25 February 2014

Lust Have It - February 2014

YAY for Lust Have It sending out a box on time! I received my Lust Have It box yesterday (along with Violet Box - review coming up shortly), so it was a great beauty box mail day.

There were a heap of products in my Lust Have It box this month - 8 in total!

1. Hand Spa Bijoux Hand Wipe - RRP: $1.50
"Made from 100% natural cotton non-woven fabric which has premium cellulose continuous fiber construction, it contains organic fulvic acid extract, 18g of hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, glycerin, and soy bean extract provides the skin with a deep nourishing and moisturizing effect."

I've never really gotten into the whole "hand" mask thing, as having a hand mask on makes me feel... vulnerable. What if someone breaks into my house and I've got a hand mask on?!

2. Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo - 50ml (RRP: $13.95 for 250ml)
"This salon-exclusive formula helps to protect coloured hair from fading and shifting for long-lasting brilliant colour. It gently cleanses and conditions coloured hair."

A shampoo that is actually suited to my hair type...ish! I'll probably save this for my travels, so a short review of this shampoo will appear in an empties post.

3. Clairol Professional Transition Creative Spray - 50ml (RRP: $9.95 for 300ml)
"A professional strong hold spray, which remains flexible for up to one minute after application to allow for any last minute adjustments, its unique formula provides precision hold and shine for a touchable texture without weighing the hair down."

Not sure if I'll ever use this, as the only time I've ever used hairspray was on my wedding day. I'm more of a throw-your-hair-up-into-a-messy-bun kind of girl. Putting my face on takes up the majority of my getting-ready time, so much so that I have about 3 minutes to get my hair done (sometimes even less).

4. Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti-Aging Body Lotion - 25ml (RRP: $16.29 for 750ml)
"It contains anti-ageing ingredients such as AHA, pro-retinol and vitamin B3 to effectively protect, restore, brighten and tighten skin while giving immediate relief from dryness. Skin is more radiant, smoother and younger looking."

This lotion smells pretty darn good. I used it last night and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this absorbs in my skin. I thought the AHA and pro-retinol ingredients were quite unusual and interesting, as you normally find those in face creams.

5. The Cosmetic Kitchen Brush (RRP: $22.50)
"A combination of Eco bamboo & Original ranges. The Cosmetic Kitchen has the largest range of Certified Vegan, Certified Cruelty Free super soft & luxurious cosmetic brushes that are a must have for every occasion."

A soft angled blush/contour brush (I think). However, there is something about this brush that I don't like. It somehow feels a tat cheap... I think it's the bristles. Although it may just be me being a brush snob.

6. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive - 7ml (RRP: $65 for 60ml)
"It exfoliates and refines to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten pigmentation. Delivering a spa grade exfoliation and revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin, this product is a daily essential for all skin types." 

Another interesting product - I would never have thought to put the words "peel" and "sensitive" in a product name. Also, sadly it does not smell like green apples.

7. The Cosmetic Kitchen Eyeshadow in Celebrity - full size (RRP: $22.50 for 2g)
"100% Pure Talc Free Explosive Mineral Colour, Mix & match, bold & bright colours for unlimited style creations! Apply dry for subtle effects, and damp for electric colour! Certified cruelty free and certified vegan."

I tried using this eyeshadow this morning, and it was a bit of an epic fail. I thought it'd look good as an all-over lid colour, but I thought wrong. I applied it dry, and it went everywhere and made my lid look super glittery. The colour was not even either, like in the swatch. Some bits were silver, whilst others were gold. Maybe I applied it wrongly? :-s

8. So...? Sinful perfume

I was one of the 1,000 "lucky lusties" to receive a So...? perfume gift as part of Lust Have It's Beuaty Dip this month. There were a few varieties of the "So...?" perfume, and I got the Sinful version. It smells pleasant enough, but it's not a perfume I'd use. 

Overall, I thought this month's box was ok. It wasn't terribly bad, but it's not a box I'm raving about. If you'd like to subscribe to Lust Have It, use the coupon "WALLET" to get $5 off your first box. 

What did you get in your Lust Have It box this month? What are your thoughts?


  1. your shadow is weird the way it's got multi tones to it, perhaps its dodgy? Maybe you can get another one? I got the brush with the red handle, the bristles feel really lovely but there's no text on the handle, and that makes me think of cheap brushes. I was happy with this month's box, but the hand wipe is rubbish :)

    1. Should I even bother using the hand wipe (I thought it's meant to be a mask)? Despite the text on the handle, it still feels a bit on the cheap side. The bristles feel and look like ones you get free as a gift with purchase.

  2. I got the same eyeshadow shade as you... now i'll know to apply it wet!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  3. You need to put eye primer before put these eyeshadow on, so they stay on nicely 😊