22. Terax Crema + Keratin Daily Conditioner
Love love love Terax conditioners! I just wish they were more affordable. This conditioner detangles my hair brilliantly and my ends don't feel as dry after using this. My hair also feels so much softer! Will definitely repurchase soon despite the price tag.

I've used up quite a fair bit over the past two months. Most of which are samples, as I thought it was a good opportunity to get through some of them whilst I was travelling.

What have you emptied recently? Have you found a HG product whilst trying to finish your products?

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  1. Nice empties! Once again, congrats Abigail!! All the best to you and your future life with your hubby <3

  2. Great lot of empties :) am now thinking I have some mascaras past their use-by too.. hope your wedding was wonderful, you looked gorgeous! xx

  3. Was thinking of getting a Kerastase shampoo but now I'm not so sure. It's so expensive and I'd hate for it to make my scalp itchy too.